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MDG tracking

  1. 1. Citizens’ Monitoring & Feedback on Millennium Development GoalsNelson MuffuhRegional Coordinator, West & Central AfricaUN Millennium Campaign
  2. 2. I.Concept of Citizen’s Feedback
  3. 3. …. Citizens are inspired to participate and provide feedback on budget and service deliveryissues when they perceive a clearlink with everyday concerns about access to and quality of basic social amenities...
  4. 4. Why Citizens’ Feedback?The review of the past 10 years of progress indicates the following. Policies, strategies, and systems are in place in support of the MDGs in many countries. BUT! the delivery of essential services at the local level needs to be improved. There is a need for more accountability and transparency throughout the service delivery systems.Primary beneficiaries of service delivery (i.e. citizens) need to monitor and track the MDG progress at the local level. “CITIZENS’ FEEDBACK” CITIZENS’
  5. 5. What is it? A tool that allows ordinary people to directly provide real-time feedback (good or bad) to government on MDG service delivery and receive immediate corrective response. A tool that gives government first-hand feedback on felt needs from the ground. A technological platform facilitates the feedback and response flow, mainly using SMS and Internet. The feedback is built around the entitlements given to citizens through government programs and schemes overlapping with the MDG objectives. The collected data are accessible to the public, media, and elected representatives, for policy advocacy. There is a potential for addressing corruption from the bottom end of service delivery. Media and communication to help amplify the voices
  6. 6. Key Actors• People’s • Action / response monitoring to peoples’ &feedback on concerns social service delivery• Manage info, Citizens & Government analyse and CSOs report results Technology Media • Public Partners• Provide SMS Awareness and Internet • Motivation related technology /Promotion support • Advocacy
  7. 7. II.Ongoing Pilot Initiatives
  8. 8. Pilots in India, Philippines, and KenyaIndia – “Samadhan” (= “solution”) Locations: Koraput (Orissa) & Sehore (MP) Technology platform developed and launched in Koraput in Aug 2011 Philippines – “Tingog 2015” (= “voice’) Locations: Albay & Agusan del Sur MOU was signed among Governor, Mayor and CSO in Albay 3 major mobile companies allocated “2015”, applying a lower rate for incoming SMS.Kenya – “Huduma” (=“service”) Locations: Langata Constituency including Nairobi & Kibera Buy-in from multiple stakeholders including line ministries, judiciary, tax authorities, MPs Technology platform & engagement strategy developed and launched in Nairobi in Feb 2011
  9. 9. Pilot in Nigeria “OFINTOTO”
  10. 10. MDGs Mobile Monitoring: OFINTOTO Model SMS: SMS Category: No medicine, no Health, Health Water, Edu, midwife at Surelere Infrastructure hospital, am tired of Location this! Translation Verification,Informed citizenry forwarding Please provide location or more info VERIFY
  11. 11. Citizen’s Voices Output Methods Data Types Input Method Tagging & Citizen SMS routing Generated Email Web form Tag “Surelere” as API LOCATION and “Hospital”, RSS “bed”, “birth”, “nurse” as 08090747414 MMS HEALTH Timeline Am in Surelere Twitter Route to facility head at hospital I did not find bed to give birth even Direct input Surelere and visualized on the dashboard & web nurse not attending Voice??? illustrating facility, local & national level Feedback SMS Alerts to CSOs/Media Message received. No sufficient budgetor allocated, Please go to Geo-tagging Apapa or come back inEmail: Colour Coding 2 days.Twitter: #ofintoto Flagging
  12. 12. Current Status of the Pilot • 2 pilot locations: 3LGAs each in Lagos State & Katsina State • Ensuring government ownership by integration into the government’s grievance redressal mechanisms for specific service delivery priority programs Lagos State = Water and Sanitation Katsina State = Health •Technology platform developed and being tested for Lagos State •Partnerships with multiple stakeholders established •Baseline analysis undertaken • CSO partners (NNNGO, PADEAP) managing the implementation and undertaking outreach.
  13. 13. III.The Way Forward
  14. 14. M&E and Knowledge Management M&E system to document outputs & outcomes: changes in service delivery outcomes relative to the benchmarks in the intervention sites citizen satisfaction with service delivery factors associated with citizen satisfaction and with service providers’ response Improvements in service delivery - increased availability and access to services and information at the community level Citizen empowerment - increased citizen’s demand for responsive and accountable governance Levels of government buy-in & responsiveness to citizens’ needs and demands Improvement in state-citizen interaction and dialogue Enabling factors’ contribution; policies, political climate etc. Learning and sharing Knowledge management products Web-based sharing of outcomes, experiences & lessons
  15. 15. Success Factors for Upscaling & Replication Ownership of the Government – both Central and Local Integration into the existing government schemes Establishing back-end workflows to ensure timely responses Ownership and empowerment of citizens Accessibility and user-friendliness of the technology tool Awareness raising and incentivization Help transform the existing power relations by generating bottom-up pressure for change Adaptability and replicability Proof of concept Open source technology
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention