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Research vs Monitoring social media

  1. Social Media Research Vs. Monitoring private sector insights for a better world.™ ©2011 MediaBadger Public Affairs Ltd.
  2. who we are • digital & social media research firm; all our research is online • completed over 200 projects since 2007 • international team of 15 consultants • anthropologists, sociologists, political science, marketing, PR, international law • proprietary listening & analysis technology | mediasphere360 • Two divisions • Public Sector | government, NGOʼs and NPOʼs • Private Sector | business (local to international) • Advisory services to senior management & government
  3. some of our clients
  4. objective • what digital media research is • value of research & monitoring • when to access research • when to engage in monitoring • where research and monitoring fit operationally
  5. what digital media research is • research conduct across ALL digital channels • social media • news media • whole web • intelligent engagement of humans and technology • proprietary search engine • artificial intelligence for data analysis • where digital media research fits • start of strategic planning (corporate or communications/marketing) • issues based • start of, during and at end of communications crisis
  6. the business case for listening first • understand exactly what social media channels are being used • understand make up of target audience • identify competitor position and tactics • identify issues of concern • helps better refine budget & resource requirements • key to planning metrics for measurement • avoids costly budgetary and engagement mistakes • helps agency creative design meaningful campaign creative • youʼll know what to monitor, how often and when • reduces engagement risk and identifies opportunities
  7. where monitoring tools fit • for campaign monitoring • when social media engagement is ongoing • for clients or other departments • ongoing reputation & brand monitoring • crisis communications management • once channels are known and engagement has started • low-volume of conversation reduces need for ongoing monitoring services & costs
  8. where monitoring & research come together research monitoring research strategic planning campaign watching campaign analysis campaign planning engagement audience analysis website design ROI measuring cross validation creative concepts budget management mapping benefits benefits benefits audience mapping trends analysis audience analysis channel definition uptake deep web trends & memes viral analysis comparisons creative cues issues final ROI Presence Defined influencer analysis reach & channels budget planning management report resource needs influencers
  9. monitoring tools are not research tools • inability to access the “deep web” • lack historical trend analysis • does not provide “context” of audience engagement • does not help determine metrics • few businesses know how to interpret the data • no sociological or cultural context in monitoring tools • too many rely on consumer search engines like Google • they often miss forums, newsgroups, usenet etc. • they donʼt help translate data across the organization • most are only useful where there is significant volume of data • they are designed to focus on a “word” or “brand” only
  10. what research provides • ability to provide “context” to the issues • goes beyond just “words” and “brands” • human experts with extensive experience • understands issues and interrelated networks • can access the “deep web” for more critical data • does not require high volume of conversations • more precise audience mapping & trend analysis • provide non-technical analysis and insight to client • understands market & competitive context • helps to better align budgets and measurement metrics
  11. digital media research | business uses • corporate strategic planning • resource and budget planning • product management (feedback and analysis) • marketing strategy development • investor relations • issues analysis for board governance • corporate security (resource sector industries) • public relations planning • pre-assessment of monitoring tools
  12. our research process client update scope & definition research defined Discovery timelines depth of research team assignment client AI Engine update mediasphere360™ data analysis set-up analyst review & compilation Final Report Draft Report onsite/conference call review w/client
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