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Nguyen Hai Trieu / CEO

Published in: Marketing


  1. 1. Manage online reputation & market watch with: SOCIAL LISTENING & MARKET INTELLIGENCE Nguyen Hai Trieu / CEO 0913-674-095
  2. 2. YouNet Group 2 Social Media Analytics Enterpris e Social Intranet Niche Social Network Total social brand building & solution
  3. 3. YouNet Group: build social-enabled businesses 3 Build your own social network 2010  Founded since 2010 with US & VN offices  We help global communities & companies build niche social network for branded communities of target customers  Had been #1 most perferred niche social network solution in North America
  4. 4. YouNet Media 4 Listen – Understand – Engage & Convert Social Customer  Founded in 2013  Listen – monitor and analyze all Vietnam social media & news  Help companies & organizations in managing online reputation, understand target customers feedbacks, engage and build brand love with Social Customer Care & Social CRM
  5. 5. YouNet Social Intranet 5 2014  Founded in 2014  Gold partner of Bitrix24 solution  Help companies & organizations in building Internal communication & collaboration solution (SOCIAL INTRANET) which increase sifgnificantly effectiveness of Organization Team Collaboration, Workflow processes…
  6. 6. YouNet Media 6 With SocialHeat, the only true real-time and comprehensive SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENING platform specialized in Vietnamese analytics, YouNet Media helps Brands, Agencies and Organizations to get instant Brand health, Marketing effectiveness, Target Consumer insight & Trend to win brand love and boost sales. Moreover, Social Customer Care allows brands find and engage with target customer to solve crisis, complaints and build social CRM. Reputation Monitoring Social Media Research Marketing Measuremen t Social Customer Care & CRM Social Media Research: Category competitive analysis & consumers insights. Best fit for: 1) New business launch 2) Marketing strategic planning Always-on Brand Tracking 1) Crisis prevention 2) Periodical Brand audit report Engage, Manage & convert customers from social media Analyse category trends Track and measure campaign effectiveness & brand resonance. Recommend Contents & Channels. 1 2 3 4
  7. 7. YouNet Media key people 7 We service our clients by Technology & Marketing veterans and highly qualified research experts. Nguyen Hai Trieu CEO / co-founder 17 years in Internet & marketing business MBA (Hawaii, USA) MS of Computer Science (HUT) Former co-founder, CEO/COO of Internet marketing, search engine, social networks. Quan Thanh Tho R&D Director PhD. Computer Science (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Head of Computer Engineering Department, University of Technology, HCMC Expert in Natural Language Processing research & development Bachelor of Business (Finland) 4-year Research expert (Acorn, OgilvyOne) Thai Thuy Nga Research Team Leader FTU Bachelor 4-year Social Media Marketing & Analysis Mai Cam Linh Social Media Team Leader
  8. 8. 8 From INSIGHT to ACTION Listening Understand Engaging Converting Social Monitoring + Command Center  Reputation Monitoring & Alert  Customers Trends detection & report (products, categories)  Competitors monitoring (marketing, customers feedback) SocialHeat helps BRANDS not just understand brand & customer insight from Social Media, but also engage/store/analyze the customers leads base, identify potential customers for long-term conversion to sales & loyalty. Social Customer Care & Social CRM:  Listen & solve complaints or questions  Forums & social seeding/spreading  Track & analyze customers in Social CRM, Categories (KOLs, Fans, Anti-fans, Neutral users)
  9. 9. 9 With SocialHeat, the only true real-time and comprehensive Social Media Listening platform specialized in Vietnamese language analysis which collects & evaluates online news & customers discussions to measure brand health, marketing effectiveness, marketing insights and consumer trend as well as directly create conversations & managing potential customers to build brand image & brand loyalty. Sentiment Rating Data Minin g  1,050,000 Facebook pages & groups (Vietnam)  9.7 milliion Facebook pages (Global)  200K Youtube channels  1,000 news, forums, blogs, reviews, e-commerce sites  Brands Insight  Consumers Insight  Product Innovation  Marketing Measurement  Social Trends Largest Data Sources
  10. 10. 10 Automatic Automatic Search for new sources, categorize feedbacks, measure enagement… Largest data pool 1.05M fanpage & groups Facebook 250K Youtube channels 1,000 forums, news… Automatic Sentiment Rating (customer feedback & emotional connection to brands) Real-time update Within 5mins – maximum 1 hour (all sources) Our best-in-class Social Monitoring platform are fully automatic in searching, collecting and analyzing customer feedback, perception & emotional connection to your brands at the maximum delay of 30-60 minutes which allow brands to have INSTANT WATCH of brand health and competitors’ marketing moves.
