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[Webinar] Scientific Computation and Data Visualization with Ruby


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Speaker: Sameer Deshmukh

Fast and easy analysis, visualization of data, and scientific computing in general has been an uphill task for Rubyists due to the lack of suitable libraries. The good news is, the Ruby Science Foundation has introduced several tools that make Ruby a viable and highly approachable programming language for Scientific Computing, Data Analysis and Visualization.

In this webinar we take a look at some innovative ways in which data analysis and visualization can be easily performed in Ruby. We also explore how you can leverage Ruby’s programmer friendly approach to create fast and intuitive scientific libraries.

Published in: Software
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[Webinar] Scientific Computation and Data Visualization with Ruby

  1. 1. Scientific Computation and Data Visualization in Ruby
  2. 2. Sameer Deshmukh @v0dro
  3. 3. Ruby Science Foundation @sciruby @sciruby
  4. 4. iruby notebook
  5. 5. Browser based Ruby REPL for interactive computing.
  6. 6. Runs in your browser Input cell – accepts Ruby code Output cell – can render HTML/CSS/JS
  7. 7. nmatrix
  8. 8. n-dimensional array object. Interface Ruby with high speed C libraries.
  9. 9. require 'nmatrix' n = [2,2], [1,2,3,4], dtype: :float32, stype: :dense ) n[0,1] # => 2.0
  10. 10. Data Types :int8 :float32 :int16 :float64 :int32 :complex64 :int64 :complex128
  11. 11. Storage types Dense Dense matrix. List Sparse matrix type storing data as a linked list. Yale Sparse type storing data in the 'New Yale' format.
  12. 12. NMatrix C API
  13. 13. nmatrix nmatrix- atlas nmatrix- lapacke nmatrix- fftw gsl
  14. 14. nmatrix is coming to jruby!
  15. 15. nyaplot
  16. 16. interactive plotting tool for Rubyists.
  17. 17. interactive HTML and JavaScript plots that can be displayed in your browser.
  18. 18. Mapnya Nyaplot3D Bionya Map visualizations with inbuilt country charts. Three Dimensional interactive plots. Biology plots for visualizing relationships of genes.
  19. 19. gnuplotrb
  20. 20. Ruby wrapper over GNU Plot. Convieniently exposes all GNU Plot functions through Ruby.
  21. 21. require 'gnuplotrb' plot = [ [1,2.5,1.5,4], with: 'linespoints' ] )
  22. 22. require 'gnuplotrb' plot = [ [1,2.5,1.5,4], with: 'linespoints' ], [ [2,3,4.3,3], with: 'lines' ] )
  23. 23. statsample
  24. 24. daru (Data Analysis in RUby)
  25. 25. daru == (Hindi) दा
  26. 26. library for analysis, cleaning, manipulation and visualization of data.
  27. 27. Read/write many data sources Ephemeral statistics functions Works well with 'wild' data Data indexing
  28. 28. Acts as glue between other SciRuby libraries.
  29. 29. Daru::Vector Heterogenous Array that can be indexed on any Ruby object. Name Label(0) Label(1) Label(2) ... Label(n-1)
  30. 30. Daru::DataFrame 2D spreadsheet like data structure indexed by rows or columns. Col0 Label(0) Label(1) Label(2) ... Label(n-1) Col1 Col2 Col(n-1) ....
  31. 31. Thank You Twitter: @v0dro GitHub: @v0dro
  32. 32. Any questions?