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Automated Testing and Continuous Deployment for Mobile Apps with Jenkins


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Slides from Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group Meetup at Yahoo! Campus 09/30/12
Presented by Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Mark Prichard (CloudBees), with Matt Solnit (SOASTA)

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Automated Testing and Continuous Deployment for Mobile Apps with Jenkins

  1. 1. Automated Testing and ContinuousDeployment for Mobile Apps withJenkinsKohsuke Kawaguchi and Mark Prichard, CloudBeesMatt Solnit, SOASTAAugust 30, 2012@CloudBees, @CloudTest, @NewRelic
  2. 2. Have you met Jenkins?• #1 OSS CI server – Written in Java• About 7 years old• Easy to install/use• Extensible via 550+ plugins• Widely adopted – 43K+ installations• Kohsuke is Jenkins creator/project lead 2
  3. 3. Why Jenkins for mobile development?• To let developers focus on developing – Leave building, packaging, testing, distributing to a computer – Make the right thing the easiest thing• Many, well-adopted mobile development plugins – Safety in numbers• “Distributed builds” for scaling with workload• “Matrix project” for easy cross device testing 3
  4. 4. More iOS+Jenkins love we won‟t cover• Appaloosa plugin, TestFlight plugin – continuous app distribution• Xcode plugin – Better UI for xcode command invocations 4
  5. 5. We got Android covered, too• Android emulator plugin – For running tests inside emulator in Jenkins• Android lint plugin – Parses & visualizes the result of static analysis• Zubhium plugin – Continuous app distribution 5
  6. 6. What makes a great mobile app?• Some apps don‟t need external data• But most do – Push notifications – Location information – Twitter, news feeds – Social interaction – Integration 6
  7. 7. Two Five-Star Apps StockFish … … or Social Chess? or BOTH? Standalone … … or Integrated? 7
  8. 8. Building a “Social” Chess Server• The basics: record games, moves• Next steps: notifications, time keeping• Going further: competition, research• Chess client apps handle actual play• Server doesn‟t need to know the rules• Just for fun: 8
  9. 9. Fun App – but „Real‟ Java Development• Built using Eclipse, Maven, Junit, JAX-RS, JAX-B, gson …• Git repository, Jenkins build/test and app deployment all running on AWS using CloudBees PaaS• Free to develop: enterprise-grade runtime services 9
  10. 10. Testing, Testing, Testing• Suppose I add some new killer feature• What do I need to test? – Do all components build correctly? – Do the unit tests pass? – Did the interfaces change? – Have I affected the UI behavior?• I need this all to happen continuously and automatically – end-to-end testing 10
  11. 11. Jenkins to the Rescue iOS Packaging/Distri Source Code bution Repository iOS TouchTest iOS Development (Xcode)Integration/Func tional Testing Jenkins iOS App Build/Unit Test Services Services Deployment Development Services (Eclipse) Build/Unit Test 11
  12. 12. What you will see• iOS App built from GitHub/CloudBees Forge – Jenkins Xcode builds/tests run on MacOS slaves – Scripted integration tests – Automated functional tests (SOASTA) – Automated gesture-aware touch tests (SOASTA) – iOS app archive/packaging/distribution all managed through Jenkins plug-ins• Back-end services end-to-end deployment – Build/Test/Deploy using Eclipse/CloudBees 12
  13. 13. Jenkins and Agile CI Best PracticesContinuous Monitor ContinuousDeployment Repository Integration The Key to Agile and Lean Development Stage Build Code • Better quality productsApplication • Faster delivery Test Code • Scale teams 13
  14. 14. Jenkins and Agile CI Best PracticesContinuous Monitor Jenkins in the CloudDeployment Repository The Key to Agile and Lean Development • Unlimited scalability StageApplication Build Code • Use what you need • Seamless tie-in to Test Code PaaS 14
  15. 15. Sign Up with CloudBees• It‟s totally free for developers• One click and we‟ll start you off with Jenkins, Java, Scala/Lift, MySQL and more 15
  16. 16. Thank You – See you in San Francisco! Jenkins User Conference, San Francisco Sept 30, 2012 Kohsuke Kawaguchi twitter: @kohsukekawa email: Mark Prichard twitter: @mqprichard email: Matt Solnit twitter: @msolnit email: 16