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Dmma knowledge network education and transformation presentation final


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Presentation by Anastacia Martin, DMMA Head of Education & Transformation on launching the DMMA Knowledge Network

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Dmma knowledge network education and transformation presentation final

  1. 1. Education & Transformation 1
  2. 2. Welcome to the DMMA’s KnowledgeNetwork, a group led by South Africa’stop digital professionals who aim topromote the use, understanding anddevelopment of digital in the mediaand marketing environment throughtransformation and training. 2
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES:• Develop new knowledge society.• Build new skill-sets.• Enhance and empower a fresh generation of media and marketing thinkers as the industry transforms to digital.• Provide enrichment and skilling to previously disadvantaged communities (especially women). 3
  4. 4. TARGET MARKET:• African Youth• Women dominant• Matric candidates with intervention starting at - Grade 9 level• University and FET college students (including - AAA, Boston Media School, Vega School of advertising & Red and Yellow School of logic and magic)• Existing media and marketing workforce 4
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES: We will set the tone for the campaign by then mounting a highly publicized promotional pledge, whereby members organisations will be asked to sign-on to support our transformation and training campaign, including: • Identifying new talent to drive the future of digital. • Promoting digital media as a profession. • Growing the profile of black women in the sector. • Attracting a network of learners to inter-act with thought – leaders in the digital media and marketing industry. • Sharing knowledge, fostering learning and connecting a developing industry. Signatories will be encouraged to acknowledge their pledge by displaying their certificates in their office environs to showcase their recognition towards promoting transformation and digital training. 5
  7. 7. INTER-FACE 1: 2012: GRADES 9 - 12:THE ABC OF DIGITAL: ADVISING ONDIGITAL AS A CAREER CHOICE1. Attracting learners: Interact with high schools to raise the profile ofdigital media as an attractive career path.Create awareness and position digital media as a career that includescontent development, media, marketing, development, web sites, contentaggregation, management systems, business systems and web design 7
  8. 8. • This method looks to involve the full learning triangle of parent, teacher and learner and will be aimed at Grade 9 – 12• In year 1 we will identify a network of schools from Ekurhuleni e.g. Katlehong, Benoni, and Pretoria and Soweto in Gauteng; and two schools each in KZN and the Western Cape.• Initially we will select girls to support gender transformation and we will instigate: 8
  9. 9. • Career guidance talks to learners from Grade 9 upwards• Parenting education: We will attend parent meetings to present digital media as a career option• Learnership Programmes: It should become mandatory that DMMA members take one/two students per year to actively share skills for two months• DMMA Job-Shadow Week: Members will host a shadowing programme that involves taking learners into the office for five days. Candidates will be chosen from the DMMA school network• Bring about discussion and awareness for the excitement of digital as a developing skill across career websites, blogs and tweets to make sure that the DMMA is associated with the up-liftment of skills, training and transformation• Set up a Facebook group of digital careers and people working in the industry.• Open discussion with the likes of the National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa (NEMISA) who train according to SETTA accredited programmes like TV and radio production, Animation and Graphic Design. The SABC offer 1.5m in bursaries to train close to 1 000 graduates a year. 9
  10. 10. INTER-FACE 2:CAREER DAYSLift interest in ITC and digital media byproviding advice and information booths atuniversity and school career days. Use theseinsights and responses to determine the wayforward and develop learning collateral 10
  11. 11. Graduate Recruitment 2012/2013 South African UniversitiesUniversity Career Fair Career Fair DatesUPTA General-08th/09th May 2012 08th/09th MayWITS General Career Fair : 19th July; General 19th July;04th October Career Fair-04th OctoberUWC General Career Fair-3 April 3 AprilUCT General Career Fair-14th August 2012 14th AugustSTELLENBOSCH 01st August 2012-General 01st/02nd August 2012NORTH WEST General Career Fair-22 May; 22nd MayNW-MAFIKENG General Career Fair-18th/19th July 18th/19th JulyRHODES General Career Fair- 30th July 30th July/07th AugustUKZN Not availableNMMUUJUNISAUFSMembers to host Career days to promote digital as a vocation 11
  12. 12. INTER-FACE 3: MEDIA CAMPAIGN 2012• Prepare and disseminate press releases for inclusion in careers supplements each quarter - each Exco member to prepare 1 press release providing their entry angle for the sector• Include free 3 minute Career Advice on Matrics Uploaded (SABC 1) and Switched On (Soweto TV and other community TV)• Prepare digital media career ads for use as fillers across member media and websites.• Include Facebook, Twitter, Bozza & MXit into the campaign dissemination mix. 12
