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Due Tomorrow

  1. 1. DUE TOMORROWDUE TOMORROW 12/12/08 – 12/19/08 Civil War in the United States In the classroom, America fights its biggest Civil War yet. In the world, America is torn over a Big Three automaker bailout. Can the Union be saved? Contents
  2. 2. ~Wisdom from the Editor pg. 3 ~Letters to the Editor pg. 4 ~Ten Minutes pg. 5 ~Things to Know pg. 6 ~Thought pg. 7 ~Entertainment pg. 11 ~Et Cetera pg. 17 ~Auxiliary Notes pg. 18 DUE TOMORROW was made as a catalyst for public opinion, news and knowledge in general to take flight and disseminate. The advantage of having media that is literally written by people next to you is that it can sidestep dumb barriers, it is information you can trust and it is relevant information. We will strive to have an article for everyone. Articles are going to be of absolutely anything (common sense restraints though) and by Wisdom from the Editor
  3. 3. just about absolutely everyone. We hope you will contribute whether it is an idea, a letter to the editor, a column or just some suggestion or comment. We are by the people and for the people. And for that reason, we consider criticism and praise seriously. This project is meant to be democracy at its best. But lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s a different way to have fun. That simple. -Mr. Sun Notes: This is going to be more of a magazine-formatted newspaper than a newspaper. We are not going to follow dumb formatting rules. We are open to suggestions. We would love your submitted articles. We will likely be better than this week when we have more people. None yet, we don’t have any articles. I don’t understand how anybody can comment on nonexistent writing. Here’s a hypothetical example though: Sir, You article (whatever the article was and issue) was a bunch of %^&* because it misstated point X. I have studied this subject for Letters to the Editor
  4. 4. (the number of years you studied + 9 years) and know about (yada yada yada). You suck. Or criticism in general. No specific formats; that’s why we have a newspaper: so we can avoid gey restrictions. Sir, You are an absolute genius. Your article (yeah) was RIGHT ON THE POINT. Props to explaining (w/e). You’re amazing, yada yada yada. Thank you, I try, I try. Or you can respond to someone else’s letter. Or you can criticize the editor for not including X. Whatever you feel like. Questions for Albert Cui: Conducted by Terrance Sun Albert Cui is perhaps the most well known Summa alumni. Additionally, he was the only person online (he is, quite frankly, ALWAYS online.) Ten Minutes
  5. 5. Q: Do you think of yourself, as a general person, as an amazing person? Why? A: I think of myself as an amazing person. Well... because I am. Q: What's your opinion on girls? A: You can never understand them. Q: Do you find yourself interested in anything? If so, what and why? A: Uh.............. I don't really find myself interested in anything....... Q: What do you think about this: v=6AXPnH0C9UA song? A: I think it's pure amazingness and deserves the AAA stamp of approval. Q: Who's the sexiest person alive (besides yourself)? A: Mario DeSimone. Of course, that's besides myself. Q: What did you think of Summa? What do you think about Summa now? A: I thought Summa kind of screwed everyone over. Sure, the nice little community feeling was nice, but it doesn't really make up for the negatives. The program was not very well planned out. There was no point in having a separate place for "smart" kids when all that really happened was that we were put ahead in math and science. That could have happened in regular middle schools. Plenty of non-Summa-freshmen are in Chem and Pre- Calculus. Now, Summa is even more screwed up. With the 99 percentile requirement to get into Summa, the class sizes are rapidly shrinking, especially in the South area. Uhh yeah? The classes are pretty much integrated into mainstream-Whitford now, completely defeating the point of Summa (i.e Spanish). Forcing the now eight graders to redo Spanish 1 is complete and utter failure. Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India killed multiple people, some westerners. One of the dozen or so suspected terrorists was captured and interrogated. Intelligence revealed they were from Pakistan. Things to Know
  6. 6. The Detroit automakers continued their heavy push for a $34 billion government rescue plan. Congress is likely to vote on the matter soon. Moscow bans gay marriage under the thought that it spreads HIV/AIDs. Governors met with President-elect Barack Obama to discuss allocation of a stimulus package. President-elect Barack Obama names yet more people to be in his cabinet; most namely Senator Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State and Governor Bill Richardson as his commerce secretary. Georgia senator Saxby Chambliss has won re-election, blocking the Democrats’ hopes of a filibuster-proof senate. The Dow remained fickle; producing triple-digit swings daily. The United States was officially in a recession since December 2007, but the announcement has now been made. Summa started its docudramas; an attempt at the combination of drama and Supreme Court cases. Trimester Two began. The Civil War unit came to a close with a very anxious student body battling a supposedly nightmarish test. An Inquiry Lab was started in science. Much information was revealed about certain students. 6th graders scored six percentage points higher on a Civil War quiz, netting them three points of extra credit. Grease public viewing begins. Capitalism’s Last Stand By Terrance Sun Thought
  7. 7. The recent bailouts have left the spirit of America incredibly damaged. Media from both ends like to autonomously attribute it to wicked greed, and they are to some extent correct, but they shudder at the thought of denouncing the actions taken to “correct” this greed. I am specifically referring to the infamous bailout packages being started up. We cringe at the thought of a short-term crisis. Yet it is human nature to never look beyond the nearby horizon. Capitalism is supposed to be a self-correcting system. I hear many spring on the opportunity to make a joke about “Marx laughing in his grave.” But while Marx is laughing, it isn’t because his theories are necessarily correct. It is because Western democracy has choked itself with interference, specifically in this bailout packages. The deadliest poison of financial bailouts, beyond the cost (which we have no plausible way to pay for), is the idea that it keeps sick, sick systems from working. Detroit’s dance with the United Auto Workers Union has crippled itself; overpay for workers ($70 an hour?), ridiculous retiree trust policies and job security more robust than teacher deals has strangled the system and made it into one that just doesn’t work. It goes on and on with financial markets. Is it really ethical to bailout big companies that were mismanaged (no; mismanaged)? Yes, if you own a stake. If you’re one of the two-hundred and ninety-million Americans who don’t have a direct stake, heck no. Why should your money be used to fund some far-off CEO’s bonuses? It’s just plain illogical. Media, palling around with the wealthy, warns that it will “put disastrous consequences onto the market if nothing is done.” I would like to say that this is true for a very short amount of time. The collapse of one company simply means the rise of another. If people really are as greedy as the media says, then it is only in-line that some entrepreneur will establish a new corporation in an old market. In fact, looking at how the entire auto industry revolves around a handful of companies, this might actually be good to stabilize the markets. If future storms occur, then more companies will be available to take hits. Smart companies will fare better. My dad likes to tell me people don’t learn; there’s no use. Well then, that’s a problem with American education; and that’s a whole other story.
  8. 8. Community Service: Does it really help as much as they say? By Lilli Kuechle Did you know that over 200,000 people eat meals from an emergency food box in Oregon alone? Did you know that 4 million emergency meals are given out at shelters and soup kitchens a year? Due to the economic downturn, many families are relying on the goodwill of the people. See, the thing is, the goodwill of the people fluxuates about as often as gas prices. Some days it’s up, other days it doesn’t exist. I think it is safe to say that everyone in Summa has enough, if not to much. We all have a roof over our head, and food to eat. Good, wholesome food. I also know as well as anyone that the recession has taken its toll on everyone at least a little. Whether it’s the price of things like gas and groceries skyrocketing, or having a parent loose a job or even your house, we all feel it. The people who are eating out of emergency food boxes are the people in Oregon who are really feeling the crisis. The people who aren’t worried about if they’re going to get an iPod Touch for Christmas. No I’m talking about the ones who are worried if they’re going to have food to feed their family on Christmas. The Oregon Food Bank is struggling for funds, food, and volunteers. If we all just give a little, we can make a huge difference. The canned food drive at Whitford helped a lot of people. Think of it as giving Christmas. While I am a supporter of the cause, I think the means are somewhat inappropriate. Competitions make things fun and motivational for some students, I think there are times for competition, and times to just know that you made a difference for someone. The canned food drive is one of the times where you need to make it less about a competition, and more about finding happiness in giving to others. It is important for students to be able to find peace in giving, and not need a reward for doing the natural thing. If you want to further help the Oregon Food Bank, please go to: WMDs for Sale! By Richik Neogi In the 21st century, the threat isn’t communists, fascists or the Queen of UK. It is now the threat of a terrorist stack. Is this credible however? In 2003 there were a total of 190 terrorist attacks
