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Rakuten and Microsoft talk DevOps in Real World


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Rakuten technology conference 2015.
Special thanks for Sam Guckenheimer!

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Rakuten and Microsoft talk DevOps in Real World

  1. 1. Surprise: Microsoft Is Agile Our image of Microsoft
  2. 2. Surprise: Microsoft Is Agile
  3. 3. エバンジェリスト牛尾の Live DevOps! (Movie) Live DevOps in Japan! (Blog)
  4. 4. DevOps Journey
  5. 5. 10 deploys per day
  6. 6. Our learnings as a SaaS provider
  7. 7. (re)building an engineering culture: DevOps@TGT
  8. 8. They cultivate the culture of Automation on the Ops team!
  9. 9. Automation
  10. 10. Cloud Load Testing 3
  11. 11. One code base with multiple delivery streams Single master branch, multiple release branches Shared abstraction layer (VSSF) Update 1 Update 2 Update N
  12. 12. Online operation – service stays up 24x7x365 Fully automated through TFS Release Management Multiple versions must coexist peacefully Canary stamp first (SU0), then other instances Detailed health analysis after each stamp Enable or disable features at runtime without code changes or redeployment Progressive disclosure of features
  13. 13. VSO SU1 Chicago VSO SU0 San Antonio VSO SU7 Australia Shared Platform Services San Antonio
  14. 14. You can choose your strategy by the domain!
  15. 15. Continuous improvement
  16. 16. Plan 1 Monitor + Learn ReleaseDevelop + Test 2 Development Production 4 3
  17. 17. Why release cycle matters?
  18. 18. Too many actions and distractions can prevent customers from taking the next natural step of creating a new project Previous project creation experience
  19. 19. Focused project creation experience – integrated into the IDE flow IDE Web
  20. 20. % of accounts creating projects the day of account creation January 22 to February 11 (all sources) A second experiment, running in parallel, invalidated results First project creation jumps from 15% to 50% First project creation from IDE jumps from 3% to 20% % of accounts creating projects the day of account creation January 22 to February 5 (IDE only)
  21. 21. Product Owner Visual Studio Cloud Service Agile Conference 2014 Keynote speaker
  22. 22. Learn DevOps
  23. 23. Free Resources for DevOps Practices Optimize your DevOps practices and tools: Download the Forrester Infrastructure-as-Code whitepaper: Learn DevOps Practices hands-on with PartsUnlimited apps Accelerate your application delivery lifecycle Technical resources for Practitioners: DevOps Maturity Self-Assessment
  24. 24. Learn how to embrace a DevOps mindset in this 2 days hackathon event for free Nov 28th – 29th with JJUG CCC Dec 9th – 10th @Shibuya dots. Jan 23rd – 24th @Osaka Microsoft corporation Senior Technical Evangelist for DevOps Microsoft monthly event Dev: Ops:
  25. 25. DevOps t-shirts Present for you