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Be your own devil's advocate - Serious Social Investing 2013


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Consider funding advocacy to amplify social investment impact.

SECTION27's Mark Heywood speaks at the Tshikululu Social Investments Serious Social Investing 2013 workshop.

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Be your own devil's advocate - Serious Social Investing 2013

  1. 1. CSI and Social Justice advocacy:What are you afraid of?Indicators of serious social investmentPresentation by Mark Heywood, Director, SECTION27Tshikululu, Serious Social Investing workshop, 14 March 2013
  2. 2. Overview+ The state of the nation+ The constitutional imperative for advocacy and the NDP+ How serious is serious social investing? + CSI practice in 2012+ A case study of the outcomes of advocacy in education: + The Limpopo text books „saga‟ and its aftermath+ Civil society, advocacy and social justice: what and who are we talking about? + Building social fabric and accountability+ Achievements/impact of civil society+ What is serious social investing?
  3. 3. South Africa at 19
  4. 4. The Constitution+ Preamble: + Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights;+ Founding Provisions: + Human dignity, the achievement of equality and the advancement of human rights and freedoms.+ Bill of Rights: + Applies to all, including “juristic persons” + Freedom of expression + Assembly, demonstration and petition + Freedom of association + Political rights – Right to campaign for a political party or cause
  5. 5. The National Development Plan, 2012+ Citizens active in their own development: + “active citizenry and social activism is necessary for democracy and development to flourish.” NDP, Executive Summary p 27
  6. 6. How does social investment relate to the Constitutional vision?+ According to the CSI handbook, 15th edition, 2012: + Total CSI in 2012 = R6.9 bn, 5.4% increase after inflation adjustment (broad definition; narrow definition limited to expenditure =5.1bn) + R2.9bn or 40% of the overall spend is on education; education is supported by 93% of companies + Health has dropped from 68% to 40% of companies+ “the shift towards education comes largely at the expense of health expenditure, which at 12% of CSI expenditure in 2012 has shown a significant decline over the past three years (spending on health and HIV/Aids accounted for 19% of CSI expenditure in 2009).” (p 36)
  7. 7. Safe social investment?+ Corporates contribute almost ¼ of NPO funding, while govt approx 20%+ Trialogue‟s CSI research in 2012 showed that whilst 9% of NPOs engage in advocacy, just over 40% of corporate will not fund it+ Foreign donors contribute 1/5 of funding of NGOs surveyed (but 90% when it comes to advocacy) + TAC + SECTION27
  8. 8. EFFECTIVE SOCIALINVESTMENT?In 2012 R2.9bn wasinvested in education ..What were the results?
  9. 9. Progressive deterioration in numeracy Grade 2012 2011Grade % above 50 % 1 68 631 77% 2 57 552 68% 3 41 283 36% 4 37 284 26% 5 30 285 16% 6 27 306 11% 9 13 *9 2% Source: ANA, 2012 report Learners start off in the system fairly well. But as they progress in the education system their performance declines drastically. Source: Equal Education
  10. 10. Learner retention : Percentage of young people who enter theschool system and leave it with an employable qualification Source: Equal Education
  11. 11. Sensory deprivation: Learners shut out of the modern world+ Census @ Schools, 2009: + 69% of schools had a maths teacher + Less than 25% had a library + Only 53% had a computer + 15% had access to email or the internet + In the community: 35% had access to a library, 31% access to a computer and 20% access to the internet
  12. 12. “Many school environments are notconducive to learning.” NDP Photos: SECTION27
  13. 13. Effects of civil society advocacy+ In 2012 SECTION27 invested: + One attorney + One research fellow + One advocate + A lot of energy and ingenuity + Less than R2m
  14. 14. What were the results?+ 1,2 million text books delivered to grades 1,2,3,10+ Recommendations of a Presidential enquiry+ Books delivered largely on time in 2013 nationally+ Agreement with S27 on a furniture provision plan and toilet and sanitation renovation plan+ National political focus on education & growing social pressure
  15. 15. Yet declining investmentin NPO sector Source: CSI Handbook, 2013
  16. 16. Who is civil society & what is itsinterest in social justice?Opponents …. Friends … “Counter-revolutionaries; neo- liberals; anti-majoritarians”
  17. 17. Impact: If it was not for activism...+ Two million people would not be on ARVs+ The Umtata medicines depot would have collapsed in 2012+ 1,2 million text books would not have been delivered in 2013 in Limpopo+ An R60m plan for school toilets would not be being implemented in Limpopo+ Corruption Watch would not exist
  18. 18. What is serious social investing?+ Investment in social goods and accountability+ Building social fabric not just providing social goods+ Bravery in investment decisions+ Innovation+ Risk taking
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