  9. 9. committed in the world. This is only the statistics of major bombings in relatively peaceful areas. What is the most used weapon in these attacks? At the moment, it is the power of a cheap, energetic material, like Ammonium Nitrate/ Diesel. Could that change? In 1957, USA had 6,444 nuclear warheads, the Soviet Union had 660, and UK had 50. In 1986, USA had 23,254 nuclear warheads, the Soviet Union had 40,723 warheads, UK had 300, France had 355, and China had 425. This all changed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. During the short period of instability after the dissolvation of the Soviet Union, hundreds of kilograms of nuclear material, and several warheads went missing. During the 90’s several cases of nuclear theft were documented. One documents two teenagers trying to sell 1 kilogram of plutonium to an undercover NATO agent. Another documents a man dying of radiation poisoning after trying to steal 2 kilograms of plutonium. This simply portrays the ease of access during the time after the collapse. Now think of this: What if someone with a radical mindset could access nuclear devices? Actual material is not always the problem. Countries like Iran are trying to develop nuclear weapons. All they need is how to make the weapon. Syria built nuclear weapons, since a Pakistani researcher sold nuclear secrets out to them. If a country that hates USA so much gains nuclear strength, you can probably guess what they’ll do. The Cold war was the peak of WMD research. The Soviet Union developed over 25 chemical agents, and modified a resistant strain of smallpox. In fact, these weapons still exist. Recently, 200 tons of anthrax were cleaned up from Vozrozhdeniya Island in the Aral Sea. In a refrigerator in Russia, there stands a pea container holding 5 centrifuge tubes of the Plague. Recently, terrorists have gotten a hold of anthrax. This has proved deadly. In the worst case scenario, a highly spreadable, deadly disease could be obtained by groups like Al- Qaeda or Fatah, and used as a weapon. Not only will this kill large numbers of people, but it will create the imminent threat of other countries obtaining biological agents. Nerve gasses are also much of a threat. A few miles away from the Oregon town of Umatilla, there stands a sarin chemical weapons plant, which is being disarmed at the moment. Sarin is one of the most deadly nerve agents in existence. It paralyzes the whole body in a matter of minutes, and there is not much of an antidote. If even a few cylinders of sarin were released on
  10. 10. a subway train, several would die. This happened in Japan with the sarin release of Aum Shinrikyo. The sheer cleverness of Aum Shinrikyo’s activities surprises many. The people of this organization posed as missionaries in Congo, where they helped Ebola patients. Instead of curing them, they extracted their vomit and cultured the deadly, contagious virus. When one of their compounds were raided, they found human subjects, cultured plates of several biological agents, a stockpile of weapons and explosives, chemical weapons, and an Mi-24 military helicopter. It is unknown how they got these weapons, but it was all probably from low-security weapons sights, left over in places where the Soviet Union had to cut security during the turmoil of 1991. For this whole article so far, I have been talking about big weapons like sarin and nukes. Now, let’s go to a more likely attack: A dirty bomb. A dirty bomb is extremely simple, silent, and chronically deadly. It consists of a conventional explosive wrapped in highly radioactive material. These bombs release radioactive dust that will slowly cause radiation poisoning and cancer. A dirty bomb is virtually undetectable, and only 2 cities in USA have screening for them: New York and Washington DC. Obtaining nuclear material can be as simple as dissecting a smoke detector, or salvaging an old x-ray machine. The radioactive materials then are applied to conventional explosives. In fact, I have an old smoke detector in the garage, and maybe my neighbors do too. I could pose as someone collecting smoke detectors and electronics for recycling, gather some radioactive material and transfer it to a dangerous source. The sheer simplicity of this process can shock people. Making an explosive can be as easy as a trip to the hardware store. The hazardous weapon trade has become almost like an industry. This is by no means a reason to buy gas masks and lock yourself up in your home. It just is a slim chance. All of us have to keep an eye, and stop blaming random Muslims (ANAND… Or most people) for terrorism. Currently Russia has 14,000 nukes, USA has 5,400, France has 350, China has 200, UK has 200, Israel has 80, Pakistan has 60, and India has 50. Grease Entertainment
