Social Wellness Challenges Demystified


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The evidence is in: social wellness challenges work! They leverage the qualities that make your employees great already — competitiveness, camaraderie, and accountability — to help them become healthier, and even more productive, employees.

View this webinar and learn how easy it is to unleash the power of positive, healthy competition within your workforce as we walk you through a real implementation, easily applied wellness best practices, and simple ways to expertly activate your employees.

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  • This is the agenda and roadmap for where you are in your implementation process.
  • When you’re considering to implement a social wellness program, there are a few key things to consider that our nearly eight years of experience have helped us understand
  • And here are the steps we implement with you to drive interest in your program. You’ll see that each step contributes an additional amount to the overall engagement. We’ll walk through each of these one-by-one to give you our experience with this methodology and to determine its approximate affect at your organization. Please note that this is our standard engagement ix for this program. We are open to discussing tailored additional options that may work well for you, but this will fall under our premium services package that we’ll discuss shortly.
  • Now let’s talk about how we will work together to ensure our relationship is successful and helps you achieve your goals. We’ve implemented our program for more than 200 companies that collectively cover more than two million lives. We have our process for success that we’ll guide you through to make this launch as easy as possible, but we need your help and input along the way to make this as successful as possible. So let’s talk through our roles for success.
  • Social Wellness Challenges Demystified

    1. 1. shapeup.comCopyright © 2013 ShapeUp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary & Confidential
    2. 2. shapeup.comRajiv Kumar, M.D.Founder & CEOrkumar@shapeup.comJane DickinsonVP of Product Marketing &Implementationjdickinson@shapeup.comElise MeyerMarketing Associateemeyer@shapeup.comToday’s Webinar Team
    3. 3. shapeup.comWhat Are Social Wellness Challenges?Online health promotion programs that empower people towork together to achieve health and fitness goals• Team competitions• e.g. Biggest Loser-style weight loss contest• Individual competitions• e.g. Who can walk the most in eight weeks?• Individual programs with social support• e.g. Couch to 5K training program
    4. 4. shapeup.comSocial Wellness Challenges: Not Just A Fad4
    5. 5. shapeup.comEmployers Are Flocking To This Strategy• 60% of companies usecompetitions as part of theirwellness strategy¹• 19% use social media toolsin conjunction with corporatewellness¹• 49% of companies will useinternal and external socialnetworks to promote health²¹17th Annual Towers Watson/ National Business Group on Health Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care²2012 Aon Hewitt Health Care Survey5
    6. 6. shapeup.comLarge Employers Are Leading The Way6
    7. 7. shapeup.comWhy? This Approach Boosts EngagementSource: 15th Annual National Business Group on Health/Towers Watson Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care.(coaching, weight data). Analysis based on an average company size of 7,500 employees with an average workforce age of 43years, 55% male population and average industry distribution with no financial incentives offered. Walking program and ShapeUp databased on book-of-business client experience.Program Type Avg. EngagementIndividual Coaching 6%Weight Management 8%Walking Program 10%Social Wellness Challenges 30%Without Incentives!
    8. 8.• 58% engagement• 33% of “high risk” population participated• Cumulative BMI reduction of 2,326 points• 32% engagement• Average participant lost 1.1 BMI points• 74% reported feeling more physically active• 35% engagement• 70% first time wellness participants• Average participant lost 8.4 pounds• 20% of participants considered "high risk”• 50% engagement• More than 60,000 pounds lost8You Can’t Afford to Miss Out On These Results8
    9. 9. shapeup.comStudies Show Significant Health OutcomesPounds Lost 7.1% Weight Loss 3.8BMI Reduction 1.2Lost 5%+ of weight 30.2%Lost 5 lbs or more 57.9%Maintained at 6 months 76%Wing, R et al: A Statewide Intervention Reduces BMI in Adults: Shape Up Rhode Island Results. Obesity 20099
    10. 10. shapeup.comStudy: Healthy Behaviors Are Contagious• Overweight/obese completers lost4.2% of initial weight• Weight loss was similar amongteammates• Having more teammates in theweight loss division led to greaterweight loss• Reporting higher social influence ledto greater weight loss10Teammates and Social Influence Affect Weight Loss Outcomes in a Team-Based Weight Loss Competition, Tricia Leahey etal, Obesity, Feb 2012.
