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SimplyHome Introduction pp


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Our mission is to allow folks to remain independent for as long as possible. SimplyHome is a nationwide company located in Asheville, NC. The system we have, we have designed and engineered ourselves. We use wireless motion sensors, door window sensors, cameras, pressure pads, etc to set up customized rules for each individual. Based on the rules that we have set, if it is broken, an instant notification will go out to a caregiver or family member. So for example if during the hours from 9am to 9pm there has been no motion in the house and no exterior doors have opened...a notification can go out indicating a fall. We also use a stove sensor that we can control remotely if the stove has accidentally been left on.

We also offer systems such as our Personal Emergency Response Systems, Medication Dispensers, GPS Watch, and Environmental Controls.

SimplyHome is an affiliation of care providers who have been providing supports for the disabled and elderly since 1990. While our goal of helping families and caregivers has remained the same from the beginning, we realized in 2003 that new technology would allow us to dramatically improve the quality of our service and reduce the cost to those in need. We developed the SimplyHome system with this in mind and have been expanding our offerings and services ever since. Today we work towards our mission of helping the aging and disabled populations nationwide from our offices in North Carolina and Wisconsin.

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SimplyHome Introduction pp

  1. 1. Who We Are Asheville, North Carolina and Green Bay, Wisconsin based companyOur affiliated non-profit, Innovative Services, provides residential and vocational programming to more than 600 individuals in WIStarted SimplyHome technology in 2003First National Accreditation 2007 (CARF) | |
  2. 2. How It Works SimplyHome System PERS Plus Medication Dispenser Custom Solutions
  3. 3. Step 1: Activities of Daily LivingStep 2: Responding to an AlertStep 3: Data & Trends
  4. 4. SimplyHome and You Cost Savings Quality of Life Aging in Place Peace of Mind