  11. 11. By Eileen Yao This year, for the first time, there are three different casts for a single play; a 6th grade cast, a 7th grade cast, and an 8th grade cast. Every cast has its own merits, and Summa has a strong representation in each. The actors and actresses of Grease, Whitford's musical for this year, have been rehearsing for close to three months. Finally, their hard work has been paid off. The first showing of Grease will be tonight (12/5) at seven o'clock to nine o'clock. Closing night will be on the twelfth at the same time. For students, the price is $5. For your parents, tickets are sold for $8. If you want front-row seats, bring $10. See you there! TOP 3 SONGS OF THE WEEK By Meghana Rao 1. If I Were A Boy- Beyonce - Yeah, we all don’t get why Beyonce would sing such a weird song, but it’s good! It has emotion, rhythm, and catchy-ness… which is always important. I’m not really sure if this is a girly or a guy song since its about a girl talking about how she would act if she was a boy. She makes it seem like being a guy is really laid back, which I doubt is true. In the song, she also claims she understands how it feels to love a girl and how she’d make a better man….? How would she know what that feels like? The music vid is about her and some guy. The beginning is really…..disturbing? They are just saying words… like: Honesty, Commitment, You, Me, Us… You may want to fast forward to get to the song!! That’s what I do. Now let’s talk about the song. It starts out a little slow, with a kind of boring tune. But, after a little bit, a slow beat kicks in which livens up the song un poco. The chorus is where things start heating up. Beyonce begins to hit majorly high notes and blast her voice like a fog horn, but it sounds amazing. She has really good pitch too. Here is the link to the song! Listen to it. v=8c0wqoj3lEM The video is about Beyonce cheating on her boyfriend…. I’m not sure how this connects to the song, but it all fits together somehow! On Youtube, there are plenty of people trying to sing this song too, which is HI-LARIOUS!! I mean, it’s not like your everyday Summa student could do much better (unless you are a Jackie or Erika or Annika or one of those amazing singers… sorry if I forgot someone!!).
  12. 12. The person in that vid isn’t the best singer… but she has a brilliantly funny performance!! She is like doing a constant shimmy…. And acting a little weird. It’s pretty amusing. I would check it out. She gave me a good laugh! Some people sing it AMAZINGLY on YouTube too!! So don’t underestimate the talent of some people out there!! SIDE NOTE: Beyonce wants to change her name to Sasha Fierce… LAME ACCORDING TO ME!! Why would you want to change your name if you have such a cool one? 2. Right Now (Na Na Na)- Akon - Love this song soo much!! It’s maybe one of the most catchy songs out there, except its “repetitive” (quote of Joel- put without his permission hahah). The video is so-so.. I haven’t really checked it out. I have heard the song a bunch on z100. Here is the link: You need to fast-forward to the song at 1:03. I really like the instrumental in this too, especially in the beginning!! I like the beat and everything about it. The chorus lyrics are super easy too!! They are basically: I wanna make up right now na na. Personally, I don’t think Akon is any Chris Brown, but his song is really good. It’s about a guy who wants to make up with his girlfriend. I just think this song wins the “Most Catchiest” award of December or something!! SERIOUSLY! If you haven’t heard it, go and listen! And OMG this parody to it is sooo funny! The people seriously can’t sing, but it is a good effort  v=4uWqhCItO64 I wanna eat out right now na na…… hahah. It’s good. Okay, warning she does say the “s” word… not cool. 3. Single Ladies- Beyonce - So yeah, this song isn’t really the greatest, but it has a really neat, fast, beat! It’s the perfect song for a dance party or something. I really can’t understand what Beyonce says, but the dance to the song is really complex, and somewhat inappropriate lets just say…. Here is the video for you to figure out for yourself! Quick analysis on her voice: Beyonce sings pretty low in the song! Her voice is sort of raspy, but very good at the same time!  The next video is super weird. It’s of this guy, Shane Mercado, doing the Beyonce Single Ladies dance!!! He’s really good….scary.
