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BCO Overview

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Bco 2021

  1. 1. Bahri Consulting Overseas bco 60 Bahi Ladgham Ave. Nasr II - Tunis Ariane 2080 Tunisia Tel: 216 71 81 33 58 Fax: 216 71 86 71 98 Cell: 216 22 78 18 97 email. byz@wanadoo.frOVERVIEWBCO is a business development/transformation, strategic planning, know how transfer &acquisitions one stop shop engaged to offer a wide range of market breakthrough services to foreigncompanies wishing to operate and enhance performance of those already operating in (NASS) :North Africa and Sub Sahara territories.For over a quarter of a century, BCO has successfully achieved missions as identification of nicheopportunities, support stand alone bidders, on time proposal preps & submittals, straight to theprovision of contracting, in budget execution & follow up services. A multicultural, pluridisciplinaryteam has transformed BCO to become the perfect equalizing force in dealing with genuine businessendeavors in Africa. Today, pegged to a network of alliances the world over, we are more than everbefore in tune with global development requirements and are ready, willing and able to meet themexceeding clients expectations.Starting Point: Since The 70s.Being the largest combined O&G reserves holder and producer in the world, NASS region hasbecome the preferred business destination where developed and emerging corporations are rushingin to snatch a market share position.BCO operates in NASS in general and in Libya in particular for quite a long run. Her deep knowledgeof the market place and due diligence with local institutions has enabled BCO to build up a heftytrack record and hence offer prompt, widespread support services to companies interested inapproaching one of the most promising, fresh and lucrative O&G/Power markets in the world andthat, by assisting these companies accomplish a strong tailor made presence in the region at aminimum set up cost.As Country Advisor, BCO shall steer you through the complex local administrative and legal systemand allow the benefit of choosing from several candidates, whom would be your companys sponsor,agent, representative, consultant or JV partner. Meanwhile, we make available the provision of StateCorporations contractual needs & requirements, private yard location, storage facilities, corporateoffices and the necessary local logistics & back up services.Registering with your intended customer in NASS countries might require a long period of time. Withthe proper knowledge of expected market share, competitor intelligence and customer needs, youwould be able to achieve your goals in a shorter period of time. We would provide the knowledgeyou aspire to react swiftly in accordance with the local market trends. Our team works alongsideyour existing or future partners if needed. In sum, BCO offers a cocktail of services combining pre-bid to Contract Award segments through to the provision of institutional feedback for (pre-de-re)commissionning and P&A purposes.Algiers - Tripoli - Bamako - Khartoum - Ndjamena - Bangui – Luanda – Conakry - Niamey - Banjul - Rabat – Juba - Nouakchott – Ouaga. creating opportunity, building capacity
  2. 2. bco Tel. 216 71 81 33 58 Fax. 216 71 86 71 98 Mobile: 216 22 78 18 97 Mail. byz@wanadoo.frSTEADY, DEDICATED HARD HAT COMPANY MEN & WOMENTo whom BCO is not so well known, we hope that the following headlines will be ofinterest, outlining as they do, a wide spread of activities in which these men and womencan innovate, create and perform.Health.On site, remote life support units/clinics construction & management services.Air ambulance, medical & paramedical assistance.Knowledge Acquisition.Human resources planning and development. Recruitment/placements/assignments.Enhance awareness programs, know why - know how transfer.Assist academia to industry R&D programs.Environment.Assist at proliferation of: Sustainable development models.Environmental impacts/protection & respect approaches.Desalination/water wastewater treatment/utilization & Toxics’ cradle to grave solutions.Transportation.Support pre-design, design and implement air traffic hubs, sea terminals, platforms, landnetworks including urban-sub-urban rails, highways & rings.Air/Sea bear or crew vessels acquisition/new buildings. CPs & ground handling tasks.Energy & Power.Assist and piggy back on master planning natural resources, development - alternatives.Up/Mid/Downstream On/Offshore O&G works and work-over’s to asset integrity position.Industrial Process Turnarounds; Overhauls and special turnkey interventions.E&P on proven reserves: Facilitate oil & gas license access on EPSA basis.Electricity: Generation, T&D, interconnexion to grid reliability endeavors.All above cited on upgrade, O&M, JV, EPSCC, EPIC, OMM, DBOOT/BOO or BOT basis.Trade & Finance.Source finances, capital venturing and improve sustainable procurement channels.Carry out lobbying and business diplomacy missions: win-win oriented negotiators.Maintain/improve corporate image and reputation. Provide business intelligence services.Overall Methodology: The 3Ds: Diagnose – Design – Deliver. In Strategic, Commercial and Economic Phases.Algiers - Tripoli - Bamako - Khartoum - Ndjamena - Bangui – Luanda – Conakry - Niamey - Banjul - Rabat – Juba - Nouakchott – Ouaga. creating opportunity, building capacity
  3. 3. bco Tel: 216 71 81 33 58 Fax : 216 71 86 71 98 Mobile : 216 22 78 18 97 Mail. byz@wanadoo.frIN MOTION BCO comprises a team of experienced, creative and success oriented professionals who hand in hand provide a flexible mix of commercial, technical, financial and transactional skills. BCO is dedicated to helping senior level executives understand and meet difficult challenges of business in NASS countries and in doing so, has gained the full support of local decision makers and the trust of a suite of emerging & Multi National Corporations.Range of Services:Pinpoint profitable new and niche opportunities and capitalize on.Connect Client to local key decision makers and put Client ahead of time on direct inquiries basis.Assist Client selecting his local subcontractors/JV partners. Back up client visiting staff inclusiveprovision of full local logistics support.Participate during assessment of project/bid economics incorporating inputs on volume, pricingsoutlook, facility/equipments capacity costs and, local tax assumptions. Allowing Client to identifyscenarios and sensitivities in addressing project components value, return On/Of investment andother economic indicators.Monitor Client competitors behavior. Being Client’s eyes and ears at the right place at the right time.Improve Client ongoing business and allow last look option on new business till Moment of Truth:Settle deal closure and follow up.Assist in transitional governance and management situations for better, cost effective businessre-planning, re-strategizing, re-acquisitions/divestitures, and relocation or repatriation actions.Enhance Client in-country social accountability & collaborative participation image. Personalizeservices and humanize business.Transmit a monthly sector outlook/country situation report as per Client’s request.Aforementioned services are carried out on negotiable retainer fees and/or success fees basis. Nothing beats local knowledge. Algiers - Tripoli - Bamako - Khartoum - Ndjamena - Bangui – Luanda – Conakry - Niamey - Banjul - Rabat – Juba - Nouakchott – Ouaga. creating opportunity, building capacity
