Report reliably - Serious Social Investing 2013


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Funders of all shapes and sizes should have rules and tools to ensure data quality.

Khulisa's Jennifer Bisgard speaks at the Tshikululu Social Investments Serious Social Investing 2013 workshop.

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Report reliably - Serious Social Investing 2013

  1. 1. Khulisa Management Services (Pty) LtdFunders (of all shapes and sizes) should have rules and tools to ensure data quality Jennifer Bisgard March 14, 2013 Accurately Measuring Progress
  2. 2. Panel Questions…• Where do funders tend to lapse in terms of data quality and consistency?• What are some of the tools that funders can employ to ensure quality and consistency of reported data?• How can small funders promote data quality on a limited budget?Accurately Measuring Progress
  3. 3. Is this acceptable?• NGO X delivered services to 236 people in the village…• 6 buildings were built…• 82 people were fed...• School X improved its matric pass rate from 50% to 80%• 32 teachers attended a workshop…Accurately Measuring Progress
  4. 4. What do the numbers mean?• but 25 people received delivered services to 256 … services 10 times, and 6 more came once• 6 buildings built… but 4 are unused and 2 are vandalised• 82 people fed... On over-boiled cabbage and Koeksusters• but only 16 matric pass rate improved from 50% to 80%… passed in both years (difference 32 took exam in 2011 and only 20 in 2012)• Attended a workshop… but played games on their cell Accurately Measuring Progress
  5. 5. What data do we get? Name Pre-test Post-test Jabu 34 36 Siza 23 28 Thumi 27 25 Lebo 16 21 John 25 29 Elly 28 22 Zandi 38 33Accurately Measuring Progress
  6. 6. Why invest in data quality? No Investment in Quality Poor Quality Data SentThe Data areNot Valued The Data are No Good Accurately Measuring Progress
  7. 7. Invest in data quality! Investment in Quality Quality Data SentThe Data areValued The Data are Good Accurately Measuring Progress
  8. 8. Data Quality Audit Framework DATA MANAGEMENT DATA QUALITY SYSTEM SYSTEM AUDITABLE SYSTEM Data Quality Processes / Consists of Data Verification of the entire Data Procedures to achieve Data Management Processes / Management System Quality Criteria Procedures Source Risk Risk Collection Reduction Verification Validity Collation Reliability Integrity Audit Precision Trails Analysis Timeliness Completeness Reporting UsageAccurately Measuring Progress
  9. 9. What can smaller funders do?• Decide on the desired outcome• Use data to select sites/participants• Invest in monitoring requirements• Require capacity building• Demand Mastery rather than attendance• Assess performance against standards• Audit data quality• Conduct evaluationsAccurately Measuring Progress
  10. 10. Resources• South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA)• African Evaluation Association• Better Evaluation• My M&E• Impact Reporting & Investment Standards GIIN IRIS• “Indicators as Interventions” Measuring Progress
  11. 11. Thank youAccurately Measuring Progress