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Screen Shots Of My Cd Making


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Screen Shots Of My Cd Making

  1. 1. This is a screen shot for my final and finished Design of the front of my cd cover. 1. The first thing I done was find a suitable image. This image I collected was from a festival. I uploaded the picture and found that it was very plain so I used an artistic effect to give it that look. I then added text and gave it an outer glow so it would stand out; I then proceeded to change the colour. I used the magic rubber to rub out the effects on the boots because my artist is called “little bootz” it made sense to have the attention all on the boots. 2. I had to find a suitable picture for my back of my cd cover to match the front cover. It had to be a picture where I could fit in sufficient text.I uploaded a picture and used a different artistic effect to carry out the look throughout the covers. I then added a bar code. I used a text back to type in my song names and then blended the box in.