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  • Engineer for Quest Diagnostics.
  • Some of my Favorite ToolsLeatherman Wave
  • S4
  • TMUX + Ruby + Vi
  • Elaborate on company backgroundFounded by Gary Burrell and Min Kao
  • Growth driven by Garmin Connect team – they were impressed with the near real time access to application logsOther IT teams created searches and actively mining for data. Started adding me to their alerts. LDAP login issues detected first in Splunk before any other monitoring systems
  • Improving our architecture to support more users with longer data retention requirementsAdd additional applications data to Splunk
  • SplunkLive! Customer Presentation - Garmin International

    1. 1. Copyright © 2013 Splunk Inc. Tyler Rutschman Linux Systems Administrator Garmin International Tyler Rutschman
    2. 2. About Me Linux System Administrator, “Splunk Guy” at Garmin Team AIS (Advanced Infrastructure Solutions): – Managing Garmin IT systems with Puppet – System and Application Monitoring – Load Balancing – Splunk – Ruby Scripting and Application Development RHCE Education - BS, Business Information Systems - Kansas University 2
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    7. 7. Garmin Overview Leading provider of navigation for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness Founded in 1989 More than 10,000 associates in 45 offices worldwide Garmin Connect: Fitness tracking site 7
    8. 8. How We Started? Started using Splunk in 2009 Needed a solution for Sarbanes-Oxley(SOX) compliance Evaluated Spiceworks, Logwatch among others Splunk chosen because: – Real time access to data – Speed – Ease of use – Ability to centralize our machine data 8
    9. 9. Eliminates manual analysis of machine data. IT resources are able to focus on productive tasks. Automation of reports and instant distribution. No need for specialized tools. Reduced MTTR from hours and days to minutes. Results with Splunk 9 Reduced MTTR Better Reporting OPEX Savings Ability to track users, logins enables us to adhere to compliance audits. Better Compliance
    10. 10. Splunk For Reporting Manual collection of logs. E-mail to distribute logs Creating scripts and manual reports Proactive monitoring was challenging Needed to know what kind of data to look for Logs from thousands of Linux and Windows servers All Application logs Domain controllers Logs Custom Scripted Inputs Machine data inputs: 10 Enter SplunkBefore Splunk F5 load balancer logs, router and switch data Central collection of machine data Real time central access Instant visualization of outliers Proactive monitoring of multiple applications Middleware, Database logs
    11. 11. Garmin Implementation Main instance deployed across two data centers Separate Taiwan Instance Forwarders deployed World Wide Teams using Splunk: IT, Network Team, Web Developers, Application Support Up to 150 GB/day 60 unique users per month
    12. 12. 1 Recent Splunk Happenings • Deployment Server & Monitor Implemented • Splunk on Splunk Installed • Inaugural Garmin Splunk Meetup • Additional Indexers and Search Heads • Connect Development in Splunk • Global Domain Controller Logs
    13. 13. Monitoring 1 • Dynamic Monitoring of Applications and Systems • Non-Explicit Error Detection • Cross-Infrastructure Correlation
    14. 14. Uptime Reporting 1 • Metrics for use on Internal Sites • Casper JS Script to test site and write results to log file • Reports against results and owners receive PDF report
    15. 15. Monitoring F5 LTM 1 We are having an issue with where users end up with multiple sessions and the originating session is abandoned. From the logs we sent to support, they were able to see that one sessionid that originated on 13 eventually was sent to another server. Requests are seen in access log on 13 until 13:09:50 - - [17/Mar/2014:13:09:50 -0500] "POST /myendpoint?sessionID=0000 HTTP/1.1" 200 6606 Then on 01 Request is received for the same session as above - - [17/Mar/2014:13:09:50 -0500] "POST /myendpoint?sessionID=0000 HTTP/1.1" 200 345
    16. 16. Monitoring F5 LTM 1
    17. 17. F5 LTM Reporting 1 Every month, there is a spreadsheet that gets prepared for listing a number of infrastructure metrics. One of the stats being tracked is the number of F5 virtual IPs. Can you tell me how to obtain this number?
    18. 18. F5 Virtual Server Count 1 # log number of virtual servers 20 6 * * 1 /bin/logger "virtual_server_count=$(cat /config/bigip.conf | egrep '^ltm virtual ' | wc -l)"
    19. 19. Splunk: Universal Solution 1 • Many new issues easily analyzed in Splunk • Correlate data across different sources at search time • Quick reports from system data (CPU, memory, disc metrics) • Helps to avoid deployment of complex specialized monitoring infrastructure
    20. 20. Best Practice Recommendations Put your machine data in Splunk. Generate your own data! Demonstrate the value to internal enterprise teams by creating quick searches and reports. Spreads like wildfire! Use Splunk Answers (http://answers.splunk.com/) Use Splunk Install guides and support documents Attend Splunk training sessions 2
    21. 21. Splunk at Garmin: Future 21 • Indexer Upgrade • Additional Garmin applications data to Splunk • Internal Application Integration • Connect Expansion
    22. 22. Summary Splunk allows us to centralize all our machine data, data is now easily usable by all operations teams Splunk makes it easy for us to adhere to compliance audits Splunk helps us resolve our issues in real time 2
    23. 23. Thank You!