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How To Build A Winning Social Media Strategy For Your Hotel


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Social media has become a standard part of hoteliers marketing mix. However many hoteliers don't focus on social media ROI. Darlene Rondeau, VP, Best Practices for Leonardo is joined by Greg Bodenair, Area Marketing Manager at Kimpton Hotels of Boston & Cambridge to discuss how to build an effective social media strategy and track its ROI.

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How To Build A Winning Social Media Strategy For Your Hotel

  1. 1. Copyright © 2017 Leonardo Worldwide Corporation Technical Difficulties? Contact Citrix GoToWebinar 1-800-263-6317 Pause, Reflect, Reset: How to Build a Winning Social Media Strategy for Your Hotel January 19, 2016 Darlene Rondeau, VP, Best Practices, Online Merchandising, Leonardo Greg Bodenair, Area Marketing Manager, Kimpton Hotels of Boston & Cambridge Technical Difficulties? Contact Citrix GoToWebinar 1-800-263-6317 Copyright © 2017 Leonardo Worldwide Corporation
  2. 2. Darlene Rondeau Vice-President Best Practices, Online Merchandising Leonardo #LeoWebinar @darlenerondeau
  3. 3. Follow: @VFMLeonardo Tweets & Questions: #LeoWebinar #LeoWebinar
  4. 4. Greg Bodenair Area Marketing Manager, Kimpton Hotels of Boston & Cambridge VP Membership Experience, HSMAI Boston Chapter #LeoWebinar @gregbodenair and @HSMAIBoston
  5. 5. Poll #LeoWebinar
  6. 6. Social Media & The Travel Shopping Journey #LeoWebinar 83% People use social media as a source of travel inspiration Google, 2014 87% Travelers under 34 consult social media for travel inspiration TravelMedia Group, 2016 33% People who used social media to research travel changed hotels Internet Marketing Inc., 2015 76% Travelers post vacation photos to social networks Internet Marketing Inc., 2015
  7. 7. #LeoWebinar
  8. 8. 31,000 Storytellers = Massive Audience #LeoWebinar CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE (39% x 31,000 * 1) + (23% x 31,000 * 101) + (20% * 31,000 * 251) + (15% x 31,000 x 501) = 4,618,070 people HIGHER ESTIMATE (39% x 31,000 * 100) + (23% x 31,000 * 250) + (20% * 31,000 * 500) + (15% x 31,000 x 501) = 8,421,150 people Number of Friends the “Adult Facebook User” has Pew Research, 2014 Tim Peter, 2016 39% 1-100 23% 101-250 20% 251-500 15% 500+ 155 Average Number of Facebook Friends Oxford University, 2016
  9. 9. from How Micro-Moments Are Reshaping the Travel Customer Journey Framing Your Social Media Strategy #LeoWebinar Source: Think With Google
  10. 10. Creating a Travel Micro-Moments Strategy Be There. Identify the micro-moments for travelers that fit your business, then commit to being there to help when they happen. Be Useful. If you want to win the hearts and minds (and business) of travelers, you'll need to do more than just show up. Be relevant to the person's need in that moment. Connect them to the inspiration they're looking for and to the answers they want. Framing Your Social Media Strategy Source: Think With Google #LeoWebinar
  11. 11. Ask yourself, and answer, this important question: What is the traveler's need(s) that you're solving for, what is their current situation or context, and how can your brand help? Framing Your Social Media Strategy #LeoWebinar
  12. 12. FOCUS ON BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS.  Depth of social interaction (likes, comments, shares) vs. breadth (follower and friend growth).  If you publish valuable content, followers will increase organically. ENGAGEMENT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE TOP PRIORITIES.  React to what your audience likes and wants to engage with, as opposed to what you want to push out.  One way to learn what your audience likes? Discovering user- generated content. Social Media Mission Statement #LeoWebinar
  13. 13. User-Generated Content (UGC): Content created by users (i.e. hotel guests) in the form of blogs, posts, tweets, podcasts, digital images, video, etc., often made available via social media Social Media Content: What to Post New Content To Inspire New And Expanding Audience Authenticity And Trust #LeoWebinar
  14. 14. 57 Hotel #LeoWebinar
  15. 15. Content published by @asequinedlife on Instagram  ask for permission to re-post  re-post on Facebook page Kimpton Nine Zero Hotel #LeoWebinar
  16. 16. Set up searches for your brand’s hashtag(s), geo-location, and monitor mentions + check-ins from guests How To Identify UGC #LeoWebinar
  17. 17.  Local tips, events, insider or behind-the-scenes info  Holidays (traditional and wacky, in moderation)  Timely articles from credible publications  Content posted by credible social influencers  Tips from experts at your property—chefs, bartenders, concierges  Content posted by other hotels & restaurants in your brand (follow them on Facebook & Instagram and scroll through your feed for inspiration)  Praise & reviews about your hotel or restaurant (“thanks for the review!”) In Addition To UGC: Other Ideas For Content #LeoWebinar#LeoWebinar
  18. 18. Social media strategy must tie back to a bigger business objective Demonstrating ROI (Reward On Investment) #LeoWebinar What do you want to achieve? Who is your audience? How will you measure success?
  19. 19. Why Organizations Avoid Focusing on Social Media ROI Know What To Measure #LeoWebinar 56% An inability to tie social media to business outcomes 39% A lack of analytics, expertise and/or resources 38% Poor tools 35% Inconsistent analytical approaches 30% Unreliable data Goal No. 1: Increase Social Media Engagement Social media metrics to measure: Likes, Shares, Comments, Retweets, Mentions, Favorites Goal No. 2: Increase Customer Acquisition on Your Website Social media metrics to measure: URL clicks and traffic from social media Goal No. 3: Increase Brand Awareness Social media metrics to measure: Follower growth rate, percentage change over time in followers, Twitter sentiment, reach by region, clicks by region “A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media ROI” by Hootsuite, 2016
  20. 20. Secrets Playa Mujeres #LeoWebinar
  21. 21. Objective: Target newly engaged couples, fill 2016/2017 wedding calendar Love It, Book It, Get More Campaign #LeoWebinar 500 Contest Entries 34,000 Facebook Impressions 20 New Weddings Booked $165,000
  22. 22.  2016: Facebook algorithm update, preference to posts from friends + family  2016: Instagram algorithm update, preference to content you have engaged with in the past  Moving from social networks to paid media channels  Facebook Audience Network (FAN) feeds Facebook ads to other apps and mobile websites  Paid ads on social will be new norm To Pay or Not to Pay? That Is the Question #LeoWebinar
  23. 23. Facebook Business Success Story: IHG #LeoWebinar
  24. 24. Instagram Business Success Story: Caesars Entertainment #LeoWebinar
  25. 25. So Many Opportunities To Explore #LeoWebinar
  26. 26. Questions & Discussion #LeoWebinar
  27. 27. #LeoWebinar
  28. 28.  Recording of this webinar. Share it with your colleagues  Leonardo Blog:  Next webinar: Content Marketing (Feb 16th, 2017) It’s a Wrap #LeoWebinar
  29. 29. Connect With Us! #LeoWebinar 1.877.593.6634 @darlenerondeau @gregbodenair and @HSMAIBoston Greg BodenairDarlene Rondeau