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Slide presentation storage_craft_backup_disaster_recovery_for_microsoft_systems_1004_en


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Slide presentation storage_craft_backup_disaster_recovery_for_microsoft_systems_1004_en

  1. 1. ShadowProtect 4 Backup Fast, Recover FasterFast and Reliable Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, System Migration and Simplified Management of Microsoft® Systems
  2. 2.  Overview Benefits How Does It Work? Pricing & Licensing Product Availability Product Demonstration Questions & Answers
  3. 3. Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Planning Keys to Maximize Business Continuity Business continuity is critical for any business to be successful. Your disaster recovery and data protection plan must have a high level of reliability. Downtime will occur – hardware & software failure, operator error. Backup is important, but disaster recovery is key to maximize business continuity. Flexible disaster recovery options lead to restoring business continuity faster. What is the price of downtime in your business? How fast can business continuity be restored to avoid lost business opportunities?
  4. 4. System Migration Planning Keys to Maximizing Business Continuity What is your current system migration plan? What is your strategy for utilizing physical and virtual systems in the future? Does your system migration plan provide Servers, Desktops, Laptops flexibility to migrate to dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments? If you have a mix of physical and virtual systems, does your DR and data protection Hyper-v solution protect both environments? Dissimilar Hardware Virtual Environments
  5. 5. ShadowProtect 4 Product Family ShadowProtect Server™ ShadowProtect Small Business Server™ ShadowProtect ImageManager Enterprise™ ShadowProtect Desktop™
  6. 6. ShadowProtect 4 Benefits Simplify System Backup, Recovery, Migration and Management Minimize Your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Maximize Business Continuity Save Money and Minimize Lost Business Opportunities Simplify Backup and Disaster Recovery Management
  7. 7. ShadowProtect 4 Features Simplify System Backup, Recovery, Migration and Management Reliable Backup  Volume-level full, incremental and differential disk-based backups  Exact point-in-time backups of the operating system, applications, configuration & network settings and data Fast Recovery  Hardware Independent Restore™ (HIR)  Bare metal, file & folder recovery  Recovery to the same system, dissimilar hardware, to and from virtual environments
  8. 8. ShadowProtect 4 Features (Cont.) Simplify System Backup, Recovery, Migration and Management Flexible System Migration  VirtualBoot™  Virtual Converter Simplified Management - ShadowProtect Management Console  Push Install  Grouping  Agent Discovery
  9. 9. ShadowProtect 4 Features (Cont.) Simplify System Backup, Recovery, Migration and Management Enhanced Enterprise Features – ShadowProtect ImageManager  HeadStart Restore™ - (ImageManager Enterprise)  Replication - (ImageManager Enterprise)  Consolidation  Verification  Notification
  10. 10. ShadowProtect ImageManager HeadStart Restore How Does It Work? ShadowProtect HeadStart Restore creates a system restore job that tracks backup changes in a staged virtual machine. The system restore job is updated with incremental changes throughout the day. In the event of a disaster, the restore job is finalized, the virtual machine is prepared with ShadowProtect HIR and the server is rebooted. Recovery is complete in minutes rather than hours or days – even with terabytes of data on your server.
  11. 11. ShadowProtect Hardware Independent Restore How Does It Work?  ShadowProtect provides rapid full bare metal recovery through a bootable recovery CD.  Hardware Independent Restore (HIR) uses a library of drivers on the recovery CD to detect new hardware.  If drivers are not found on the recovery CD, they can be added as part of the HIR process.  HIR allows you to rapidly recover to the same system, dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments.
  12. 12. ShadowProtect VirtualBoot How Does It Work? Create a ShadowProtect backup image. Right-click the ShadowProtect backup image and select the VirtualBoot option. The ShadowProtect backup image will boot directly as a virtual machine.
  13. 13. ShadowProtect ImageManager Consolidation How Does It Work? Schedule automatic full and incremental ShadowProtect backups. ShadowProtect backup images automatically collapse to a daily, weekly and monthly consolidated backup. ShadowProtect ImageManager Consolidation simplifies backup image management and minimizes the amount of disk space required for backups.
  14. 14. ShadowProtect ImageManager Replication How Does It Work? Schedule automatic ShadowProtect full and incremental point-in-time backups. Select replication options to send Shadow- Protect backup images to a local drive, network drive or to an off-site location. ShadowProtect backup images may be saved to one or multiple locations automatically. ShadowProtect replication provides another level of protection for catastrophic system failure, compliancy and archival requirements.
  15. 15. ShadowProtect ImageManager Verification How Does It Work? The ShadowProtect Verification feature automatically checks the integrity of backup images as they are created. Verification checks the integrity of the entire incremental backup image chain back to the original full backup image. Verification settings allow you to automatically re-verify backup image chains periodically to ensure every backup is in a good state, should it be needed for system recovery.
  16. 16. ShadowProtect ImageManager Notification How Does It Work? ShadowProtect Notification feature provides status of your backup jobs and backup images. Set e-mail configurations to track backup job success and failure automatically.
  17. 17. Implementing Your Business Continuity Plan For additional information please contact:   +44 (0)20 7036 9670 (UK)  +41 41 768 65 34 (Rest of Europe)