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Microsoft Skills Bootcamp - The power of GitHub and Azure

In this session, part of the Microsoft Skills Bootcamp, I go through Digital Transformation in the DevOps era, and how to use Azure DevOps and GitHub together to achieve that.

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Microsoft Skills Bootcamp - The power of GitHub and Azure

  1. 1. Microsoft Skills Bootcamp The Power of GitHub & Azure This event may be recorded and shared publicly with others, including Microsoft’s global customers, partners, employees, and service providers. The recording may include your name and any questions you submit to Q&A. You may submit questions anonymously.
  2. 2. Davide Benvegnu DevOps Architect – Microsoft + GitHub @DavideBenvegnu
  3. 3. Services Physical Products Disruptors lead with customer experiences Cars Appliances Thermostats Media Hospitality Transportation
  4. 4. ● Ship faster and experiment to learn faster ● Iterate quickly ● Focus on innovation and differentiation ● Leverage open source for the rest ● Push new code confidently & securely ● Collaborate through innersource ● Measure team metrics & optimize processes ● Grow development teams Lessons from the disruptors
  5. 5. Disruptors ship better customer experiences, faster Digital disruptors learn & ship faster… …and deliver better experiences Days Between Releases Mobile App Ratings Source: AppAnnie
  6. 6. Largest DevOps ecosystem GitHub is the largest developer platform on Earth Developers Private and public repositories Top open source communities Contributions per year Organizations Fortune 500 companies 50M+ 100M+ 1,000s 1B+ 3M+ 50% The most innovative companies The top open source projects Leading global enterprises
  7. 7. ©Microsoft Corporation Azure DevSecOps in the traditional enterprise Dev Ops 3-6 Months or Longer Version Control App Ops Sec No Visibility No Re-Use Breeds Silos Not Agile Not DevOps Not Secure Sec Dev Test Staging Prod
  8. 8. ©Microsoft Corporation Azure What does successful DevSecOps look like? Dev Ops Sec Security from the Pull Request  To the Production Deployment Dev Test Staging Prod Everything “As Code”, centralized Repeatable for Teams Security at every phase Consistent process, and tracked Experiment in App, Ops, and Sec Learn and use what the best have built
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. ● Accelerated our time to get a modern app up and running by leaning into the GitHub community ● Added CI/CD capabilities in minutes using GitHub Actions ● Shifted security all the way left to get real time feedback on vulnerabilities in the OS packages we're using and scans of our own code on every PR ● Utilized infrastructure as code, again from the OS community, and ability to automate workflows beyond just CI/CD with Actions to provision well-defined, reusable architectures into Azure ● Taking advantage of unique Azure capabilities in Azure Policy to apply, enforce and audit compliance to common standards like PCI and HIPAA ● Time to market is dramatically accelerated, best practices are observed, siloes are broken down and security is incorporated at all stages Summary
  11. 11. Register for in-depth virtual learning at: For more learning resources, please visit: Register for additional sessions Next steps on your learning journey
  12. 12. QUESTIONS?
  13. 13. This event has now concluded. Thanks for joining us!