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Social Media Strategy Template


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A template to help you put your Social Media strategy and campaign together. Lets you control your social media rather than it controlling you.

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Social Media Strategy Template

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy. It’s all in the planning
  2. 2. This is a strategy for thosestarting out, or thosewho want to organise theway they use SocialMedia.Remember Social Media arethe sites you use,Social Networking is how youuse them.
  3. 3. 123 Why do I need4 Social Media?5 Pick 5 top reasons you need Social Media
  4. 4. 1234 Who are my audience? Pick 5 top audience groups (There may only5 be one)
  5. 5. 1234 What do I want to5 tell them? Pick 5 top Messages you want to get out
  6. 6. 1234 How am I going to5 tell them? Pick 5 top ways you are going to use
  7. 7. 123 What4 content am I going to5 create? Pick 5 top types of content you will use
  8. 8. 1234 How often am I going5 to post? Pick 5 top moments in a day or week you will post
  9. 9. What social media is available A list of the top media available to There are many to suit your niche. Check out the websites for a full ebsites
  10. 10. 123 Which social4 media sites will I use?5 Pick 5 top sites that will be useful to you
  11. 11. How am I going to measure the impact Tools available to measure impactAgain there are many tools available – here are some. Insight (within facebook) Google Analytics Google Alerts Feedburner Backtype Sproutsocial Blog Comments Number of fans/likes/visitors etc. Tweetburner Keyword rank checker
  12. 12. 123 Which tools am I4 going to use to measure my success Pick 5 top tools. (You may only decide5 to use one)
  13. 13. 123 Who is4 responsible for my Social5 Neworking? Pick the person/people taking responsibilitye)
  14. 14. 1 – Join the social media sites you haveidentified.2 – Be consistent with posting updates,status and comments.3 – Organise when in the day you aregoing t send your postings.4 – Fill in all your profiles with pictures What Now?of you or you logo if a company. 5 things you need to do now.5 – Remember that Social networkingdoes not make you money, but buildingrelationships does.
  15. 15. 1 – – free to use, however only alimited number of sites can be added to your account.You can schedule when postings go out.2 – – free to use at a basic level,can upgrade to paid account. Ability to schedule yourpostings when and to who.3 – – sends out twitter and facebookposts for you and comes up with new ones if your mindgoes blank or you have nothing to say.4 – Post Planner through facebook How to simplify your postings. sites to help you.5 – Sendible – does cost but useful if you are goingto post lots on a regular basis.
  16. 16. Facebook Make sure you have a personal profile up Include links to your blog or website within your profile Hide your friends list Have a personal picture in your profile Set up a fan page for your business/organisation Like those pages that will help you and share information To remove annoying adverts use – Facebook: Cleaner Dont advertise on facebook, use it to raise awareness Let people know what you and/or your company is doing Engage with other users and connections Be consistent in your engagement Add Facebook to your Hootsuit or equivalent accountTips for Facebook
  17. 17. Linkedin Join Linkedin and complete the profile Give as much information as you feel comfortable with Add Linkedin to Hootsuit or equivalent account Link your facebook, blog and websites to your profile Complete at least 75% of your profile Hide your groups list Join relevent groups – its not about numbers, its about quality Join in discussions Start your own discussions Talk to at least 2 groups every day Add value to other discussions Generate updates consistently Build your contacts by sending personal messagesTips for Linkedin
  18. 18. Blogs Tips for Blogs Set up your blog sites Decide on the subject you are going to blog about Be consistent with new information Give added value within your articles Link your blog to your other sites and Social media sites Share your blog with as many people as possibleTips for Blogs
  19. 19. PlatformsSocial Networks – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YoutubeSocial Bookmarketing – Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Reddit, MixxVideo Sharing – Youtube, Vimeo, Google VideoBlogging – Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Posterous, SquidooManagement tools – Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Seesmic, OnlywirePhoto sharing – Facebook, FlickrPlatforms
  20. 20. Remember Build your community Engage with your community Target your community Connect with leaders in your industry Be consistent - Update regularly Do not overload with promotional material or advertising Create useful and relevant content Track how your content is being received Note what you need to learn next and look for experts to help you.Remember
  21. 21. For further information or help contact:Bev Heptingbevhepting@mac.com