    11. 11. shapeup.comWellness Challenges Produce Real Cost Savings“Telecom giant Sprintestimates it savedapproximately $1.1 millionthrough a social mediawellness challenge itlaunched last summer.”11Employee Benefit News
    12. 12. shapeup.comOne Tool That Helps Solve Many Problems• Scale yourself• Drives grassroots engagement• Unites entire company• Drives healthy company culture• Reaches hard-to-reach employees• Appeals to all ages and health levels• Boosts morale and productivity12
    13. 13. shapeup.comCopyright © 2013 ShapeUp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary & ConfidentialSocial wellness challengeskeep getting better
    14. 14. shapeup.comUsing the Latest in Behavior Change Science• Behavioral economics• Motivational psychology• Group dynamics• Personalization• Game design14
    15. 15. shapeup.comImproved Team Support and Accountability15
    16. 16. shapeup.comGame Mechanics for Competition and Motivation16
    17. 17. shapeup.comMore Robust Goal Setting & Tracking Tools17
    18. 18. shapeup.comImproved Social Tools for Engagement & Sharing18
    19. 19. shapeup.comEnhanced Tracking for Reports & Incentives19Insert new incentives dashboardpage screenshot (I can’t find it!) –ask Jane where it might be
    20. 20. shapeup.comNew Mobile App Functionality & Accessibility20
    21. 21. shapeup.comIntegrated Wireless Fitness Tracking Devices21
    22. 22. shapeup.comAbility to Reach a Global Workforce22US English Latin-American Spanish EU Spanish KoreanUK English Canadian French EU French Simplified ChineseItalian Portuguese (Brazil) Hungarian Traditional ChineseGerman Bulgarian Japanese Indonesian (Bahasa)Polish Filipino(Tagalog) VietnameseDutch Malay Thai• Platform available in multiple languages• Multi-lingual email support• Product delivery across the globe• Country-specific customization tools
    23. 23. shapeup.comAbility to Collect & Share Success Stories23
    24. 24. shapeup.comCopyright © 2013 ShapeUp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary & ConfidentialKey considerations forimplementation
    25. 25. shapeup.comSample Challenge Implementation TimelinePhase of Initial ChallengeImplementation Registration Challenge Next StepsWorkflowConfigurationBrandingEngagementAnalysisTiming 10 weeks 4 weeks 4-12 weeks 2 weeks2525
    26. 26. shapeup.comImplementation: Key Questions To Consider• Are you working with a vendor who has successfullyimplemented wellness challenges?• Committed to scoping• Proven approach• Experienced with configurations• Ability to customize• Scalability• Technical expertise• Participant-focused26
    27. 27. shapeup.comImplementation: Key Questions To Consider• Is the solution you’reconsidering proven to engagediverse employee populations?• Can the solution offer evidence-based best practices forprogram promotion?• Does the solution respect yourbrand and integrating with yourexisting wellness strategy?27
    28. 28. shapeup.comImplementation: Key Questions To Consider• Can you get the datareports and analysisyou need to measureand establish realoutcomes?• Does the solution offera pathway for jointinnovation in thefuture?28
    29. 29. shapeup.comCopyright © 2013 ShapeUp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary & ConfidentialSelecting a vendor forwellness challenges
    30. 30. shapeup.comScoping is critical
    31. 31. shapeup.comProven approach toimplementation
    32. 32. shapeup.com32Experience with configurationand customization
    33. 33. shapeup.com33Must be scalable
    34. 34. shapeup.com34Must have robusttechnical expertise
    35. 35. shapeup.com35Focused on your employees
    36. 36. shapeup.comCopyright © 2013 ShapeUp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary & ConfidentialMaximizing engagement inwellness challenges
    37. 37. shapeup.comSix Key Steps to Maximizing Engagement37123456Identify Program Champions By WorksiteSet Goals & Track Participation By WorksiteDistribute Promotional EmailsDisplay Posters in High-Traffic AreasPrepare All Promotions Before LaunchPromote and Host Informational Webinars
