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Ush semester 2 syllabus review (1)


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Ush semester 2 syllabus review (1)

  1. 1. Tech High School Social Sciences Department SyllabusCourse: United States HistoryInstructor: Mr. H. R. WatsonOffice Hours: M – Th., 9:55 – 10:50 (Period 2 – Planning)Seventh Period Enrichment: M/W 3:30 – 4:30 (By mutual consent or assignment)Telephone: 678-904-5091E-mail: hwatson@techhighschool.orgCourse DescriptionUnited States History is a two semester college preparatory course. This course fulfills one of thegraduation requirements for Social Science established by the Georgia State Department ofEducation. The course will provide students with an understanding of a myriad of topics rangingfrom, but not limited to the European colonization of America, the Revolutionary War, andwestward expansion, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and The Great War (W.W. I), the GreatDepression, World War II, the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, the Viet Nam War, andthe Information Age. Although this class’s textbook assigned readings and additionalassignments serve as the foundation for preparation the End-Of-Course-Test (EOCT), additionalstudy materials can be found online at .TextThe Americans (McDougal-Littrell 2007) the cost of the textbook is approximately $80.00. If forany reason the book is lost, stolen, or damaged, students will have to pay restitution/ replacementcosts to Tech High School before another book is issued. 1
  2. 2. Student Expectations 1. RESPECT FOR SELF, OTHERS, AND ENVIRONMENT 2. PUNCTUALITY (To be early IS to be ON time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to your detriment.) 3. PREPAREDNESS – Students must bring all necessary materials (i.e. textbook, notebook, pen/pencil, and paper) for success daily. 4. A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE – (Do the best that you can do in all that you do.)Required Materials Notebooks – spiral, composition, and three ring binder (2 – 3”) Pen/pencil *NOTE – Blue or Black ink ONLY High-lighter Textbook (DAILY unless otherwise noted)Grading PolicyGrade Determination Weights Grading StandardProjects 30% A 90 – 100Tests 25% B 80 – 89Quizzes 20% C 70 - 79HW/CW 10% F 69 and belowEOCT 15%POLICY ADDEMDUM AND CLARIFICATION1. Progress Reports – Progress Reports will be given to students on the 1st and 15th of each month(or closest school-day thereto). They are to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned thenext school-day as a homework assignment. These reports serve as a communication betweenhome and school. One report will randomly be kept by the instructor for signature verificationduring parent conferences. Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s progress on-line viaInfinite Campus or contact me via email at the aforementioned address.2. Late/Missing Assignments – Students will have twenty (20) days from the due date tosubmit anylate or missing assignments. ANY assignment NOT submitted within 20 days of thedue date WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and A GRADE OF ZERO WILL BE RECORDED.(NOTE: No assignments will be accepted two (2) days prior to the final exam.) 2
  3. 3. I, the undersigned, have read, understood, and agreed to the aforementioned.______________________________________________________________Student Signature Date_______________________________________________________________Parent Signature Date_____________________________________________________Parent Daytime Phone Number or Cell_____________________________________________________Parent Email AddressMy child has access at home to (check all that apply):___ computer___ printer___ Internet*Please review this syllabus with your parent/guardian and return this page to Mr. Watsontomorrow. This is your first homework assignment.*Please circle the appropriate class period which you are enrolled. 5 6 3