  4. 4. Full Style Bahri Consulting Overseas bco 60 Bahi Ladgham Ave. Nasr II - Tunis Ariane 2080 Tunisia Tel: 216 71 81 33 58 Fax: 216 71 86 71 98 Cell: 216 22 78 18 97 mail. byz@wanadoo.fr skype: mohamed.bahri2 http:// bahriconsulting.net under dynamic/interactive revamp http://tn.linkedin.com/in/bcoglobalKey Persons:Mohamed Bahri PhD. T: 216 22 78 18 97CEO E: byz@wanadoo.frTunis Office.Youssef Bahri T: 216 23 41 71 82Head Tendering E: libya.tenders@yahoo.comMohamed Mrabet MBA T: 218 91 417 9480Head Administration E: bco.libya@hotmail.frTripoli Office, LibyaEng. Ismail Mutaz T: 218 91 214 0055Head FEED issues E:mutaz@mutaz.lyBenghazi, LibyaEng. Muftah Ali Muftah T: 218 92 779 6001Head O&M E: m_a_muftah@yahoo.comZawiya, LibyaMr. Omar Larbed T: 218 91 323 4066NOC Relations – COO Sub Sahara E: noc.omar@yahoo.comTripoli, LibyaMr. Haicem Zertit T: 213 556 000 226BCO Main, Algiers E: haicemzertit@yahoo.frAlgeriaProf. Sid Ahmed Mekkaoui T: 213 552 959 448Sonatrach Relations direction@fcsca.netOran, AlgeriaDr. Samira Drissi T: 212 6 70 99 38 34BCO Liaison E: samirad@gmail.comMoroccoMr. Mohamed Ould Ami T: 222 640 42 28Agency Nouakchott E: bco.mauritania@hotmail.comMauritania & GuineasMe. Salem Ould Brahim T: 222 640 55 38Government Relations E: mamsnkc@gmail.com
  5. 5. AGENTS & REPS.Eng. Maged Kasem T: 201 03 47 71 23Liaison E: maged.kasem@gmail.comEgypt Mid EasternHon. Tony Osuagwu T: 234 84 77 31 35Agency Abuja E: tony.osuagwu@calayaengineering.comNigeria, Togo, GhanaEng. Sylvestre Tanso T: 237 99 98 61 08Agency Douala E: stansoenfr@yahoo.frCameroun, Upper & Lower VoltasMrs. Aurelie Makela T: 243 89 76 75 435Agency Kinshasa E: aureliemakela@yahoo.frRDCongo & AngolaMr. Abdul Naya T: 226 76 69 59 52Agency Ouagadougou E:abdulnaya@yahoo.frBurkina, Tchad & NigerMe. Lacle Kibangou T: 242 6 68 57 39Agency Brazzaville E: lacle2mk@yahoo.frCongo Brazzaville, Central African RepublicEng. Sindani Kuzamba T: 243 89 86 03 901Agency Bamako T: 225 20 22 22 27Mali E:henri_kuzamba@yahoo.frSurveillance:Pr. Bedis Kandil BahriBahri & Bahri CharteredCFOs & Intl. FinanceTunis OfficeMaitre Omar ZaghdoudiAttorney at LawPublic Affairs, Government & Business Administration.Tunis OfficeDr. Zeineb BahriHSEQ IssuesTunis OficeRegistered Offices: N°: C946820 dated 12.09.1989 Dept of Commerce Tripoli, Libya.Tripoli:19 Ahmed Makhzoumi AvenueHay Andalus Tripoli 1002LibyaBenghazi:Mutaz Building10 Main Street – Alhadaek Industrial ZoneBenghazi 6022LibyaNew: As of 15th of July 2011 BCO has opened a liaison office in Juba. South Sudan. Algiers - Tripoli - Bamako - Khartoum - Ndjamena - Bangui – Luanda – Conakry - Niamey - Banjul - Rabat – Juba - Nouakchott – Ouaga. creating opportunity, building capacity
  6. 6. bcoCLIENTS SHORTLIST:GMCD KuwaitGeoservices – Schlumberger SwitzerlandOderbrecht BrazilLMC UKWartsila FinlandPSE GermanyGahtani Group QatarTyssons Krupp GermanyBoviDen DenmarkSTX Offshore & Shipbuilders KoreaCESSNA – Africair Textron Group USADeepocean AS NorwayKAPPA Groupe SONOVISION FranceHITACHI Electric JapanGIFFORD Ltd UKENPETROL TurkeyCLAYTON BelgiumApplus RTD UKGOLTENS UK/ DubaiEB TECH Co. JapanPANTERRA NetherlandsNAFTOMAR GreeceGlencore NetherlandsSoufflet Négoce FranceVitol UKDaewoo Marine KoreaGOLDAK CanadaONYX SwitzerlandBechtel USAJaihind Contractors IndiaPeerless Burgess Manning UKTurbo Service GmbH GermanyCaminos & Perez Compeng ArgentinaGRAIG INTERNATIONAL South AfricaCHEMCO UKUnicredit Offshore GermanyBlack & Veatch USAGroupe Suez Safege FranceDreyfuss BelgiumVeolia FranceMAS Offshore Singapore.General Electric USAEl Kethiry Enterprises OmanLamor FinlandAlfa Laval SwedenTerraquest CanadaSABIC Saudi ArabiaSTEG – ETAP Tunisia…
  7. 7. Official Links:Algeria www.el-mouradia.dzAngola www.minfin.gv.aoBenin www.gouv.bjBurkina Faso www.primature.gov.bfCentral African Republic www.rca-gouv.netCameroun www.prc.cmCongo RDC www.presidence.cgUnion of the Comoros www.beit-salam.kmDjibouti www.presidence.djIvory Coast www.cotedivoirepr.ciEritrea www.shabait.comEgypt www.presidency.gov.egEthiopia www.cyberethiopia.comGabon www.legabon.orgGambia www.gambia.gmGuinea www.guinee.gov.gnGuinea Bissau www.guineabissau.comGhana www.ghana.gov.ghLibya www.ntclibya.orgLiberia www.emansion.gov.lrKenya www.statehousekenya.go.keMali www.koulouba.pr.mlMauritania www.ami.mrMorocco www.mincom.gov.maNamibia www.grnnet.gov.naNiger www.presidence.neNigeria www.nigeria.gov.ngSenegal www.gouv.snSierra Leone www.sierra-leone.orgSomalia www.somaliuk.comSao Tome and Principe www.presidencia.stSudan www.mfa.gov.sdChad www.presidencedutchad.orgTogo www.republicoftogo.comSouth Sudan www.goss.orgTunisia www.ministeres.tnBanking Links:WB www.worldbank.orgAfDB www.afdb.orgADB www.adb.orgIDB www.iadb.orgEBRD www.ebrd.comIslamic DB www.isdb.orgDBSA www.dbsa.orgWRI www.wri.orgNADB www.nadbank.orgATB www.atb.tn