  13. 13. RANDOM!!!!!!! And this video is just really random, but really funny. It’s of an Italian guy singing Crush! My friend Tejal (for those of you who know her,) sent it to me!!! He starts out okay, and then when he hits the high notes, its pretty funny  His accent creates a wacky affect! His voice like squeaks…. Sort of like a mouse. He even sings the lyrics wrong!!!! Celtics show Blazers how far they have to go By Ben Shmulevsky Coming off an embarrassing loss, the Blazers anxiously awaited Coach McMillan in their lockers Friday night. No one said a word, and all wondered what had happened. They were doing so well, having a 14-6 lead before the game and emerging as the best team in the Northwest. For a team balanced with rookies and seasoned players, they expected coming into Boston and playing a close game. They expected a game where the fans would be proud to say “That’s the team that, just three years ago, has a 21-61 loss streak.” They would say, “This is the Rip City revival.” The opposite happened that night. Maybe it was halfway in the second quarter when the Blazers noticed that they were being bullied by the big kids on the block. The game was tight, and for a minute the Rip City fans thought that the Blazers could pull it off. Then they blinked. And Kevin Garnett lead the world champion team into a 14-point run, making the halftime score 49-36. Brandon Roy, the current force that has been holding the rookie team together, tried everything. He pulled out all the weapons in his arsenal. Crossing over. Spinning. Penetrating and looking for teammates. No one was there. No one was ready. We bit the dust. The NBA Champion Celtics took a win that brought them to 19-2, while the Blazers went 14-7, ending their six game streak. The Celtics came in with the attitude that they owned the court, and the Blazers
  14. 14. quickly realized that they couldn’t shoot and score as easily as before. According to them, the Blazers pushed and stole all night, taking away the two Blazer advantages: their ability to drive and make shots outside the 3-point line, and their ability to get offensive rebounds. The Celtics outrebounded them 43-31 and the Blazers only made two 3-point scores. Into the third quarter, the Celtics expanded their lead to 21 points, and it wasn’t hard to guess how frustrated out team was. They went off the game plan because Boston was too good. They focused too hard on ‘sticking it to the man’ then keeping calm. The Blazer offensive, according to Coach McMillan, was selfish, impatient, and unimpressive. “I think we learned that we've gotta stay calm,” said LaMarcus Aldridge, who had 13 points that night. “Guys started taking it personal and started to do their own thing. We have to learn how to stay calm in these situations.” After falling over 25 points underneath the best team in the franchise, the Blazer reserves got the game to end closer than it looked like. After Channing Frye hit a 3-pointer in the last 7 minutes of the 4th quarter, and Boston brought back their starting line, it looked like the Blazers could bridge the gap between the two teams. But the Celtics pulled a dominating victory, giving the Blazers their seventh consecutive loss to Boston’s world champions, and this may have been the worst yet. The Blazers came to Boston ready to prove that they were playoff material, but according to, “All they turned out to be was more roadkill in Boston's drive for another title.” The Blazers got a steal and got as close as 80-69 because of Travis Outlaw, but the Celtics jumped on them and scored 5 of 6 possessions, ending the game 78-93. But Friday night didn’t prove the Blazers sucked. It proved that the team that came so far still has a long way to go. Kevin Garnett got inside Aldridge’s head. Paul Piece pissed off Brandon Roy. And apart from that three-pointer, Channing Frye wasn’t even in the game. He missed passes, dribbled off his feet, got a traveling call, and missed a lot of air balls. The exact same thing happened against the Lakers. The Blazer’s weren’t ready to hear that they need to keep a cool head.
