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Psychology Of Learning Travis09


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Presentation from Eckard College

Published in: Technology, Education
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Psychology Of Learning Travis09

  1. 1. Authenticity connecting learners with content
  2. 2. ACRL Basic Skills Standards use signage, maps, and user guides use the library’s classification system develop a focused topic & strategies for obtaining needed information Higher Order skills select controlled vocabulary specific to the discipline describe how research literature is generated and disseminated identify investigative methods in the major subject use appropriate criteria to evaluate and select resources suitable for upper-division work
  3. 3. Content Selection
  4. 4. Once you have content then you select the method
  5. 5. Why does Theory Matter?
  6. 6. Impact of Learning Theories
  7. 7. Beliefs about Learning
  8. 8. Behaviorism Learning Cognitivism Theory Constructivist Humanist
  9. 9. Behaviorism
  10. 10. Cognitivism
  11. 11. Constructivism
  12. 12. Humanism
  13. 13. Any other theories?
  14. 14. Theories and Tools Use Theory Tools
  15. 15. Test your knowledge
  16. 16. Information Literacy and Learning Theory
  17. 17. Information Literacy Does not always mean going to the library for all research Interviews Analysis of data Manipulating data Observation Analysis of media Community service Problem based learning Evidence based learning
  18. 18. Look at your Scenarios… As a group select one learning outcome from a scenario and think of how each of the learning theories would teach that concept