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Marketing 3.0: Creating a Faster Path to Innovation and Results


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Four panelists representing 124+ associations discuss 5 problems and 5 solutions for 3.0 marketing. They are presenting this information at the 2014 ASAE Great Ideas Conference.

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Marketing 3.0: Creating a Faster Path to Innovation and Results

  1. 1. Marketing 3.0: Creating a Faster Path to Innovation and Results Monday, March 10, 2014 3:15 – 4:30 pm Hashtag: #ideas14 LS5
  2. 2. Agenda/Format • 5 Problems, 5 Solutions + Overview, Tools & Tips • From 4 AMC panelists representing 124+ associations • Question Break After Each Category • 4 Categories – Content Marketing/Creation – Storytelling – Digital Presence – Agile Marketing/Management • More details in handout
  3. 3. Content Marketing/Creation
  4. 4. A Chart Identifies Gaps & Opportunities Problem: How to expand our market to new segments Solution: Understand value via content creators and consumers, identify new member format
  5. 5. Increasing Exhibitor Value Through Marketing Campaign Goals: • Added value to exhibitors • Increase Ad revenue in support of NANN’s “WIG” • Provide attendees an early look at new products
  6. 6. Increasing Exhibitor Value Through Marketing The Campaign: • • • • Emails to showcase up to 14 exhibitors’ products 2 sent before event and 2 sent throughout year Enhanced visibility for exhibitors/advertisers before and after event Additional conference marketing opportunity 53% of exhibitors polled showed interest in participating in the emails
  7. 7. Increasing Exhibitor Value Through Marketing The Results… Email launch early March - anticipated revenue in year 1 is $50,000 - $75,000.
  8. 8. The Problem With Pecans • Product awareness • Geographic boundaries • Editorial gatekeepers
  9. 9. Solution Getting them outside the pie! • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter • Engaging Content: Recipes • Advertising
  10. 10. Results 46K Facebook Followers INCREASED Engagement
  11. 11. A Game Adds Buzz to A Meeting Problem: Need to increase interest in meeting program Solution: A keynote quiz, promoted across social media, app and web
  12. 12. Content Marketing Strategy  To mindfully create and share valuable messaging that attracts a consistent readership, influences mindshare, and accelerates buying decisions in a non-sales way. Nasheen Liu, VP of marketing at The IT Media Group  Content should do three things: tell a story, speak in your audience's language, and initiate an action.  Three tips: – Don’t forget your internal audience – Insource your content but control the output – Outsource your topics to industry experts
  13. 13. Content Marketing Strategy Goals  Build a thought leadership position within your market  Create greater brand awareness  Identify potential members interested in what you’re doing, and  Ultimately generate a positive ROI for the association
  14. 14. Challenges  No defined purpose for each social media platform  Wrong people in charge of the effort  Doing PR the same way you used to five years ago  Confusing content marketing strategy with sales strategy
  15. 15. Resources & Tools • • • • • • • • • • • • • Animoto – create multimedia shows from photos Tagxedo – cloud graphics Evernote’s Skitch – annotations and sketches to make a point Powtoon – free animated video creation Piktochart – free infographic creators Generators – graphics creators Jing – - record how to do something on screen Hubspot’s The Marketer’s Crash Course in Visual Content Creation Helpful websites include:
  16. 16. Storytelling
  17. 17. Humanizing Certification Leads to Success Marketing Campaign Goals: • Increase participation in CRRN certification • Keep the 30 year-old CRRN certification relevant in a world of increasing micro-certifications
  18. 18. Humanizing Certification Leads to Success Faces of ARN Campaign • Outreach to all CRRN certificate holders to request photos & quotes • Enthusiastic Response! 70-80 participants Having my CRRN has enhanced my education and encouraged me to continue to pursue my next degree. I have found that the CRRN has made me more knowledgeable within our specialty practice and has allowed me to share that with others. - Carol Domzalski, CRRN
  19. 19. Humanizing Certification Leads to Success Results: • Personalized outreach to different nurse settings based on info. received. • Examples:
  20. 20. A Crowd Sourced Solution Problem: Members need help explaining the value of their work to the public and their institutions. Solution: The “Put A Face On It” program used membersourced video to tell your story
  21. 21. What’s Already Out There Problem: How does a small organization gain traction for its message with no expense? Solution: Use mainstream culture, like television shows, to start a conversation archives.cfm/category/
  22. 22. Did you know… …that solid waste workers have the 5th highest mortality rate of all occupations in the US?
  23. 23. Our Solution • Strategic messaging • Media toolkit • Public awareness
  24. 24. Results Saving Lives: Legislation Passed, In Process and Under Consideration
  25. 25. Storytelling • According to a recent Stanford study, stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.
  26. 26. Positioning & Storytelling
  27. 27. Products and services “are far more valuable when your prospect is mistaken, confused, or completely clueless about their true problem.” Daniel Pink, To Sell is Human
