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  1. 1. Munyaradzi Tsodzo 210227869Blessed Mhungu 210226935Gerard Theron 209106999Elisha Chakanyuka 210226811Eugene Mafurutu 210227656Semiotics and Design
  2. 2. The study of signs and how they are perceived in a given human culture.An expert in semiotics is called a semiologist.Semiotics is also called linguistics because( Williums , 1976 : 28 ) (Ford, 2008)DefinitionSignified•Concept or ideaSignifier•the object itself•the objects formSign•icon or symbol(Chandler, 2011)
  3. 3. Ferdinand De Saussu•1857-1913(YUFind, 2010)Founding TheoristsCharles Pierce•1839-1914(IUPUI, 2013)
  4. 4. 1. Person witnesses the signHow Humans Respond To Signs2. Meaning is interpreted fromthe sign3. Person reacts according tomeaning.(Ford, 2008)•Denotative meaning:•connotative meaning:
  5. 5. Behavioral cues:•rituals,•social organization•cultural uses of symbols•emotional attachments to symbolsCommunication representations•speech•imagery (literary, media)•literature (i.e. mythology and lore)•clothing and fashion•popular media (print, television, film, etc.)Application of semiotic analysis•analyse consumer processes•identify patterns relating to innovative thinking.(Caesar,1982:65)(Caesar , M.1984)Semiotics is used to identify...
  6. 6. Phenomenology• Symbolism being formed from a persons experience of a memorable eventRelated QualitativeTheoriesHistoric Theory• Symbolism being related to past events and artefacts.Feminist Theory• Gender-related significance of signs and symbols.Ethnography• Cultural and social significance of signs and symbols(Goulding, 2013) (Benzies, 2009) (Barbara, 2010).Grounded Theory•Generating theories from the use of signs and symbols.
  7. 7. Ethnographic data capture•Photography and video footage of human behavior.•Prototyping or product testingMedia reviewCollection of archived media such as film and television reels print media marketing materialsBrand Audits•Identity, product, packaging, experience•Life-cycle assessment of brand-related sensory values.(Chandler,2007:90) (Deely, 1990:120)Tools Used For Semiotic Analysis
  8. 8. Martell Cognac Rebranding Campaign.•Bottles are deliberately shaped to mimic abstract sculptures.•Patterns are based on gemstone or jewellery designs.•Design reinforces association with aristocracy and luxury.Case Study #1(Creative Semiotics, 2011) (Shademati, 2012)
  9. 9. Lady Gaga, Telephone, 2010.•Use of controversial and shocking imagery throughout the video.•Strong anti-establishment and anti-Catholic symbolism in Lady Gagas music.•Use of taboo, or rebellious symbols are subjects of heated debates.Case Study #2(LadyGagaVEVO, 2010) (Vigilant Citizen, 2010) (Holdaway, 2013)
  10. 10. hgiggiDsfsfdsSemiotics and Design Theory
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