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A Deep Dive into the Essentials Project from OpenNTF


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Come take a deep dive into the new OpenNTF Essentials project and learn from the project developers why every XPages developer should be using this collection of projects to save time and money!

In this webinar, learn:
-Why OpenNTF Essentials is more than just a bundle
-The OpenNTF Domino Java API
-Debugging with the Debug Toolbar
-And more!

You’ll leave this webinar armed with a better understanding of the free tools available to you on OpenNTF.

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A Deep Dive into the Essentials Project from OpenNTF

  1. 1. A Deep Dive Into the Essentials Project from OpenNTF Tweet about this event: #XPages and mention us: @teamstudio @TLCCLTD December 12, 2013
  2. 2. Courtney Carter @teamstudio Inbound Marketing Specialist @TLCCLTD
  3. 3. Who We Are • Our background is in creating tools for collaborative computing in mid-size and large enterprises, primarily for IBM Notes • Easy-to-use tools for developers and administrators • 2300+ active customers, 47 countries • Offices in US, UK and Japan • Entered mobile space in 2010 with Unplugged: easy mobilization of Notes apps to Blackberry, Android and iOS
  4. 4. Teamstudio Unplugged • Your mobile Domino server: take your Notes apps with you! • End-users access Notes applications from mobile devices whether online or offline • Leverages existing skills and technology – XPages – a replication model you already know • Unplugged 3.0 just released • IBM Collaboration Solutions Award Winner 2013
  5. 5. Unplugged Templates • Continuity – Mobile offline access to BCM programs • OneView Approvals – Expense approvals; anywhere, anytime • CustomerView – lightweight CRM framework for field sales and field service teams o Contacts – customer information database o Activities – customer activity log o Media – mobile offline file storage and access
  6. 6. • Next Teamstudio/TLCC webinar: January • SocialBiz webinar: Enterprise Mobile Strategy - December 17 • Wireless Wednesdays webinar series: begins January 8 o Learn Domino mobile development • IBM Connect: booth 114 • Promotion: o Sign up for a demo of Usage Auditing and be entered to win a MacBook Air
  7. 7. A Deep Dive into the Essential Project from OpenNTF Your Hosts Today: Paul Della-Nebbia TLCC @PaulDN Howard Greenberg TLCC @TLCCLtd #XPages 1
  8. 8. Upcoming and Recorded Webinars Next Webinar in January Date and details to be announced…Bring lots of Java… View Previous Webinars (use url above) 2
  9. 9. The breakout sessions have been published, lots of XPages content! Click here for more information and to signup 3
  10. 10. TLCC Courses and Services • The Leader in Notes and Domino Training since 1997 • Self Paced Distance Learning Courses for Notes/Domino – XPages, Development, and Administration (user too!) • OnSite Private Classes • TLCC Mentoring Services • Free demo courses – Intro. To XPages Development – Application Development 1 4
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  12. 12. TLCC Customized Training Options • Let TLCC design a custom blended learning plan for your organization that uses a combination of: – Self-Paced TLCC courses – Live Instructor Led Online – Private Onsite Classes – Mentoring • Success Stories 6
  13. 13. Asking Questions Q & A at the end! Type in your questions as they come up 7
  14. 14. Your Presenters Today: Christian Güdemann, WebGate •Why OpenNTF Essentials is more than just a bundle •XPages Toolkit - A new way to develop Nathan Freeman, RedPill •The OpenNTF Domino Java API •Logging Made Easy @RedPillDev Mark Leusink, LinQed •Debugging with the Debug Toolbar •Extended debugging with the XPages Toolbox @markleusink @guedeWebGate @openntf #XPages 8
  15. 15. OpenNTF Essentials A Deep Dive
  16. 16. OpenNTF Essentials – is more ● … than a update site ● … a project collection
  17. 17. OpenNTF Essentials – is ● … the coordination of some key projects ● … the platform to bring developers together
  18. 18. OpenNTF – Essentials ● OpenNTF Essentials – The Runtime – – ● Plugins to extend the capability of the IBM Domino/XWork Server and Domino Designer Example applications for the plugins OpenNTF Essentials – The Toolbox – Projects which deliver debugging and test capabilities – Projects with sample code to educate developers
  19. 19. OpenNTF Essentials Runtime
  20. 20. OpenNTF Essentials - Architecture RUNTIME Bootstrap4XPages POI4XPages OpenNTF Domino API OpenNTF Logger XPT Agents RSS ObjectList Properties XPT-Core ExtLib X Workflow 4 XPages Social Business Toolkit ExtLib Bazar XPages runtime / Extension Library
  21. 21. XPages Toolkit ● @nnotation based programming ● Several UI Elements ● Agent like behaivor ● DEMO of @nnotaion based programming
  22. 22. OpenNTF Domino API ● End of manual memory management ● Graceful exception handling ● Real Java iteration ● Auto-type coercion ● OpenLog integration ● Helpers, helpers, helpers! ● Demo!
  23. 23. OpenNTF Essentials The Toolbox Mark Leusink OpenNTF Essentials deep dive 12 December 2013
  24. 24. Who’s that? Freelance consultant/ developer IBM Notes/ Domino XPages, web, Java, client, mobile OpenNTF Board member & contributor Auto Logins XPage Multiple File Uploader XPage Debug Toolbar IBM Champion
  25. 25. Toolbox – contents (1/2) • XPages Eclipse Debug Plugin • Test & debug (OSGi) plugins • XSP Starter Kit • Starter template/ sample code for plugin development • Source control • • eGit plugin for Designer Subversion plugin for Designer
  26. 26. Toolbox – contents (2/2) • Log file reader • Browser based viewing of server’s log files • XPages Toolbox • CPU & memory profiling, create heapdumps • XPage Debug Toolbar • Scope contents, in-page logging, API Inspector
  27. 27. Log file reader • Looks familiar? • So what if you don’t have access to the server?
  28. 28. Log file reader • Database you have to install on your server • Allows easy access to server based log files • And configuration files DEMO
  29. 29. XPages Toolbox • CPU & memory profiling • View memory status • Create heapdumps DEMO • And then use (i.e.) Eclipse MAT to view your memory • Change logging levels • View threads • Review the installation guide
  30. 30. XPages Toolbox – more info • XPages Masterclass Video (no 3) • Where did my memory go? – part 1 & 2
  31. 31. XPage Debug Toolbar • Log debug messages • View contents of scopes • Log file reader • API Inspector
  32. 32. Debug Toolbar - Logging Alternative to print() or _dump() functions No server console access needed Your messages only Makes your admin happy  Add messages using: dBar.debug( “message” ); “message”); dBar.warn( “message” ); dBar.error( “message” ); dBar.dump( <object> );
  33. 33. Debug Toolbar - Logging Specify a context: “message”, “context” ); dBar.error() function accepts ‘error’ objects: try { var doc:NotesDocument = null; var id = doc.getUniversalID(); } catch (e) { dBar.error(e); }
  34. 34. That’s all folks! Q&A
  35. 35. Questions???? Use the Q&A pane in WebEx to ask questions We will answer your questions verbally 9
  36. 36. Question and Answer Time! Christian Guedemann Nathan Freeman Mark Leusink Howard Greenberg Paul Della-Nebbia Courtney Carter Upcoming Events: TLCC End of Year Sale Teamstudio webinar on Dec 17th - Tips to Build a Rock Solid Enterprise Mobile IBM Connect 2014 Registration is open, Register by Friday to save #XPages @TLCCLtd @Teamstudio @PaulDN TLCC Questions? 888-241-8522 or 561-953-0095 Teamstudio Questions? 877-228-6178 10