  11. 11. 11 SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCH  Category Research:  Brands & Consumers U&A  Target Audience (TA) Trends Research  Social Trends Research
  12. 12. 12 SocialHeat is the most comprehensive real-time collection & analytic platform for “Consumers conversations” on all Social Media Channels in Vietnamese. By defining keywords relevant to the category, Our Researchers will extract and build a relevent set of data (based on time period, audience demographics and geographics), categorize, score and do analysis for brands evaluation, U&A, marketing measurements and sociatrend report. Sentiment Rating Data Categoriz ation  Brands Insight  Consumers Insight  Product Innovation  Marketing Measurement  Social Trends Research Methodology: Social Listening Largest Social Data Sources Of VIETNAM Vietnam Social Media: 1,050,000 Facebook fanpages & groups 23M Facebook profiles 250,000 Youtube channels 1000 Online news, forums, review, Q&A, Retail sites 10,000 personal blogs
  13. 13. Process of Social Media Research 13 Data Pool Verifying Data & Sources Classifying data Quality Control Reporting • Create Data Pool with KEYWORDS: related to Power Milk, Moms usage & behaviors, Milk brands Verify Audience Profiles (exclude irrelevant audiences: Seeders, Male….) Review & classify all mentions Mark appropriate tag & attribute to the crawled data according to our objectives: • Brand perference • U&A • Purchase Drivers & Barriers • Loyalty/Adocacy drivers Statistics data analyzed by qualified Social Media Researchers to provide insightful report about defined objectives: • Valid data is double-checked by QC team to ensure the quality of data Steps to create data – verify – scoring and reporting based on Social Data.
  14. 14. Customer Decision Journey Research 14 Social Listening gives TIMELY & INSIGHTFUL assessment of key drivers of Brand Choice, Loyalty or Dissatisfaction PURCHASE DRIVERS brand preference, product quality, customer service, Advocacy… Dissatisfaction Drivers, Barriers (product quality, price, benefits, Brand) CHANNELS & INFLUENCERS (Where, Who) Key ADVOCACY Factors? (product quality, price, benefits, Brand) Dissatisfaction DISCUSSION TOPICS Most interested topics (parenting, baby care, baby nutrition..)
  15. 15. 15 SocialHeat also classifies insight by audience profile groups in Facebook for more in-depth REGION-BASED insight analysis. Audience Profiling Analysis  unique capability of YouNet Media By region: Customer insight can be deep dive by locations (North, South of Vietnam) for better understanding of regional audience behaviors. Brand attitude Category behaviors, hobbies, habits
  16. 16. Auto categorization of customer feedbacks 16  Automatically categorize Customer Feedbacks into pre-defined BRAND PREFEENCE and PURCHASE JOURNEY .  Data Research team will then verify the scoring & encode to ensure 100% relevancy and quality. 24.5% 23.5% 16.2% 12.3% 6.9% 5.9% 4.9% 2.5% 2.5% 1.0% Brain development Better digestion Nutrient Taste easy to drink Enhancing… Height… Weight… Not causing body… Price Promotion Example category: Power Milk 25 10 120 370 230 DissatisfiedRecommend NOT to buy AdvocacyPurchase/Likely To Buy Consideration Customer Purchase Journey (on Social)
  17. 17. Customer feedbacks & Influencers 17  Automatic classify customer feedbacks into categories, for strength & weaknesses.  Identify KOLs related to the conversions. Crisis Alert 1. Media (báo chí, truyền thông, blogger…) 2. Social influencers (người ảnh hưởng XH chung): 3. Industry influencers:  E-commerce/Internet  Marketing  Technology  Entertainment 7% 5% 15% 10% 12% 8% 10% 30% 58% 35% 5% 50% 45% 17% 28% 15% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Reputation Personal Financial… Corporate Financial… Customer Service Banking fees Internet Banking… Staff ATM & office… Neutral Negative Positive 1. Alert when post từ Influencers 2. Categorize users: Influencers & Users 3. See history of users’ discussions Example category: Banking
  18. 18. Identify Social Influencers 18 By automatic ranking of “influence score” based on true Post Engagement of all users, SocialHeat show ranking of users have the most influential to the community. TOP USERS by MENTIONS TOP USERS by TOTAL ENGAGEMENT
