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Marketing plan


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This is a part of work done during an internship offered by Prof.Sameer Mathur.

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Marketing plan

  1. 1. How much organizational hiccups will you bear during the event ? How far will you go searching for people to get works done during an event ? How many things will you concentrate during the event ? If you do all these things then how will you enjoy the event ? Leave these to us and sit back and enjoy the moment. Superior event orchestrator is an effective way to get your job done.
  2. 2. What it IS? SUPERIOR EVENT ORCHESTRATOR provides event management services. It highly aims at customer convenience and satisfaction. The SEO app facilitates booking for our services and home stop services. It also facilitates Freemium Services.
  3. 3. It is of great use in today’s world as people get busy and they desire increased comfort levels This basically operates in the organizing services sector which is an evergreen one
  4. 4. Professionals who have no time and energy. Customers who desire uniqueness in their events Customers who desire high level of comfort Customers who don’t want complications during the event.
  5. 5. GOAL It mainly focuses on reaching out to wide range of customers The Next short-term one is to Break-even PERFORMANCE To maximise the number of users at 20 percent a year.
  6. 6. They are provided with best organizational services Prices based on Membership of Customers These customers are mainly convenience preferring ones
  7. 7. Companies which are service providers for events(catering , decorators etc.)  Human resource management firms for teams in various cities. Social media partners
  8. 8. COMPETITIORS Oscar event management  DNA
  9. 9. Customer Value proposition Greater convenience Satisfactory services Affordable services COLLABORATORS VALUE PROPOSITION Popularity of their respective Brands
  10. 10. satisfaction price Superior events orchestrator MARKET POSITIONING It is positioned as a highly satisfaction providing and a affordable price brand
  11. 11. Specialised event makers with exceptional organizing abilities.  Complete event organizing with different themes according to the customers.
  12. 12. 1.Normal services: •Customers who have no time and energy can contact us for the event organizing completely 2.Subscription based services: •Customers can avail our home stop service by becoming freemium members.
  13. 13. Free subscription: • Budget less than 50,000-$298 • Less than 1,00,000-$600 • More than 1,00,000-40% of the budget. Premium Service: • Home servicing is included. • One decoration(customer’s choice) free for an event.
  14. 14. Superior event orchestrator SLOGAN Your smile is all we care about LOGO
  15. 15. COMMUNICATION Social media like Facebook, Twitter and various popular sites Pamphlets and print-ads Publicize in other events.
  16. 16. The customer need to book our services at time of their convenience The booking will be notified to our service team which are stationed at various places The nearest team will satisfy the customers service by calling them and getting details. For premium customers they will rush to their meeting spot immediately. We are on call 24*7.
  17. 17. Created by Shyam Siddharth of PSG TECH Coimbatore for an Internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur IIM Lucknow.