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UCD14 Workshop - Darci Dutcher - Designing a Design Team


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Darci Dutcher - Designing a Design Team

One of the biggest design challenges we face is how to design and build our own teams. This can be even harder when working in agile/lean companies.

User Experience Design is a broad term that encompasses so many different skillsets that it can be difficult to bring together a design team that has the right mix of skills, knowledge and interests. This talk will cover a few approaches for identifying and creating the right balance of skills (both hard skills and soft skills) within a design team to help promote happy, healthy and successful design teams.

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UCD14 Workshop - Darci Dutcher - Designing a Design Team

  1. 1. Designing a Design Team (or designing your own career) Darci D Dutcher @darcid #UCD14
  2. 2. Who are you?
  3. 3. Who am I?
  4. 4. Life is a design problem So is your career And your team
  5. 5. Specialist vs Generalist
  6. 6. T-Shaped People ideoae%E2%84%A2s-collaborative-culture
  7. 7. Broken Comb
  8. 8. Personal and Team Skills • acceptance of critique • accessibility and inclusive design • active listener • analytics (data analysis, AB testing, etc) • animation/motion/video • attention to detail • big picture thinking • cognitive psychology • collaboration • colour theory • communication • constantly seeking to improve designs • constantly seeking to improve skills • content strategy • critiquing others' work • curiousity • design thinking • desire to bring ideas to life • empathy • enthusiasm when challenged • flexibility • gestalt and unity theory • having fun / enjoying work • heuristic evaluation • hierarchy in visual design • honest • HTML/CSS • humility - know when you're right, and when you're wrong • infographic design • information architecture • interaction design • justify/defend decisions • knowledge of usability theories • lean design, agile delivery • love for their craft • not afraid to fail • persona development • pragmatism • prototyping • prototyping at multiple levels of detail and choosing the right fidelity for deliverables • running workshops • semiotics • sharing knowledge and new information • sketching • sound design • stakeholder management • stays up to date with technology and trends • story-telling • team player • technical understanding (platforms, code, etc) • thinking outside the box • time management • typography • understand other disciplines (product management, dev, marketing, etc) • understanding of multi-device/channel context • usability concepts • usability testing/research (choosing the appropriate method and running it) • user centered design • wilingness to explore and inspire • wireframing • working with multi-disciplinary teams