  28. 28. Resources • Instant Webinar from Corporate Visions Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer • Storify - create a story by pulling together multiple sources of social media content – Lessen the burden of content curation by pulling compelling social posts into one cohesive story – Leverage the unlimited uses of technology in storytelling, – Combine social media and journalism to produce better quality stories. – Find out more at
  29. 29. Digital Presence
  30. 30. MCA Eliminates Brand Confusion The Problem: • Two websites causing brand confusion • Market development initiative unsuccessful due to lack of brand clarity
  31. 31. MCA Eliminates Brand Confusion The Process: • Board decided to digitally clean house - scrap both websites and start fresh! • Developed mission driven tagline and new brand guidelines • Launched Facebook & Linkedin presences
  32. 32. MCA Eliminates Brand Confusion The Results • New website and other presences = brand clarity
  33. 33. Not So Sweet Talk …. • Vast online dialogue • Misinformation • Lack of balanced information
  34. 34. Solution • Identify key influencers • Retain credentialed advocates • Transparent commentary and redirection
  35. 35. Results 4% 37% Increase in Net Sentiment during key periods of controversy Increase in reach vs. previous year
  36. 36. Board Calls for Conference Innovation Campaign Goals: • Create an innovative conference strategy • Allow more people to obtain educational value
  37. 37. Board Calls for Conference Innovation Virtual Conference Information: • Held concurrently with in-person event • Marketed to non-registrants after early bird deadline • Worked with A/V vendor to provide technology
  38. 38. Board Calls for Conference Innovation The Results: • 200 Virtual Attendees • Equal in-person attendance experience • Increased exposure to conference content • Virtual event revenue double goal in year 1 THANKS for this option and opportunity. I am VERY pleased with the experience and HAPPY I participated. While I would have liked to attended the conference, recent surgery and other events prevented that. The virtual conference was PERFECT for me. THANK YOU!!
  39. 39. Your Digital Presence  The sum of engagement and interactivity across all touchpoints  Deliver web, mobile and tablet touchpoints that align with core brand attributes and support established objectives – Strategic Plan – Integrated Marketing Plan  Create a unified member experience  Enjoyable, Easy and Useful  Analytics and Operational Data
  40. 40. The 4 Building Blocks of a Strong Digital Presence • Tom Cochran, an Entrepreneur contributor, breaks down a good digital presence into four areas: content, strategy, design and technology. • You’ll find the full article here.
  41. 41. Top 10 Digital Experience Improvement Techniques 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Analytics & Operational Data Scenario reviews Integrate input from actual members on an ongoing basis User-centered design process One size doesn’t fit all – interface, size, responsive Get outside help when and where you need it Plan for the post-launch reality Bolster your association’s brand – don’t work against existing brand positioning statements 9. Measure against objectives 10. Unify the Overall Member Experience Use recognizable visual design patterns Make it easy to channel hop Cross channel governance practices Forrester Research, Inc. Top 10 Ways To Improve Digital Experiences Kerry Bodine, July 2012
  42. 42. Agile Marketing/Management
  43. 43. New York Women in Communications Aging profile of its membership base
  44. 44. Solution • • • Pricing strategies Career conference Special programming
  45. 45. Results 20% of NYWIC members are now students or YPs
  46. 46. What’s the WIG Idea? Focus on the Wildly Important Growth Retain Recruit
  47. 47. What’s the WIG Idea? • Steven Covey’s Four Disciplines of Execution • Research  Needs Assessment • Magnet Hospitals
  48. 48. What’s the WIG Idea? • • • • Discounts Toolkit Focus Word of Mouth Success! Result: 7,921 members – 9% increase in 9 Months
  49. 49. It’s Engagement, Not Selling Problem: Too many new members are not renewing 2nd year Solution: Automate and build engagement
  50. 50. Chicago Ad Federation • Underproduced • Not attracting the right audience • Reflecting poorly on the organization
  51. 51. Solution • Branding and theme • Sponsorships • Keep it short
  52. 52. Results • Excellent press coverage • Strong word of mouth • Doubling of attendance
  53. 53. Agile Marketing • Derived from the agile software development • Culture of flexible, rapid change • Improves the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to change of the marketing function
  54. 54. Agile Marketing Process
  55. 55. The 2020 Association Marketing Department Creative Mobile Expert Data Expert Membership Content Creator Marketing Department Mission and Vision Events Strategic Plan Education Integrated Marketing Platform Technology Subject Matter Experts
  56. 56. Resources • Forrester Research • • Trello
  57. 57. Contact Us FACILITATOR Steve Drake, president SCD Group Inc. Fort Myers, FL PRESENTERS Debra A. Berliner, Vice President Kellen Company Atlanta, GA Marilyn Jansen. Director Marketing and Business Development Association Management Center Chicago, IL Greg Schultz, Vice President The Sherwood Group Deerfield, IL Jeanne Sheehy, VP and Chief Marketing Officer The Bostrom Group Chicago, IL