  13. 13. INTER-FACE 4: MENTORSHIP• Identify DMMA members that already have a mentoring culture.• Survey DMMA member companies to understand what form of mentorship works best in each environment.• Devise a DMMA Mentoring Programme that includes sharing knowledge, fostering learning and connecting users and students across the industry.• Create a mentoring workshop for learners. 13
  14. 14. INTER-FACE 5: DMMA INTERNSHIPS:• Attract candidates via mobile, online, member sites, educational publications and programming and specifically identified schools in townships, peri-urban environments and the DOE.• Each member organisation to offer one internships per year. Interns to be paid.• Intern stipends suggested at R2 000 plus transport for first half-year and R4 000 plus transport for the second six months. Members can then offer successful trainees jobs or put their names onto a DMMA notice board. 14
  15. 15. INTERFACE 6:DMMA JOB-SHADOWING-WEEK• Learners from the schools that we have visited across the provinces should be invited to spend a shadowing week at member companies.• This will give them the opportunity to understand and consider digital media and/or marketing as a career and will help guide them in making subject choices 15
  16. 16. INTER-FACE 7: WORKING WITHEXISTING SERVICE PROVIDERS:Digital course offerings are growing rapidly across digital specific institutions,FET colleges, universities, online and through in-house business programmes.•Various courses are offered by training institutions such as iGibbs, Rhodes University,Blue Magnet Digital Solutions, Quirk, the Digital Academy, Britefire, Damelin•Look at creating association-rights with certificated institutions - this will align theDMMA to institutions who are at the forefront of training and development in the digitalmedia and marketing space•Possibly partner with DJ Fresh Scholarship that awards top performing African studentswho want to get into media) 16
  17. 17. INTER-FACE 8: SKILLS SURVEYAND AUDIT:•Run surveys to estimate a needs analysis among media,marketing, government and corporate South Africa for skills in the sector•List the different jobs in the different digital media and marketingsectors and explain what each entails and what inherentcapabilities are required•Promote digital as a career on member sites and facebook 17
  18. 18. INTER-FACE 9: TRANSFORMINGAND UNDERSTANDING THEWORLD WE WORK IN: EXISTING STAFF• Attract staff in legacy media to study the ABC of Digital through short courses as per the AMASA model• Develop DMMA short course modules• Work closely with AMASA to look at building digital studies into their existing education programmes including:  Media Management Course (with AAA)  Bursary Fund  Annual Workshop (media planning  Amasa Text bookTheir committee members also assist AAA in setting exam papers, monitoring course material and engaging top class lecturers who give freely of their time to impart their knowledge to learners. 18
  19. 19. Introduce annual workshops for sales, marketing and editorial staffThis will be a major step forward in understanding convergence across the industryThe DMMA learning series can include:•Behind the scenes with digital•Understanding digital for a future career•We will help you train for your futureCourse audiences:Courses should be tailored to digital natives and digital Immigrants across the sector 19
  20. 20. INTER-FACE 10: ICT SPONSORSHIPSAND GRANTSBy establishing the DMMA Knowledge Network as a partner that stimulates and fosterslearning, training and mentoring in media and marketing in an emerging economy, theorganisation could set up a training NGO and apply for accreditation in the longer term.Funding and scholarships can then be sought via international foundations such asKellogs, Bill Gates, Harvard, Thomson Reuters etc.Outcome: A data base of 700 students each year who have inter-faced with ITC learningeither through DMMA efforts, training institutions, schools, colleges or the work place.This base will provide the enlightened digital natives of tomorrow who have been trainedto take digital media and marketing to the new level 20
  21. 21. LAUNCH CAMPAIGN:• Establish an online forum where members can post their suggestions to encourage online brainstorming• Introduce a DMMA digital planning certificate - three different levels: Basic, Proficient, Expert to up-skill media planners , creatives and sales staff• Use content from across the various courses to get buy-in of all schools and resource providers• White label existing content• Consider content from Zibusiso’s book as a two week semester course• Collate and understand what is already being produced 21
  22. 22. LAUNCH CAMPAIGN:• Find out the size of the industry• Look at Old Friends Young Talent (OFYT) an initiative that wants to transform the ad industry from the bottom up.• Establish a "Google Engage" type website where members can find resources and study online, with an online exam to be done where they can get accreditations (and future employees can cross check accreditations).• Schools presented for consideration include: Bhukulani Secondary School in Soweto, Glendale Secondary School in Mitchells Plain and Masiphumelele High School in Fish Hoek 22
  23. 23. We ................... a member of the Digital Media and Marketing AssociationPledge to promote transformation and digital growth within our Organisationand will train …… % of candidates by 2015Signed: 23