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OpenEBS - Containerized Storage for Containers


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These slides were presented in the containerization meet-up organized by digital ocean meet-up group in Bangalore. The slides talk about using containers for storage to make the storage truly non-disruptive during upgrades. This is a quick introduction to OpenEBS as well.

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OpenEBS - Containerized Storage for Containers

  1. 1. OpenEBS Containerized storage for containers Containerization Meet, Digital Ocean, Bangalore 14-January-2017 @uma_mukkara @openebs
  2. 2. Persistent storage is a need for stateful applications in containers Storage should be always available (yes, always) Scalable, flexible, software defined Hybrid cloud is a reality (Multiple clouds and a Data center in your IT). Block storage but backup to S3 Orchestration of storage volumes at large scale (10,000 + ) (provisioning, scheduling among tiers, hosts, migration, backup, restore, upgrade) Storage requirements in Container world
  3. 3. Infrastructure and containerization Compute Networking Storage Containerized Towards containerization ? Towards containerization
  4. 4. Why containerization of storage? Applications Persistent storage volumes
  5. 5. Why containerization of storage? Applications Persistent storage volumes Upgrade each app (relaunch container).. One by one Storage upgrade ? Volumes are part of monolithic storage
  6. 6. Why containerization of storage? Applications Persistent storage volumes Upgrade each app (relaunch container).. One by one Storage volumes are containerized ● Storage functionality in userspace
  7. 7. Containerized storage Monolithic Storage Kernel iSCSI Software A Replication Snapshot Encryption B QoS & Mgmt C volume 1 volume 2 Containerized Storage Kernel (OpenEBS) volume 1 Storage Container VSM 1 Software A, B, C volume 2 Storage Container VSM 2 Software A’, B’, C Storage software is same for all volumes
  8. 8. OpenEBS Building blocks and integration For provisioning Exposes EBS API Building blocks Integration
  9. 9. OpenEBS - Containerized storage Truly non disruptive storage upgrades, at volume level Easy provisioning and connectivity via k8s (storage volume is part of k8s pod yaml config file) Easy connectivity via k8s (OpenEBS exposes AWS EBS API, connect from k8s via “awsElasticBlockStore” API ) Tier-to-anything caching. Can serve the block storage from remote storage with high performance
  10. 10. OpenEBS - Status Started in late 2016 Alpha state, github already has the working elements (Maya- Storage scheduler, storage containerization using docker) Currently hacking EBS API, Snap/restore to S3, flannel type networking integration Launched “Bangalore OpenEBS Meetup” group First meetup is on “25th January, 6 PM” Hiring Go warriors, k8s enthusiasts, network and file system experts, linux hackers. Contribute to design and code.
  11. 11. Remote Storage Local Storage OpenEBS Storage Hosts Data Storage Driver HTTPS (manage) Overview & Terminology K8s master K8s minions OpenEBS Maya master OpenEBS VSMs / Storage Pod Pod Network (Flannel*) Network (Flannel)
  12. 12. VSM - Storage in Containers Local Disks NAS or SAN Cloud Storage NVMe Flash Maya Storage Orchestrator Backend Containers to Persist Data (Cached, Protected) Frontend ContainersVSM / Storage Pod OpenEBS Storage Hosts Storage Data (iSCSI/TCMU) Container (Docker) Inline Replication Multiple Storage Backends
  13. 13. Join the community #slack @openebs