  15. 15. The road of improvement begins with self-realization. They realized that there was a problem. “It's almost like everyone is almost waiting for that championship game,” Roy said. “I mean, the Celtics, they are a championship-caliber team today. We are not. It's no secret. I mean, after most losses, I'm like, 'Arrgh.' But after this one, nah. They are just a championship-caliber team TO-DAY. We're not.” Maybe the Blazer’s mental and physical immaturity was because of Roy. Maybe they expect him to be the Kevin Garnett of the team, I don’t know. But it has been Roy who has been keeping the rookies together lately. It has been Roy leading this team. It will be BRANDON ROY who will bring this team together to play Toronto. During the waning minutes of the fourth quarter, a depressed Aldridge moaned about how their ‘most humiliating loss’ was broadcasted on national television and how Charles Barkley, a seasoned and retired basketball veteran, predicted that this would happen. Roy looked him in the eye and said, “Hey. They can write and say what they want. We’ve got to get ready and beat Toronto. People can say we are not ready yet, but honestly ... I love this team and I play to win every game, but I didn't think we were championship- ready today. But Boston is championship-ready today.” Roy called it a long night. But it didn’t take the fans long to feel the same pain of loss that the Blazers were dealt. When Coach Nate McMillan entered the lockers that night, he didn’t yell or shout. He just looked around at the anxious faces comprehending what had just happened. He simply looked around and said, “How do you feel right now?” There’s nothing symbolic about that sentence. None of the Blazers felt like their coach was giving them therapy. Finally, LaMarcus Aldridge said three words. “We got punked.” Another, more hard moment of silence fell on the broken team. Then Outlaw mentioned how the game was similar to an older, teenage kid playing with his younger brother on the court. The Blazers were like that little brother. Usually, the older brother is encouraging, helping them get better and better. But this message wasn’t communicated verbally. It was spelled it out for them on the court, ‘You need to keep working.’
  16. 16. And the Blazers resolved that that was what they were going to do. McClellan knew what it was like to coach a team that bit the dust. Coaching the Sonics for five years, he knew what it was like to hear the same thing over and over again. ‘You need to keep working.’ He wanted the Blazers to talk about how being bullied felt like. That was the point of his 6-word question. But Friday night, the Blazers chose to hear themselves. “I keep talking about how we gotta get better, and this is what I mean,” McMillan said. “We've done some good things this season, but as we get into January and February, we are going to see more and more of this play.” Yes, a lot of bad things happened Friday night. But it wasn’t the end for the Blazers. And like Roy said, all they could do was put themselves back together and take on Toronto. And build up their streak. And maybe face Boston again in the play-offs. All they need to do, and it hurts for us to hear this, is to keep working. Sources: nd_celtics_are_n.html ics.html Et Cetera
  17. 17. Sh-sh-sh-SHOUTOUT! GENERAL: So, as most people are raving and thinking about, Whitford is holding a Winter Semi-Formal! Yeah, yeah, yeah, you should try and dress up and all, but don’t stress too much, it’s only a dance! It’s a party! I know, some people are taking friends and dates, but just come and enjoy yourself and support the band. Girls: Spaghetti strap dresses are okay. Basically all dresses are okay if your parents are okay with you going to a dance in them!!!  Hope to see you all there! Specifics Contributed by the Needy: “WE* CURRENTLY HAVE 562 CRANES PLUS A CERTAIN PERSON'S WHO FORGOT TO GIVE THEM TO ME!!!!! *you know who you are.” – Jenny Fandel “To the first time contributors: you guys are the venture capitalists of Summa media. You guys took some of your own time to contribute to a project that might've died! All I can say is: I LOVE YOU GUYS. WE REALLY ARE JUST ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY ^_^"- Terrance, Head Editor and Coordinator of Due Tomorrow “Hi...”- Albert Cui, Summa Alumni, to Meghana "F*** the celtics, blazers are still awesome"- Ben S. Attention!!! If you want your shoutout to a special someone, or to your friends, or about anything that you want seen in Due Tomorrow, please contact Meghana at Thanks! Auxiliary Notes
  18. 18. By Terrance Sun Quick! What’s 25 squared? The trick here is to multiply 25 by 5 and then multiply that number (125) by 5 resulting in 625. What year did the Civil War start? What battle and who fired first? 1861. The Battle of Fort Sumter, and the Confederates fired first. What’s the First Amendment say? We have the right to religion (or to live without religion), the right to petition the government, yada yada yada. Basically freedom of speech. What is Yellowstone? A Supervolcano! Yep, that’s it for review I guess.