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Digital Marketing Relevancy For Restaurants & Chefs

  1. Digital Marke,ng Relevancy For Restaurants Your Social Guide Toby Bloomberg @tobydiva | @divafoodies
  2. Our Game Plan Intro Deconstruct --- The Share Construct Internal Social Channels
  3. 3
  4. Is Your Social Personality? Selfie Centered, Pinhead, One Upper, One downer, Like Liker, HashTag Hyper, Play---by---play, Soapbox Champion, Lurker, Kid Pixer, ??? Is Your Restaurant’s Social Personality? What
  5. Social media has become part of our world and our work. Chef Virginia Willis On Social Media Diva Foodies Interview
  6. You are only as good as your last meal. Jack Bruell, ExecuJve Chef/Restaurant Owner James Beard Award Candidate Best Chef 2010 R E M I N D E R
  7. Deconstruct Stand Alone
  8. What Does Social Media Mean At Your Restaurant?
  9. Marke,ng Tool Extends Customer Service Rela,onship Building Chefs & Restaurant---brand Involved & Engaged with the Restaurant/chef/staff Brand Awareness Customer Loyalty & Trust Menu/Specials PromoJon Brand Advocacy Discovery Search Engine OpJmizaJon --- SEO Research/Feedback Enhances Customer In---Restaurant Experience Save Memories Share Experiences Tell Your Story!
  10. Resources/Time/Budget Authentic Payback/Goals Lack of knowledge Not a management priority Fear of trolls/ negative comments, reviews How to keep social from taking over
  11. WhatDoes Social Media Mean To Your Customers/Community?
  12. hXp:// What Does This Mean For Your Restaurant?
  13. Are Your Business Goals? WhatImprove customer service Increase corporate parJes by % Increase community involvement Test new dishes Increase referrals by % Be The Go To Restaurant For … Examples Increase breakfast traffic by %
  14. So Many Choices ….. So LiXle Time! Social Channels
  15. The Big Guns The Visuals The Local Search For Business For Video
  16. PosAng Consistency
  17. #1 Facebook Feedback/Engagement Brand Status Updates What you post
  18. #2 Facebook Feedback/Engagement Community’s posts
  19. Facebook Public Informa,on WhatCould this mean to your restaurant?
  20. Facebook CHANGES! 1. Videos Are The Name Of The Game Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said having more consumer video in the News Feed helps ads that include video feel more natural. 2. PromoJonal Posts Won’t Be Seen Posts wriXen exclusively for promoJonal or sales reasons Posts people to buy a product or download an app Posts with the exact same content as run---of---the---mill ads 3. The End of “LikeGate” 4. Call To AcJon BuXons Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video hXps://
  21. hXp://
  22. What's the difference between impressions and reach? Impressions are the number of Jmes a post from your Page is displayed, whether the post is clicked or not. People may see mulJple impressions of the same post. For example, someone might see a Page update in News Feed once, and then a second Jme if their friend shares it. Reach is the number of people who received impressions of a Page post. Reach might be less than impressions since one person can see mulJple impressions. hXps://
  23. hXps://
  24. Extended InformaJon
  25. Cute Firefighter From the heart
  26. ht tps:// The French Laundry Tells Their Story One Tweet A Day
  27. hXps:// McDonalds Superbowl Tweets
  28. 1.  Tweet your beat 2.  Share some personal 3.  Include urls, photos, video 4.  @ cite your sources 5.  Create lists 6.  Thank your community for retweets, menJons 7.  Behind the scenes 8.  Live tweet breaking news 9.  ParJcipate in tweet chats 10.  More is less .. 120 characters 11.  @ each other 12.  Hashtags --- yours & their’s 13.  Talk with your community! Grow Your TwiXer Community
  29. Supports Credibility Brand +Employees Customers/Community AdverJsers New Hires Partners
  30. 34 LinkedIn Corporate Page
  31. LinkedIn Corporate Posts
  32. LinkedIn Corporate Page
  33. LinkedIn Corporate Page Posts
  34. hXps://
  35. What is Different?
  36. 41 Important! Claim Your Local Restaurant On Google
  37. hXps://
  38. Photo Albums
  39. hXp:// TwiXer Content
  40. Share hXp s://
  41. Your Next Steps How Will YouReconstruct?
  42. Engage
  43. ▪ Educate ▪ EmoJonal ConnecJon ▪ Entertain Now I C a r e VALUES C o n t e n t
  44. Bobblehead Cup Photo Sharing Contest
  45. Tohelpbuildexcitementforits biggest promotionoftheyear,CincodeMoe’s, Moe’sSouthwestGrill createdalimited editionbobbleheadcupthatcouldbe purchasedatanylocationacrossthe country. Moe’sthenusedtheirsocialmedia channelstoengagewiththeiraudience, whileaskingthemtosharebobblehead imagesthroughTwitter,Instagramand Facebookusing #cincodemoes. Moe’spromotedthecampaignonlineand drovetraffictotherestaurants,where guestshadtoacquirethebobblehead cups. In-storesignage(aswellasthecups) helpedencouragecustomerstopost imagesandvideosonlineandparticipatein theentireCincoexperience. Cinco de Moe’s MulJ Channel Campaign
  46. Cinco de Moe’s: Results Facebook 6,593,426 total Facebook impressions 24,768 new Facebook fans (13.41% increase) TwiXer 2,114,342 total TwiXer impressions 70,321 total TwiXer engagements (33.33% engagement rate) 3,850 tweets included #cincodemoes (Last year’s tweet count: 1,345) Images 650 bobblehead images (TwiXer & Instagram) were captured
  47. Social Media Success Tips Resources 1.  Who do you want to talk to? (Target audience) 2.  Where are they hangin’ in the social web? Content Direc,on 1.  What do they and you want to talk about? 2.  How will social media support your goals/objecJves? Results 1. What is success e.g. what will you track and measure? Your Comfort Zone 1.  Know your own boundaries 2.  Who will you friend, follow, respond to? 3.  What type of content will you not create?
  48. Activity: What isit? . . . how are youusing it? Instructions: 1.  What’s the platform? 2.  How are you using it? 3.  How have you seen it used mosteffectively?
  49. Are Your Metrics? WhatLikes Comments Shares Reach --- organic, total Posts you created Your community comments Impressions
  50. Are Your Metrics? WhatFavorites Retweets @menJons Followers PotenJal Reach Your Tweets, RT, @ MenJons, Follows Use of your hashtag
  51. 6 Quick Tell Tips 1.  Email signature 2.  Facebook Info 3.  Business card 4.  Tat 5.  Menu 6.  LinkedIn
  52. Questions Your Responses Whatissuccess for you? What is you social personality? Whoisyouraudience/s? Whowillyou follow/friend? Whatsocial networkswillbest driveresults? Wherewillyou dedicate your color outside theline time? Howwillyou participate with yourcommunity? Howoftenwillyou post? Timeof day What percentage of “brand” posts/tweets versus other? Whattype ofcontent e.g. media, curation, creation will youinclude? Getting Started
  53. C o n t i n u e t h e C o n v e r s a t i o n Toby Bloomberg @tobydiva @divafoodies