    38. 38. shapeup.comIdentify Program Champions by Worksite• Identify at least one individual at eachworksite and enlist their support• Program champions can be site HRadmins, managers, or existingwellness champions• Champions help recruit team captainsfor challenges• Provide champions with training toolsfor driving participation at theirlocation381
    39. 39. shapeup.comSet Goals & Track Sign Ups By Worksite• Set a company-wide participation goaland announce it to each champion• Send your vendor a list of names andemails of all champions• Provide your champions withparticipation updates during enrollment• Sharing participation rates createsfriendly competition and encourageschampions to spread the word392
    40. 40. shapeup.comDistribute Promotional Emails• Each employee should receive nofewer than 3 emails about theprogram before it begins• Use conversational, inclusivelanguage to convey how easy andapproachable the challenge is• Keep emails short and simple, andmake it very easy to for employeesto sign up• Space out emails over several daysor weeks so that employees don’tfeel spammed403
    41. 41. shapeup.comDisplay Posters In High-Traffic Areas• Printed communications help to createbuzz and recruit employees withoutregular access to email• Make sure they are eye-catching – uselots of color and good images to makeposters stand out• Send electronic files so that championsat different worksites can print anddistribute to the areas with the mostemployee traffic414
    42. 42. shapeup.comPrepare All Collateral Before Launch• All collateral should be fullyprepared and approved at leastone week in advance of marketing• Identify your marketing andcommunications resources early.Remember to factor in review time!• Clients who plan ahead and haveall communications ready to go inadvance experience the smoothestprocess and highest engagement425
    43. 43. shapeup.comPromote and Host Informational Webinars• Set employee expectations and answerany initial questions they may have whilealso creating excitement• Use a targeted invite email to promote thewebinar• Have your vendor on the webinar to walkthrough the program, provide details, andanswer any questions436
    44. 44. shapeup.comCopyright © 2013 ShapeUp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary & ConfidentialBranding your challenge
    45. 45. shapeup.comBranding Makes a Wellness Challenge Better• Branding makes challenge easily recognizable by youremployees• Simple and easy to implement:• Program name• Landing page copy• Branded template for website• Branded marketing materials• Customized URL or subdomain45
    46. 46. shapeup.comCopyright © 2013 ShapeUp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary & ConfidentialMeasuring the impact
    47. 47. shapeup.comMeasuring the Impact on Your Population• Best-in-class wellness challenge reporting will offer youinsight into the key metrics of program performance• Enrollment• Participation• Activity level• Engagement• Behavior change• Health outcomes• Satisfaction4747
    48. 48. shapeup.comCopyright © 2013 ShapeUp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary & ConfidentialA launching pad for more
    49. 49. shapeup.comWellness Challenges Serve as a Springboard49Other ProgramsWellness CoachingBiometric Data TrackingOnsite Fitness CenterWireless Fitness DevicesRewards & Incentives
    50. 50. shapeup.comDriving Engagement in the Wellness Ecosystem50Activity # EngagedContent Portal 1,500Lifestyle coaching 300Activity # EngagedSocial Platform 13,984Online coaching 1,871Wellness ChallengeTraditional ProgramWellness Challenge drove a six-fold increase in coaching participation!
    51. 51. shapeup.comCopyright © 2013 ShapeUp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary & ConfidentialSummary
    52. 52. shapeup.comIt’s Easier Than Ever to Do Wellness Challenges! Starting is easier than you may think Platforms have become very robust Best practices have been established Implementation is down to a science Impact can be quickly measured We can help you get started!52
    53. 53. shapeup.comRajiv Kumar, M.D.Founder & CEOrkumar@shapeup.comJane DickinsonVP of Product Marketing &Implementationjdickinson@shapeup.comElise MeyerMarketing Associateemeyer@shapeup.comThank youQuestions? Email us at