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Brands image across the internet including social media


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Over the years, we've developed and delivered dozens of reports for our clients, partners, and the media. From smaller, cyclical anlayses to big audits or year-end reports - we love to be challenged and squeeze out everything we can from our data. We constantly look for ways to improve our alogithms and educate the market about what data can tell them and how they can use it in every day work or in planning their strategy.

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Brands image across the internet including social media

  1. 1. Brand Image Study 1 Jakub Wyglądała Client Service Team Leader +22 415 23 33
  2. 2. Mentions research is based on data gathered and processed by Sotrender and other social media listening tools (Brand24, SentiOne). Quantitative and qualitative analysis using our own method of classification based on specified keywords (selected manually using sample categorization supported by cluster analysis) and chains of keywords in analyzed mentions. The research includes an analysis of the brand, it’s image, response to offers or any aforementioned issues. Research description 2Brand Image 01 02 03
  3. 3. Main aspects of the research What is being said about the brand? Reception to the brand’s offer. Do users make suggestions? Who are the influencers in a particular topic? Researched issue Sources of mentions – where discussions occur and the difference between channels. Mention topics: the brand’s reputation, user sentiments, and common problems. The tone of mentions (positive, negative, neutral), including issues with the strongest positive or negative pull. Time period A month, quarter, 6 months, a year etc. Range 3Brand Image 01 02 03 01 02 03
  4. 4. Where are they talking about you? 4
  5. 5. The sources of user posts according to the number of mentions. Quantitative analysis – How are discussions look characterized on other channels? Where are they talking about you? 5Brand Image Sample data
  6. 6. Where they’re talking - topics based on channel 6Brand Image Sample data
  7. 7. What is being said? 7
  8. 8. Mention topics. The percentage of individual topics within the whole discussion. What aspects of individual topics are most important for your audience. Qualitative analysis – What in particular do users pay attention to? What is being said? 8Brand Image Sample data
  9. 9. What is being said - types of content 9Brand Image Sample data
  10. 10. How is it said? 10
  11. 11. How users start conversations and refer to mentions of the brand or products. See the attitude of your audience towards analysed topics and other brands. Deeper qualitative analysis – Which mentions illicit the biggest emotional response and are the most engaging? How is it said? 11Brand Image
  12. 12. How is it said – emotional response 12Brand’s image Sample data
  13. 13. Who were the most outspoken people discussing the topic? Whose opinion reached the most users? Whose opinion engaged the most users? Based on gathered data, we prepare a list of influencers sorted by our very own index (Influence Index) Who are the influencers in a particular topic? 13Brand Image Sample data
  14. 14. Pricing Brand’s image 14 Analysis period Price Time Form 3-12 months 950 – 1600 EUR Up to 15 working days Report - presentation Price and time depends on the specific research, analysis period, range, and category. Possibility to prepare periodical reports. Personal presentation of results on client’s request.
  15. 15. Contact us! 15 Jakub Wyglądała Client Service Team Leader +48 500 076 970