  8. 8. bco Projects/Clients Sheet – Libya shortlistProject Description Client YearEPIC Ghadames Water Transport, Connect & Treatment Station. Suez/Safege France. GMMRA 2004Summary Project Study Methodology and FEED Tripoli Light Metro Network Project.Systra France. Tripoli LMA 2005 2006EPIC Zuara Hospital. PSE Germany Ministry of Health 2007Supply & Installation of Air Conditioning, extraction system & Power Stabilization atData Centre Mech Services plc UK HOO 2008Upgrading of Gas Turbine Units at Oil & Gas Power Station. GPS SOC 2009Procurement and Installation of New Crude Oil Heater for Contract Area Onshore. MOC 2009 1stSupply & Install One New Loading Unit at Benghazi Asphalt Plant phase. GPS ARC 2009Assistance to WOC for the engineering & construction of Faregh camp facilities. WOC 2009Audit of Hamada Field Facilities for assessment of Corrosion and CIPS, DCVG & SoilConductivity Surveys on Dual trunk lines at Messla Field. Applus RTD AGOCO 2010Engineering, Designing, Construction, Commissioning and Testing of Road TankersLoading Terminals RASCO 2010. Kappa RASCO 2010Renovation of Desalination Plant No. (20-G-12B) RASCO 2010Ongoing F(P)SO Project - STX O&S Korea MOC 2011Sidra Oil Terminal Ongoing Refurbishment Study BPMC/Benghazi 2011BCO acts as a consultant provider of HR recruitment, placement & assignmentservices to major EPCs’.GMMRA: Great Man Made River AuthorityTLMA: Tripoli Light Metro Authority.HOO: Harouge Oil Operations Co.SOC: Sirte Oil Corp.MOC: Mellitah Oil & Gas Co.ARC: Azzawiya Refinery Co.WOC: Waha Oil Co.AGOCO: Arab Gulf Oil Co.RASCO: Ras Lanuf Chemichal Complex.GECOL: General Electricity Co.BPMC: Brega Petroleum Marketing Co.
  9. 9. Projects/Clients SheetProject Description Client YearPMS Live sheep imports/quarantine & distribution project (300.000 heads). Livestock Corp. 1987/89Balsarini - ItalyConsultancy: Ministry of Agriculture/UNDP/FAO: Screw Worm Disease UN/Ministry. 1989/90Eradication Program.Consultant Trading raw materials & commodities NASCO 1992/92Provision of Local logistics support to Sabratha FPSO. EPCs/ LMC NOC/MOCG/LMC 2003EPIC Ghadames Water Transport, Connect & Treatment Station. Suez/Safege GMMRA 2004Summary FEED & Methodology Tripoli Light Metro Network Project. Systra Tripoli LMA 2005France.Advisor Upgrade Zuara Hospital Tunisian Libyan Partnership. Ministry of Health 2006Upgrading of Gas Turbine Units at Oil & Gas Power Station. GPS SOC 2007PMS Procurement and Installation of New Crude Oil Heater for Contract Area MOC 2009Onshore. ARC 2009 1stSupply & Install One New Loading Unit at Benghazi Asphalt Plant phase. WOC 2009PMS Assistance to WOC for the engineering & construction of Faregh campfacilities. Consortium AGOCO 2010Audit of Hamada Field Facilities for assessment of Corrosion and CIPS, DCVG &Soil Conductivity Surveys on Dual trunk lines at Messla Field. RASCO 2010Testing of Road Tankers Loading Terminals RASCO 2010 CHEMCO RASCO 2010Renovation of Desalination Plant No. (20-G-12B) KAPPA MOC 2011Country Advisor F(P)SO ongoing With STX Korea & Consortium Benghazi 2011El Azizia Oil Terminal under evaluationSidra Oil Terminal under preliminary study (refurbishment)GMMRA: Great Man Made River AuthorityTLMA: Tripoli Light Metro Authority.HOO: Harouge Oil Operations Co.SOCMOCARCWOCAGOCORASCORASCOMOCCurrent provider of human resources recruitment, placement & assignment services to major E&P contractors.