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Power of Choice in Docker EE 2.0 - Anoop - Docker - CC18


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This presentation was made as closing session for Container Conference 2018 on 03rd August in Bangalore by Anoop Kumar from Docker.

"In this session we will get familiarized with the technical aspects of the Docker EE 2.0 Platform. It will involve a walkthrough of the swarm as well as the relatively newly introduced Kubernetes integrations, how it enables organizational agility, choice and security and the future roadmap of the product suite. We'll finally do a quick demo of the platform and close with a Q&A section."

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Power of Choice in Docker EE 2.0 - Anoop - Docker - CC18

  1. 1. The Power of Choice in Docker EE 2.0 Anoop Kumar ➤ Solution Architect, Docker
  2. 2. Docker 2018-Confidential Innovate Faster with a Containerization Strategy
  3. 3. Docker 2018-Confidential “Disruption can come from anywhere...Not all systems are always changing, but they need to be flexible so that when change is needed, it happens quickly.” Forrester Report: Speed and Innovation Drive CIO Success (April 2017)
  4. 4. Docker Enterprise Edition is More than Containers + Orchestration... CONTAINER ORCHESTRATION Container placement & schedulingDOCKER ENTERPRISE EDITION CONTAINER Image format & runtime Lifecycle Mgt Governance Security Automated, Open and Extensible Orchestration ...Organizations also require Lifecycle Management + Governance + Security + Automation + Extensibility
  5. 5. Only Docker Delivers All Three Core Enterprise Requirements • Hybrid and multi-clouds • Windows and Linux • Traditional apps and microservices • DevOps and existing ops processes Choice AgilitySecurity • Unified operations • Rapid delivery and response • Cost efficiency • Safer apps • Governance • Chain of custody • Threat mitigation Only Docker EE Provides All Three Without Compromising Any
  6. 6. Docker Enterprise Edition is certified to run on CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, SUSE, Oracle Linux and Windows Server and can be deployed into all major public clouds while maintaining the same operating experience companies with 1,000+ employees have multiple clouds81% Source: Source: Rightscale 2018 State of the Cloud Report CHOICE Only Container Platform that is Multi-Linux, Multi-OS and Multi- Cloud
  7. 7. Node Worker Node Worker Node Worker Node Worker Worker Nodes App-Net: • Leverage best-in-class technologies across Windows and Linux • Connect Windows and Linux containers in the same cluster through a common overlay network • Build Compose files for hybrid applications • Leverage labels and constraints for intelligent placement and scheduling CHOICE Only Container Platform to Deliver First-Class Support and Interoperability across Linux and Windows
  8. 8. Existing Application Modern Methodologies Integrate to CI/CD and automation system Convert to a container with Docker EE Modernize Traditional Applications Modern Infrastructure Built on premises, in the cloud, or as part of a hybrid environment. Modern Microservices Add new services or start peeling off services from monolith code base App CHOICE Only Container Platform Designed for both Microservices and Traditional Applications Without Refactoring!
  9. 9. Choice of Swarm and Kubernetes: Only Solution That Lets You Run Swarm Today, Kubernetes Tomorrow and Vice Versa Docker EE is the only platform that allows you to run both Swarm and Kubernetes in the same cluster: ● Developers do not need to select orchestrators ● Freedom to change orchestrators as needs arise ● EE Manager Nodes are both Swarm and Kubernetes enabled ● Every worker node is both Kubernetes API- and Swarm API-ready Secure Cluster Management App Scheduler Swarm KubernetesOR Docker EE Cluster Docker EE Orchestration Node Node Node CHOICE
  10. 10. Deploy Applications with Either Compose or Kubernetes YAML Docker Compose Kubernetes YAML Node NodeNode Node • Simple Compose spec for developers, IT ops have multiple options for deployment • Migrate existing Docker apps to Kubernetes at your own pace KEY BENEFITS • Use existing Docker Compose files and choose at runtime to deploy on either Swarm or Kubernetes FEATURE / CAPABILITY CHOICE
  11. 11. Deploy Kubernetes Apps via UI or CLI • Docker EE uses standard Kube API & CLI • Use UCP UI to upload yaml files for deploying Kube workloads • Both methods enforce permissions and limit unauthorized access −Client bundle to connect local client to UCP controller with user certs CHOICE
  12. 12. Leverage ALL Kubernetes Orchestration Features Pods • Kubernetes unit of scheduling • Consists of one or more containers • Don’t schedule pods directly, use controllers instead Controllers • Objects that schedule pods using specialized criteria • ReplicaSet: similar to Swarm’s `docker service` • Deployment: ReplicaSet + Rolling Deploys • Also StatefulSet, DaemonSet, Batch/Cron Jobs, etc. Kubernetes docs for more details Other Kubernetes Features • Pod-based Autoscaling (increase pod count based on CPU usage) or HPA • Blue-Green Deployments (Load balance to different app versions) • Ingress Controllers (Kubernetes L7 routing) CHOICE
  13. 13. Secure Networking with Project Calico Built-in But Swappable • Pre-integrated with Project Calico: −Highly scalable distributed networking model integrates well with various infrastructure platforms (inc. cloud and on-prem) −Integration with Kubernetes Network Policies • “Batteries included, but swappable”: CNI plug- in is swappable for other solutions • Get a highly scalable networking solution out-of- the-box with the option to swap with your preferred solution • Define networking policies once and apply them consistently across different infrastructure platforms KEY BENEFITS FEATURE / CAPABILITY NetworkPolicy default-deny ingress CHOICE
  14. 14. Natively Integrated Networking Service Discovery Load Balancing Layer 7 Routing NGINX built-in, but swappable NGINX built-in, but swappable Flexible and Extensible Networking and Routing Options Docker Swarm CHOICECHOICE
  15. 15. Docker EE Delivers Infrastructure Savings and Productivity Gains Financial Services Case Study Applications 500 VMs 5,300 Cores 22,000 $12 million CPU utilization 57% max Docker EE Cuts TCO by 41%, Saves $28M over 5yrs Applications 500 VMs 1,320 Cores 13,100 $7 millionCPU utilization ~90% max 75% reduction 40% reduction 41% reduction 2x improvement Annualized Cost
  16. 16. THANK YOU :)
  17. 17. Source: RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report On average, enterprises are using 4.8 clouds across both public and private WE ARE LIVING IN A MULTI-CLOUD ERA