  19. 19. TRENDS RESSEARCH: How to identify trends 19 A trend is confirmed when: 1) It creates high and peak volume of discussions and sharing on Social Media (from qualified sources), AND 2) Starting to create increasing voluem of SEARCH volume (from GOOGLE). Keyword: “collagen giảm cân” Trend Type: Health & Beauty SEARCH TREND: Starting to increase search Conversation Volume: Increasing volume in WEEKLY period in Forums, Facebook and news
  20. 20. How a trend is discovered & confirmed? 20 Beside the volume, Trend verfication will be done in final step by filtering trustworthy sources to avoid noise from other channels. Category: “beauty and health” 480,000 278,000 240,000 198,000 145,000135,000 112,000 85,000 74,000 - 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 Trend candidates: VOLUME OF DISCUSSIONS 8,473 7,483 5,830 4,726 3,742 2,743 1,840 1,202 904 - 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 Đẹp mỗi ngày Android Store VN Functional food Elle Fashion Vietnam Fashionshow Example: top ranking trust sources
  21. 21. 21 REPUTATION MONITORING COMPETITORS REPORT Social Monitoring + Command Center  Reputation Monitoring & Alert  Customers Trends detection & report (products, categories)  Competitors monitoring (marketing, customers feedback)
  22. 22. 22 SMCC provides real-time tracking & analysis dashboard espcially designed for TV screens, with multiple persepectives into Online Share of Voice, Brand Health, Discussions/News, Users’ Profiles and Location … best- fit-for managing consumer discussion & crisi prevention. Social Media Command Center
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. 24 SocialHeat not only collect converstaions, we crawl audience profiles in Facebook to identify relevant audience demographic & locations for better analysis. Reputation Monitoring Users’ Personal Phone Contact Info: We can map “mobile phone number” to 60% FB profiles for faster/better crisis resolution. Our consumers analysis can be drilled down to different Demographics & Locations (regions)
  25. 25. Crisis management process 25 (1) detection (2) Evaluation & Planning (3) Action (4) Report Brand tracking in realtime Alert by SMS & Email (with sentiment level) Evaluate negative threats, category into LEVEL of crisis. Crisis Levels: 1. Inquiry for information (Q&A) 2. Trivial Complaints 3. Serious Complaints 4. Brand crisis Report crisis management result  Brand health impact (negative vs positive)  Brand perception change  Details of conversations trend. Confirm RESOLUTION and ACTION: 1. Neutralize negative discussions. 2. Personal contact 3. Threads deletion 4. Crisis SEO Problems are identified and solved in 4 major steps thanks to Social Listening & Alert technology.
  26. 26. Crisis resolution work flow 26 High-level resolution process from detection  resolution  reporting  continue to monitor. Continuous Daily Tracking Alert to BRAND (with details) Find resolutions with Client team No Yes Product Question? Seeding Provide information Potential Crisis? Neutralize negative No Yes Notify Client team Continue to monitor Delete thread / Seeding Monitori & report
  27. 27. Instant alert of potential crisis 27 With FASTEST listening and AUTOMATIC sentiment rating, we can inform clients with potential risk conversations and news only within 1-hour, by SMS & EMAIL. Crisis Alert Real-time crisis & issue alert to CLIENT TEAM:  Serious Negative discussions or news  Negative Threads which have HIGH reach of users or engagement (comments, replies)  Threads with HIGH % of NEGATIVE comments (configurable by us). Eg. 30% of negative and total more than 10 comments. ALERT setup
  28. 28. Estimation of Users Reach 28 By our prioprietary algorithm, SocialHEAT is the only tool which can estimate number of VIEWS from all the buzz in all and each media. This helps to measure IMPACT of crisis or virality. BENEFITS: 1) This is very important to measure effectiveness of PR & VIRAL campaigns in both online news & social networks 2) Crisis scope estimation: How LARGE the negative discussions have SPREADING? 3) Which channels give better ROI in term of consumers reach?
  29. 29. Tracking of competitors 29 With the same tracking methodology (keyword-based), SocialHeat automatic compare BUZZ, Share of Voice, Sentiment and Channels of MJN brands and competitors. SOV can be split by Owned & Earned + Paid media.
