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Red Hat Storage Day New York - Persistent Storage for Containers


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Sayan Saha, Product Management, Red Hat Storage

Published in: Technology
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Red Hat Storage Day New York - Persistent Storage for Containers

  1. 1. Persistent Storage for Containers with Red Hat Gluster Storage Red Hat Storage Day, NYC Sayan Saha Product, Red Hat Storage Oct 2016
  2. 2. Linux for app/dev-centric IT •  The “cluster” is the computer •  The scope of the OS is now the “cluster” – automate deployment, scaling and upgrade of workloads •  Orchestrators (like Kubernetes, Marathon, Swarm) is the heart of this new OS
  3. 3. Meet OpenShift! •  Red Hat’s next gen app platform - kubernetes for enterprise + Add-Ons. •  Why? •  Consistent application run time across the hybrid cloud •  Anti lock-in abstraction layer •  Runs everywhere including public clouds, VMW and OSP!
  4. 4. APPLICATION Abstraction Across Hybrid Cloud DEVELOPER CONTENT ECOSYSTEM PACKAGED SERVICES ECOSYSTEM DEVELOPER TOOLING MANAGEMENT TOOLS Storage Network Identity ... StandAlone/ BareMetal RHEV RHELOSP VMWare PUBLIC CLOUD -AWS -AZURE -GOOGLE OpenShift provides a scale-out, “the cluster is the computer platform” to deploy fully-orchestrated multi- container applications. Built on RHEL Atomic Host in the immutable infrastructure paradigm, the docker project, OCI, etcd, kubernetes, systemd. Application is defined in abstraction from Infrastructure provider details, works across different cloud providers, integrates with infrastructure services. Fully Open Source, Standards- based, pluggable. OpenShift RHEL / Atomic Host Docker / OCI Kubernetes Registry Host Automation Infrastructure Service Integration (Storage, Network, Identity,...) Log / Metrics Security
  5. 5. CONTAINERS NEED PERSISTENT STORAGE “For which workloads or application use cases have you used/do you anticipate to use containers?” Data Apps Cloud Apps Systems of Engagement Systems of Record Web and Commerce Software Mobile Apps Social Apps 77% 71% 62% 62% 57% 52% 46% Scalable, Cost Effective, Distributed Storage for Containers Base: 194 IT operations and development decision-makers at enterprise in APAC, EMEA, and North America Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Red Hat, January 2015
  6. 6. The new face of storage in app-centric IT •  Greater abstraction between storage and applications allows more flexibility in deployment •  Developers want persistent storage but do not want the overhead of lengthy storage provisioning cycles •  Traditional storage appliances cannot offer the speed and agility required in app-centric IT
  7. 7. Where are we today?
  8. 8. DRIVING THE FUTURE OF STORAGE Nov 2015 Mar 2016 July 2016 CONVERGENCE OF STORAGE AND COMPUTE RHGS Container ●  Dedicated storage cluster for containerized and PaaS environments ●  Containerized Red Hat Gluster Storage pooling and serving storage from local hosts CONTAINER READY STORAGE CONTAINERIZED STORAGE CONTAINER NATIVE STORAGE ●  Containerized Red Hat Gluster Storage inside OpenShift Enterprise ●  Enabled by the RHGS 3.1.3 release ●  Enterprise class storage for container platforms
  9. 9. CONTAINER NODE 1 CONTAINER NODE 2 NGINX Container Wordpress Container CONTAINER READY STORAGE •  Storage provided by a dedicated Red Hat Gluster Storage cluster and accessed over the network •  Enterprise grade storage provider support for OpenShift •  Storage & compute can scale independently
  10. 10. CONTAINER NODE 1 CONTAINER NODE 2 NGINX Container NGINX Container CONTAINERIZED RED HAT GLUSTER STORAGE CONTAINERIZED RED HAT GLUSTER STORAGE •  Red Hat Gluster Storage can be deployed inside a container •  Storage Container can pool and serve out storage from local hosts •  Available for download from Red Hat’s container registry
  11. 11. OPENSHIFT NODE 2 CONTAINER NATIVE STORAGE OPENSHIFT NODE 3 OPENSHIFT NODE 1 RHGS Container RHGS Container OPENSHIFT NODE 4 MASTER NGINX Container NGINX Container Elasticsearch RHGS Container •  Gluster runs inside OpenShift in a container •  App & Gluster containers can run side-by-side. Lower TCO. •  Unified orchestration & upgrade for applications and storage via kubernetes
  12. 12. Red Hat Gluster Storage Features þ  Data Services þ  Erasure Coding þ  Tiering þ  Bit-Rot Detection þ  Snapshots þ  Quotas þ  Mirroring/Sync Replication þ  Async Geo Replication þ  Protocols þ  Active/Active NFSv4 þ  SMB3 (protocol negotiation, in-flight encryption, server-side copy, VSS) þ  Management þ  Dashboard þ  Device Management þ  SNMP þ  Ansible based deployer þ  Rolling Upgrades þ  AD integration þ  Security & Data Integrity þ  SSL based in-flight encryption þ  At-rest encryption using dm-crypt þ  SELinux Enforcing Mode þ  Self Healing
  13. 13. Static V/S Dynamic Provisioning With Static Provisioning in kubernetes (available now) •  Storage volumes are statically provisioned •  Admins provision a bunch of Persistent Volumes (PVs) in advance •  They carry the details of storage available in a cluster With Dynamic Provisioning (available in a couple of months) •  Allocate (and deallocate) storage volumes (PVs) on demand •  Storage claims from developers are “bound” dynamically to volumes with zero admin intervention
  14. 14. Persistent Storage for OpenShift 3.4 Container Native + Container Ready Dynamic Provisioning support Usability improvements GA: Dec 2016 Persistent Storage for OpenShift 3.5+ Container Native + Container Ready Support for containerized database workloads via non-shared persistent storage GA: H1-2017 Support databases like MySql, PostGres, MariaDB are often the #1 workloads enterprises containerize Address customer pain point of static/inflexible storage provisioning. ROADMAP
  15. 15. Resources Webinars, data sheets, videos, blogs Demo Live Presentation (Red Hat Summit 2016) Product Documentation Heketi Project
  16. 16. Q & A
  17. 17. Dynamic Provisioning of Storage Developer Developer owned Configures Classes claim Claim for “Gold” Claim request specifies a class References claim in pod Pod Administrator Gold Silver Bronze IOPS_SSD GP_SSD NFS Administrator owned
  18. 18. DemoDeploying Storage Containers in OpenShift
  19. 19. DemoCreating a new persistent storage volume
  20. 20. DemoVerifying storage claim in app running in OpenShift
  21. 21. Persistent Storage for OpenShift 3.1 Container Ready Native Kubernetes driver Support for RHGS 3.1 Support for RHCS 1.3 Released: Nov 2015 Persistent Storage for OpenShift 3.3 Container Native Revalidate the solution PV Selector Support Released: Oct 2016 Persistent Storage for OpenShift 3.2 Container Native RHGS runs inside OpenShift in containers/pods API driven volume allocation Statically Provisioned Volumes Released: July 2016 ●  Revalidate that it still works! ●  PV selector helps developers select the correct storage back-end from similar kinds (NFS v/s Gluster) Enterprise grade storage provider for app containers. ●  Unified compute + storage orchestration for developers ●  Lower TCO. No separate storage h/w