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Content Marketing 101 for Hotels


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Learn how to jump start your hotel's content marketing strategy with our experts, Adele Gutman, VP Sales, Marketing & Revenue for Library Hotel Collection and Clementine Amiraux, Creative Director for Hotel Josef and Maximilian Hotel.

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Content Marketing 101 for Hotels

  1. 1. Copyright © 2014 Leonardo Worldwide Corporation Technical Difficulties? Contact Citrix GoToWebinar 1-800-263-6317 Content Marketing 101 For Hotels Thursday, January 22nd Speakers: Darlene Rondeau, VP, Best Practices, Leonardo Adele Gutman, VP Sales, Marketing & Revenue, Library Hotel Collection Clementine Amiraux, Creative Director, Hotel Josef & Maximilian Hotel Technical Difficulties? Contact Citrix GoToWebinar 1-800-263-6317
  2. 2. Darlene Rondeau Vice-President, Best Practices, Online Merchandising Leonardo @darlenerondeau
  3. 3. Follow: @VFMLeonardo Tweets & Questions: #LeoWebinar
  4. 4. Adele Gutman VP Sales, Marketing & Revenue Library Hotel Collection @AdeleGutman
  5. 5. Clementine Amiraux Creative Director Hotel Josef & Hotel Maximilian @LaPraguoise
  6. 6. Adele Gutman VP Sales, Marketing & Revenue Library Hotel Collection @AdeleGutman
  7. 7. ► Content marketing puts buyers first ► Attract travelers direct to your website ► Are you listening to understand what your customers hunger for? ► Fill the need ► Help. Not Hype ► 80% of consumers appreciate learning about a company through content Why Content Marketing is Important #LeoWebinar
  8. 8. How To Create a Content Marketing Strategy #LeoWebinar ► Galvanize your team ► Determine your objectives ► Find the messages that need to be communicated ► Know your target audience ► Let your guests help define your hotel’s story and voice ► Choose your platforms ► Create and publish ► Recycle and cross reference
  9. 9. Integrate all of your Communication Tools #LeoWebinar ► Website ► Hotel Blog ► Photography ► Infographics ► Facebook ► Pinterest ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Signage in room, lobby or elevator ► Marketing emails ► Confirmation and pre-stay emails ► In room welcome notes ► Press releases
  10. 10. Viewed Images on Travel Websites 1. Guest Rooms 2. Restaurant 3. Recreation 4. Lobby 5. Map 6. Business Center 7. Pool 8. Amenity 9. Exterior 10. Bar/ Lounge Top 10
  11. 11. How I Source My Content Original Vs. Shared
  12. 12. Remind People Why They Fell in Love With You in the First Place Personal Touches
  13. 13. ► 54% of leisure and business travelers watch travel videos when deciding on accommodations ► Create a unified and consistent content strategy stretching across different platforms so they cohesively work together ► Constantly tweak, test and adjust content over time Now What?Don’t Forget Video
  14. 14. 1. Is satisfaction increasing? 2. Are my service team members happy that they have tools that make it easier to impart helpful information to guests? 3. Are guests beginning to organically internalize and communicate our key communication points to their on and offline communities? 4. Am I increasing my reach? 5. Am I bringing relevant visitors to my brand website? How Do I Evaluate What Works? Life’s Short. Serve Dessert First.
  15. 15.  For long term success, collaboration works  Understand what your audience wants to hear  Know what they need to hear and use multiple ways to get that message out  Remember you’re communicating already, just not as effectively. Invest time to put that message online  Create. Share. Recycle. Watch your reach expand  Help. Not Hype. People respond to authenticity Key Takeaways #LeoWebinar
  16. 16. Clementine Amiraux Creative Director Hotel Josef & Hotel Maximilian
  17. 17. Why Content Marketing is Important: Hotel Josef & Maximilian Hotel
  18. 18. How I Created My Content Strategy
  19. 19. What Type of Content Do Guests Want to See? ► Local attractions – things to do around Prague, cultural events ► Information on rooms, hotel amenities and features ► Things specific to our properties ► Our staff
  20. 20. How I Create Content
  21. 21. Re-Purpose Content
  22. 22. Show the team behind the hotel; memorable and trusted Hotel shopping starts long before they get to your website One strategy applied uniquely Re-purpose your material Consistent stories across all platforms Key Takeaways #LeoWebinar
  23. 23. ► About Leonardo ► Invitations to upcoming webinars ● February’s topic is Targeting the Business Traveler ► Recording of this webinar ● Share it with your colleagues ► Download the Content Marketing eBook ● It’s a Wrap
  24. 24. 1.877.593.6634 @vfmleonardo Connect with us! @AdeleGutman Adele Gutman Clementine Amiraux @LaPraguoise