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  1. 1. Georgia High School Graduation Test Steps to Success -Morgan A.Tips to prepare for the GHSGT  Read everything carefully. Many of the GHSGT  Guess intelligently. There is no penalty for questions involve reading poems and selected guessing on any GHSGT. If you are not certain of passages from short stories, novels, biographies, the correct answer, then reread the material. If essays, newspapers, magazines, and other you are still uncertain, make your best guess. sources. Some questions include sentences and Guessing is easier if you can eliminate one or paragraphs to analyze, correct, or revise. You more distractors as clearly incorrect. Be warned, should read all parts of each test item very however, that many of the distractors are very carefully, including directions, passages, attractive questions, and all four answer choices.  Spend test time wisely. Many tests are arranged  Remember that there are no trick questions. so that the easier items are first and the harder The questions are not designed to be tricky. If items are last. The GHSGT are not arranged in you read the entire question, including all this way. Therefore, it is possible to find several accompanying material, and think carefully difficult questions followed by a set of easier about what the question is asking, the meaning questions later. If you come to a few hard should be clear. Also, remember that each questions, do not get discouraged. It would be question has only one answer that content better to move on, answer as many questions as experts agree is the correct answer. However, possible, and then go back to answer the you may be looking for the best answer among remaining questions the choices. If so, the word best will be emphasized. Sometimes questions ask you for the choice that is not correct among the options. Always notice words such as not, except, or but in the question. These words tell you to look for a choice that does not answer or complete the item stem correctly. For example, you might be asked, ―Which sentence is not a complete sentence?‖ You should look for the sentence that is incomplete; three of the choices will be complete sentences.  Consider every choice. From the four answer choices, you must choose the one that best answers the question. Some of the alternative choices will be attractive because they include an irrelevant detail, a common misconception, or the correct information applied in the wrong way.
  2. 2. Tech High Online Resources (login required, subscription paid by Tech High): USAtestprep.comTo prepare our students for GHSGT we are Math: offering: Brightstorm.comDaily tutorial sessions during Social Studies: advisory: Ms. Dozier’s GHSGT Test Page Monday—English Tuesday—Math This site covers all five domains that are included in the Social StudiesWednesday—Social Studies portion of the GHSGT. Included in the site are PowerPoint presentations dealing with US History, World History, Civics, and Geography. Also Thursday—Science included are games and practice assessments that will help students prepare. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Mandatory 7th Period: Tuesday---Math Science:Wednesday—Social Studies Presentations- Thursday—Math These are presentations that highlight important biological information by subject. Saturday GGT Prep Videos- These videos Sessions 10a.m. –12p.m. are about 10 minutes in length and discuss a number of important biological topics; there are also chemistry and AP videos, so make sure to February—25th look at the description and concentrate on areas you or your child are weak in. March ---3rd Games - These March –10th games are divided by topic and are simple ways to practice biological March 17th information. Resources: English: GGT English Student Guide American Book Company Resource Book (ABC) This guide contains sample questions from each domain of the English Online Resources Georgia High School Graduation Test. The questions also include detailed explanations of the answers to each question. This is an excellent place to start reviewing for the English GGT. GGT English Content Descriptions There are three different domains included on the English Graduation Test. The domains are Reading Comprehension, Literary Analysis, and Conventions. This link will provide detailed explanations of each of the domains and illustrate how the standards of English are incorporated into the test within the three domains.