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Patient committees, an unsuspected asset for the hospital (EN)


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Mrs. Nathalie Delbrassine, Senior Health Executive - CHR Liège

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Patient committees, an unsuspected asset for the hospital (EN)

  1. 1. Patient Committees, an unsuspected asset for the hospital N. Delbrassine Senior Health Executive at CHR Liège P. Lisens Member of the Patient Committee at CHR Liège
  2. 2. 3 sites : Citadelle – Sainte-Rosalie – Château Rouge Public acute hospital with 898 beds under inter-municipal status
  3. 3. For over 30 years… - A patient education service => specialized professionals support the patients; tools adapted to patients, …
  4. 4. For over 30 years… - A PE relay nurse in each department; - Close collaboration with patient associations and the LUSS; - Patient satisfaction surveys in all our sectors of activity - …
  5. 5. How can we exchange with patients about their experiences at the hospital? How can they be involved in working groups and institutional decisions? In 2015: Patient Committee
  6. 6. Why a Patient Committee? - To take into consideration their lived experiences and experiences; - To increase their satisfaction; - To ask them for advice; - To offer them services that meet their needs more in line with their expectations and needs; - To change the mentalities of professionals; - …
  7. 7. - 10 patients followed at the CHR => visit regularly the institution; - Mixed (age, gender,...); - Different backgrounds (pathologies, chronicity, relatives of patients, President or not of PA...); - On the advice of a professional or on a voluntary basis; - 1 executive of the CHR - head of the patient committee. Composition PL
  8. 8. ND
  9. 9. Patient committee Committee meetings every 2 months Patient participation in working groups and institutional committees - Patient Satisfaction Working Group - Quality cell - Information System - CI Education Health - … Minutes of meetings sent to directors Functioning and organization + Monitoring of indicators PL
  10. 10. A Patient Committee at the CHR Liège
  11. 11. Some concrete examples.... - Participation in congresses, conferences,... - Training and awareness-raising of new nurses, medical assistants,... of the CHR - Implementation of resource patients to support patients in living better with their disease; - Improvements and developments made in the institution (relocation of the shuttle, online registration, meals, care pathways,...) PL
  12. 12. CHR ambassadors The Patients in the committee have become
  13. 13. Giving Patients a place: a wealth, a guarantee of quality ! Thank you for your attention