  30. 30. 30 CAMPAIGN TRACKING Track and measure marketing campaign:  Pre-campaign evaluation  During campaign (monthy)  Post-campaign evaluation
  31. 31. Campaign tracking 31 Digital campaigns should be monitored and measured regularly to ensure the campaign OBJECTIVES & PLAN are being executed efficiently BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the campaign: Brand communication (brand essence, brand positioning & perception), Buzz & Engagement volume, Brand sentiment, Media and channel performance, KOLs performance, Content effectiveness, Activities effectiveness… Start Complete Channels – KOLs - contents – activities Campaign objectives (brand essence, positioning) Post campaign Audit & recommendations Audit & recos Post-campaign effects Monitor to discover NEGATIVE issues about brand, campaign, TVC, content… to prevent brand damage
  32. 32. Campaign audit report 32 Audit and recommend changes to the campaign execution (channels, contents, social media management process). Below are the standard insights. BRAND 1. Buzz volume trend: All, by platforms, by channels, by media (owned & earned). a) What are major buzz drivers? b) How much buzz contributed to the brand buzz. 2. BRAND PLACEMENT: % and volume of brand impression in total campaign buzz 3. Campaign sentiment: how campaign bring Positive buzz for the brand. 4. BRAND RESONANCE: How the campaign resonance to the brand essence, positioning, perception… SOURCES PEOPLE & TOPICS 1. Top sources & channels (volume & engagement rate) 2. KOLs & audience engagement score. 3. Top popular topics & posts: a) In buzz volume (mentions) b) In engagement rate 4. Verbatims of most popular positive & negative discussions Recommendations of: 1. Content: best type, angles, publish time, channels… 2. Channels: best to take care, best for seeding 3. KOLs 4. Social media management: better seeding… RECOS Note: contact us for sample campaign audit report
  33. 33. 33 SOCIAL CUSTOMER CARE SOCIAL CRM Social Customer Care & Social CRM:  Listen & solve complaints or questions  Forums & social seeding/spreading  Track & analyze customers in Social CRM, Categories (KOLs, Fans, Anti-fans, Neutral users)
  34. 34. 34 Social Customer Care Social Customer Care changes the way of company taking care of customers. It helps combine Traditional channels (phones, email) with Social Channels (facebook, forums,…), integrate Social CRM into Traditional CRM. Social Customers Social CRM Traditional channels
  35. 35. 35 Social Customer Care Wit Social Customer Care, BRAND now can listen to relevant conversation, and join those discussion to: solve complaints, answer questions, seeding and save/mark potential customers to follow up…
  36. 36. 36 Social Customer Care  Talk directly with the customers from ALL sources/channels by one single interface.  Assigned to multiple AGENTS (members), by SUPERVISORS. Agent replies to users conversation by “user” or “brand” account. SocialHeat collects also consumer profile. Add to Social CRM as Leads. Collect relevant conversations
  37. 37. 37 Social Customer Care: professional process (1) Listen to conversations (2) Participate to Conversations Answer QUESTIONS Solve COMPLAINTS Persional Messaging With SocialHeat, listen and collect real-time discussions of consumers on all social media channels related to our category to identify potential conversation and customers. Social Customer Care: 1) Allow SUPERVISORS to assign relevant conversations to CS AGENTS for direct engagement 2) Supervisors can define:  Rules to automatic assignment to Agents based on: Category of discussion, sentiment, channel…  Or tag & assign manually to each online agents. 3) Agents can:  Particiate in the conversation to answer Question & solve complaints (Facebook, Forums)  Engage directly with consumers via personal messaging (Facebook chat, Forum inbox). “SocialHeat is the only Social CRM tool which can response to 90% of Vietnamese forums”
  38. 38. 38 Social Care: Customer Report Dashboard Customers Statistics – Maternity Stage, Brand Attitude, Consumer journey 20% 25% 18% 10% 27% Maternity Stage 1-month 3-month 6-month 8-month Other 10.0% 15.0% 35.0% 45.0% 70.0% 0.0% 20.0% 40.0% 60.0% 80.0% Recommend NOT to buy Recommend to Buy Purchase Intent Preference Consideration & Evaluation 29% 88% 12% 40% 92% 8% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Positive Neutral Negative Last Month NOW Brand Attitude Consumer Journey
  40. 40. Field experience… 40 Our social media analyst & research team are experienced in Brand, Campaign monitoring, research and social audience targeting for varied categories, with global & top local brands. handphone Milk Airlines Banking & finance Education Baby Care Coffee Coffee Chain MotobikesPharma Beverage E-commerce And more… Customers list will be shared in meeting
  41. 41. Typical customers 41 We are trusted by leading International and Local brands and companies in many categories.
