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A Semiotic Assessment of seasonal packaging


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Find out more about the semiotics of seasonal packaging

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A Semiotic Assessment of seasonal packaging

  1. 1. Seasonal Packaging
  2. 2. Contents ►Brief Introduction to Semiotics ►Semiotic Analysis of Christmas Packaging (forms)
  3. 3. What is Semiotics? Semiotics: the analysis of symbols and what they stand for A symbol stands for something beyond its immediate meaning – a shell is more than a mollusc’s vacated habitat – it represents holidays, warmth, faraw ay places…. Semiotics is complementary to qualitative / quantitative feedback from consumers – an “expert” view of the interpretation of the signs and symbols used in marketing activities
  4. 4. We all use semiotics everyday To speed up communications To project an image to others To help navigate choice
  5. 5. Why Semiotics is important for packaging success ► Semiotics provokes discussion and provides practical learnings on the communications symbols, materials, textures, colours, sensory perceptions and design elements in a specific category ► This category knowledge gives designers a vital edge in an environment where visual communication creates the crucial first impression with the consumer and accounts for over 80% of communications intake
  6. 6. Semiotics – Residual, Dominant and Emergent codes When analysing a market sector using semiotics, themes become evident: ► Residual: long-established, from the past, less used today (sometimes revisited by brands looking to re-inject basic category values) ► Dominant: the most common codes used by leading brands ► Emergent: new codes being used by a few brands
  7. 7. Semiotics – typical feedback from clients Semiotics added a deeper layer of insight to our understanding of the category I can now explain more clearly the reasons behind our design ideas Using semiotics at an early stage saved us a lot of time in the later stages of the project I learnt more about the fundamental design elements for our brand in the last two hours than I have working on it for the last two years! I now ask more questions about the significance of the elements included in our brand designs
  8. 8. Semiotic Analysis of Seasonal Packaging Forms
  9. 9. Why use seasonal packs? • Promotes brand engagement: we share in your important celebration and make gift-giving / Christmas entertaining easier for you • Creates brand differentiation: on-shelf and in-home • Encourages brand trial from non-users – the seasonal need predominates over habitual choices So brand packaging should communicate seasonal in the most effective way….
  10. 10. Parcels, ribbons, cornucopia ► Parcels wrapped up in Christmas paper and ribbons: ▬ Special ▬ Surprise ▬ Desire to please ▬ Gifter has made an effort! ► Cornucopia / horn of plenty: ▬ Plenty, generosity, freeflowing fruitfulness ▬ Origins in mid-winter pagan celebrations ▬ In USA linked to Thanksgiving Residual
  11. 11. Display gift boxes – convenient but somewhat commoditised ► Transparent lid shows gifter what they’re giving ► Card lid is replaced to maintain surprise element for giftee ► Often gift-wrapped instore ► Look like “the easy option” Dominant
  12. 12. Christmas shapes – look special and stand out on shelf ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Dominant Tree Stocking Snowman Snowflake Father Christmas Star Bell Cracker Pudding Etc, etc
  13. 13. Packs with onward use – year-long brand engagement and presence Dominant ► Added value of onward use of packaging ► Promote yearround brand presence in home ► Deliver brand engagement if conversion to onward use is correctly fulfilled  Conversion to cake tin  Conversion to makeup storage drawer  Conversion to cake tin
  14. 14. Novelty packs with wow-factor Emergent ► Deliver specialness and surprise ► Particularly good for sharing items e.g. biscuit tins, sweets ► …think about what your target audience value Christmas puzzle biscuit tin VW camper van confectionery tin Musical Christmas biscuit tins
  15. 15. Cornucopia – return to traditional values? ► Plenty / generosity particularly valued in time of austerity ► May become mainstream in UK like Halloween imagery Ikea 2013! Emergent
  16. 16. Special insider messages for giftee (1) Emergent ► Insider Comms to combat commoditisation of the gift pack: something special inside that gives giftee closer brand engagement Aesop gift tins are themed on the Italian Futurist Art movement; a brochure about the products and art movement folds in various configurations to protect each product
  17. 17. Special insider messages for giftee (2) Emergent ► Insider Comms to combat commoditisation of the gift pack: something special inside that gives giftee closer brand engagement
  18. 18. Special insider messages for giftee (3) Emergent ► Insider Comms to combat commoditisation of the gift pack: something special inside that gives giftee closer brand engagement Divine Chocolate Advent Calendar with Fairtrade and brand info on back
  19. 19. …and don’t forget aroma! ► Christmas has strong aroma links, particularly spice and Christmas tree pine ► Aroma gives extremely strong semiotic associations and can be incorporated in packaging Emergent
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