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Small Cells & the Enterprise: Release 2 by Gordon Mansfield SC Americas 13


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Presentation to launch Release 2: Enterprise at Small Cells Americas in Dallas, December 2013. Slides delivered to open the conference by Gordon Mansfield, AVP Small Cell Solutions at AT&T and Chair of the Small Cell Forum.

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Small Cells & the Enterprise: Release 2 by Gordon Mansfield SC Americas 13

  1. 1. Small Cells Industry Update Gordon Mansfield Chairman Small Cell Forum & AVP Small Cell Solutions AT&T December 3, 2013 © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2013
  2. 2. The Small Cell Forum To accelerate small cell adoption to change the shape of mobile networks and maximise the potential of the mobile internet Not-for-profit, founded in 2007 Independent, Inclusive, International 67 operators covering 3 billion global mobile subscribers – 44% of total Aims Ecosystem Development Market Education Driving open standards 83 providers of small cell technology representing all parts of the ecosystem *As of September 2013
  3. 3. FY 2013 Summary
  4. 4. Market Status Report (1/4) • 56+ operators incorporate small cells in their network today. • 44+ operators offer a residential femtocell to end users • 26+ operators use an enterprise femtocell • 17+ operators are working with urban small cells for capacity Source: Mobile Experts, December 2013
  5. 5. Market Status Report (2/4) As of October 2013: • 7.2 million residential femtocells deployed • 168,000 indoor small cells deployed • 2,700 outdoor small cells deployed Source: Mobile Experts, December 2013
  6. 6. Market Status Report (3/4) Total Small Cells Non-Residential Small Cells 350 13,478 687,525 N America 17,663 L America 1,072,120 30,245 Europe China APAC 433,965 MEA 861,810 26,025 3,919,478 229,178 Installed base indicated for October 1, 2013 Source: Mobile Experts, December 2013
  7. 7. Market Status Report (4/4) Market Forecast Source: Mobile Experts, December 2013
  8. 8. THREE KEY CHALLENGES FACING OPERATORS SPECTRUM EXHAUST SITES: COVERAGE / CAPACITY AT&T 30,000% increase in mobile data traffic over past 6 years Peak data efficiency (bps/Hz) Limits of 2G, 3G, 4G 4 Infeasible region LTE Residential Dense Outdoor Hot Spots Indoor Hot Spots Shannon Bound HSDPA 2 EV-DO -5 +5 +15 Signal-to-noise ratio (dB) Rural Areas Coverage Holes due to Regulatory Constraints GOAL: COST EFFECTIVELY ADD CAPACITY TO IMPROVE END-USER QoE AND OPERATOR PROFITABILITY
  9. 9. % increase in median throughput over macrocells alone LTE user experience improvements with small cells (co-channel) 960% 467% 300% 193% 1 2 4 Small Cells per Macrocell 10 Assumptions: • TR36.814 at 700MHz • 2x1 watt cell Tx Power
  10. 10. • SCF work given structure & direction by Release Programme • Goal: to accelerate small cell adoption across all major use cases. • Publish new releases when significant body of work completed. • This serves as the theme for the Release.
  11. 11. Our Release Program: How it works Timetable
  12. 12. Announced Today – SCF Release 2 • 25 new documents covering technical & business • Unlock the commercial potential of small cells within enterprises • 11.5M non-residential indoor small cells To be deployed by 2018
  13. 13. Release 2 Documents Small Cells, what's the big idea? SCF Release Structure and Roadmap Enterprise overview E-SCN Use Cases and Requirements Enterprise Market Drivers Enterprise Business Case Wi-Fi/Cellular simulations Wi-Fi/Cellular radio coexistence in enterprise products Enterprise Reference Scenarios Enterprise SON use cases E-SCN Network Architectures E-SCN IT Considerations for Enterprise Small Cells E-SCN and Shared Network Requirements Security WP (internal document) Synchronization for Enterprise Deployments Multi-technology (3G+LTE) Whitepaper Non-traditional enterprise coverage extension solutions Regulatory White Paper Backhaul for Enterprise topic brief Small Cell Enterprise Deployment Issues Enterprise Services Leveraging Small Cells Unified Communication Services and Small Cells
  14. 14. Release Two: Enterprise A Peek Inside • 39%-61% of offices have noticeably poor in-building coverage1 • Over 80% of total mobile data traffic is indoors2 • Serving in-building traffic from outdoors places a heavy load on operator spectrum, reducing potential efficiency3 • 87% of businesses would switch provider to guarantee coverage4 1YouGov Research, Feb 2013, figures for UK and US respectively 2 Paolini, M. “Mobile data moves indoors”, September 2011 3 Signals Research Group: “Valuable Licensed Spectrum is a Largely Under-Utilized Asset Indoors”, Feb 2013 4 Alcatel-Lucent study Feb 2013
  15. 15. Release Two: Key findings summary • Release Two business case finds compelling commercial argument for small cells in almost every enterprise context. • In fact in almost all the enterprise deployments modeled, the payback period for both the operator and the enterprise was found to be less than a year.
  16. 16. Release Two: Key Findings Summary For Enterprises: • Essential to provide coverage that addresses their business needs  High Quality Voice is Essential • Opportunity for value-added services For Operators: • Can deploy small cells quickly and easily at relatively low cost • Establish strategic relationship by providing services in demand • Huge opportunity for those who move quickly to gain market share For Small Cell Vendors: • Products must provide high quality voice • Opportunity to develop for value-added data services
  17. 17. How to get involved: Release Three in progress Upcoming Events • Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, February, 2014 • Small Cell Forum PlugFest, TBD, April 2014 • Small Cells Asia – Bangkok, Thailand April, 2014 • Small Cell World Summit – London UK, June 2014 We welcome your membership & participation!!!
  18. 18. Thank you!
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