  42. 42. Brand Tracking 42 Example & structure of reports
  43. 43. Daily brand report 43 ORM – online reputation management – is applicable for all levels of tracking: Corporate, Brand & Products . Audit report is available by DAILY – WEEKY – MONTHLY and QUARTERLY basis. Daily email summary from SocialHeat:  Summary of buzz, sentiment (estimated)  Top sources  Top discussions on each channel  Most Negative discussions  Highlights of competitors (products) Share of Voice
  44. 44. Periodical report 44 Monthly report complete Brand, Competitors performance, trend of buzz and content, indepth analysis of brand perception, product competitive comparison… Monthly Report MONTHLY REPORT: (1) Buzz, Share of Voice, Trend in all & each media (owned, paid, earned media) (2) BRAND Fanpage performance (3) BRAND brand health (4) Most popular & important discussions about BRAND and BANKING INDUSTRY (5) Campaign effectiveness evaluation (6) Brand & product competitive comparison (7) Recommendations (content, channels, media…) Objective: Summary one-week brand performance & trend
  45. 45. Monthly & quarterly brand audit 45 Weekly, monthly and quarterly brand audit will expose more insight about brand equity, perception, sentiment and buzz drivers,… BRAND 1. Share of Voice: All – Owned & Earned Media 2. Buzz volume trend: All, by platforms, by channels, by media (owned & earned). What are major buzz drivers? 3. Brand sentiment: a) Brand score & trend by periods b) Sentiment rate & volume by periods c) Competitive comparison: to competitors & Industry benchmark (AVG) 4. Brand attributes & perceptions: a) Top weighted positive drivers b) Top weighted negative drivers SOURCES PEOPLE & TOPICS 1. Top sources & channels (volume & engagement rate) 2. Top audience demographic & locations 3. Top popular topics: a) In buzz volume (mentions) b) In engagement rate 4. Verbatims of most popular positive & negative discussions Recommendations of: 1. Brand sentiment: how to improve brand positive discussions (which are the most interested positive topics about the brand & category) 2. Crisis prevention: which topics, channels, sources to take more care of. 3. Which channels are more relevant for management (monitor, seeding…) RECOS Note: contact us for sample brand audit report
  46. 46. Simply the most innovative & comprehensive Social Monitoring Platform 46
  47. 47. Create new tracking yourself easily 47 Simple 1-step new tracking creation by yourself (or by our team) for any topics: brand, category, consumers behavior… o Preview live information before accepting o Flexible keyword definition (no limit of keywords)
  48. 48. Real-time comprehensive dashboard 48 Metrics are analyzed automatically in real-time basis and possible to drill down to discussions/mentions level. Intuitive & real-time update dashboard Metrics navigation 1. Dashboard:  Buzz volume & trend  Buzz by platforms  Reach (views)  Sentiment & trend  Sentiment by platform  Brand & product attributes  Top source with sentiment 2. Media & tags:  Owned, Earned & Paid  Buzz by tags (activities, topics) 3. Audience  Audience volume & trend  Top users (volume & engagement)  Demographics, geographics 4. Sources & threads:  Top sources, top threads  Influential sources 5. Mentions list
  49. 49. Real-time metrics dashboard 49 Metrics are analyzed automatically in real-time basis and possible to drill down to discussions/mentions level. Buzz by channels, share of voice Automatic brand sentiment score/trend & by channels
  50. 50. Real-time metrics dashboard 50 Metrics are analyzed automatically in real-time basis and possible to drill down to discussions/mentions level. Automatic sentiment to specific sources Top influencing sources & users
  51. 51. Auto analysis of Owned – Earned – Paid Media 51 By setting owned and paid media into the tracking, all buzz and contribution (%) by media are automatically calculated by selected period. TAGS are used to identify Consumers Purchase Decision Journey and Buzz contribution to the total brand buzz.
  52. 52. Explore all discussions in details 52 Drill down, search and filter any type of topics, by any platforms and see SENTIMENT score of each threads.
  53. 53. Reply directly from SocialHeat 53 Use single dashboard and reply to users in FORUMS, Facebook and other social networks directly.
  54. 54. 0913-674-095 Follow what’s hot & trendy on Facebook: Nguyen Hai Trieu / CEO