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Audience Scan report based on social media data


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Over the years, we've developed and delivered dozens of reports for our clients, partners, and the media. From smaller, cyclical anlayses to big audits or year-end reports - we love to be challenged and squeeze out everything we can from our data. We constantly look for ways to improve our alogithms and educate the market about what data can tell them and how they can use it in every day work or in planning their strategy.

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Audience Scan report based on social media data

  1. 1. 1 Audience Scan Jakub Wyglądała Client Service Team Leader +22 415 23 33
  2. 2. Audience Scan On a regular basis, users of social media express their preferences through behaviours such as liking, commenting or clicking. By skillfully combining data from different sources (Sotrender’s data base, Facebook’s advertising panel, Custom Audiences, etc.) and analyzing them in terms of set target groups, you can accurately describe the profiles of selected groups of users. This is actual data about their behavior, not declarations, which are usually collected from polls or focus groups. Moreover, the results of this analysis are available quickly, even within several days. Approach: non-reactive research 2 Źródło: Raport Fanpage Trends, Październik 2016 Social media is a mine of knowledge for actual user preferences and behaviours.
  3. 3. Audience Scan Interests in specific profiles and categories like celebrities, the media, or brands. Demographics: Age (any range), sex, place, relationship status, occupation, etc. Behaviours such as showing interest in new technology, frequent event check-in’s, intensive picture posting, operating system used, model, type of mobile, work industry, etc. Analysis 3 01 02 03 It’s possible to analyse all brand users or just a specified group. Example: Women, age 18-26, big cities, likes travelling and checking-in on events.
  4. 4. Audience Scan Price and waiting time is the same for both options. Audience scan for a particular brand based on data from Custom Audiences, available after authorization. Because of this we’re able to check client profiles without having data about specific personas. Fan scan for a particular brand on Facebook, based on public data. Here no authorization is needed, but fan base may differ from client’s base. Data access 4 01 Audience Report can be carried out in 2 ways: 02
  5. 5. Audience Scan A person who manages adverts and profiles (ex. admin) uploads a file with the client’s data (e-mail, mobile) as a Custom Audience in Facebook Ad Manager. This is a standard procedure for Ads on FB, where existing Custom Audiences can be used. A detailed manual on adding Custom Audiences can be found here: For the next analytics option, we’ll need to gain Advertiser rights on FB (for the period of the analysis). We gain access to client’s general data, without having access to sensitive personal data. Data access 5 01 How to authorize custom audience data for Audience Scan? 02
  6. 6. What can you learn? Communication opportunities – analysis of people, brands, and media more popular in the TG compared to general FB users 6
  7. 7. Audience Scan Who is notably popular within the analysed group? Who’s worth hiring to promote the brand, while being inexpensive or unrelated to any other brand? Influencers - communication opportunities 7 dane przykładoweThis target group is interested mostly in MMA fighters. Using them in promotion might be a good opportunity for the brand.
  8. 8. Audience Scan What media is dominated by our target group? Which media has a special influence on our target group? Media – communication opportunities 8 dane przykładowe A couple of websites about fitness, sports, and being fit is notably popular in the target group.
  9. 9. Audience Scan What other brands is your target group most interested in? Brands – communication opportunities 9 The target group is notably interested in alcohol. It’s worth using these preferences.
  10. 10. What can you learn? Communication celebrities – analysis of the most popular people, brands, and media in the TG 10
  11. 11. Audience Scan Which people are most popular among our clients? Who can reach the biggest audience? Influencers and celebrities - the most popular 11 dane przykładowe We deliver xls file with all results. Think about using rap and rap singers – a majority in the results.
  12. 12. Audience Scan Which media is the main source of information and entertainment for our target group? Where should we promote our brand to reach the biggest portion of our audience? Media – the most popular 12 dane przykładowe TV series are popular in the target group. Use this in your communication.
  13. 13. Audience Scan What is the most liked brand in our target group? Which brand is worth collaborating with? Brand – the most popular 13 Some sports brands can be found among the most popular ones.
  14. 14. Demographic profile 14
  15. 15. Audience Scan Demographics 15 What distinguishes the chosen target group? How do brand clients differ from all Facebook users in the analysed country? Youth is what differs clients and users interested in the brand among all Facebook users.
  16. 16. Audience Scan Which is used more often, mobile or desktop? Which operating system is used? Device usage 16 The target group uses mobile more than desktop.
  17. 17. Audience Scan Detailed demographic structure 17 Users between ages 25-34 travel more often. Your target group is way younger, so the chance of reaching the most promising audience could be lost.
  18. 18. Audience Scan Detailed demographic structure 18 Among your frequently travelling users, most live in Warsaw. What other characteristics are specific to the target group? Which factors influence the choice of pages that are interesting to your users?
  19. 19. Pricing Audience Scan 19 Number of brands Price Time Form 1 1200 EUR 10 working days Charts + xls. 2 1500 EUR 12 working days Charts + xls. 3 2000 EUR 15 working days Charts + xls. 5 2500 EUR 18 working days Charts + xls. Personal presentation of results on client’s request.
  20. 20. Contact us! 20 Jakub Wyglądała Client Service Team Leader +22 415 23 33