15 Wellness Predictions for 2013 and Beyond


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Sweeping cultural, political, and technological changes are transforming many of the ways we think, act, and work. As these changes come to the workplace, employee wellness programs face significant challenges and exciting opportunities. Employee wellness leaders must understand this changing landscape so they can prepare for what’s to come. Put your organization ahead of the curve by joining ShapeUp’s Founder & CEO Dr. Rajiv Kumar on this webinar as he kicks off the new year by sharing his and other national wellness experts’ views on what to expect for wellness in 2013 and beyond.

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15 Wellness Predictions for 2013 and Beyond

  1. 1. Fran MelmedOwner, Context Communication
  2. 2. More employers will offer healthtechnologies such as self-trackers,apps, and other devices, or integratewith employee’s preferred tools.
  3. 3. Christopher ChanCreative Director of Health Imagination, Towers Watson
  4. 4. In 5 years, everything will bemeasured, whether you like it ornot.
  5. 5. Adam WoottonDirector of Social Media & Games, Towers Watson
  6. 6. Companies will be surprised tosee that when they deploy wellnesstools, their employees are wellahead of them in the adoption of mobiletechnology.
  7. 7. Bob MerbergWellness Program Manager, Paychex, Inc.
  8. 8. Employee wellness programswill turn their attention moretoward intrinsic motivation toachieve long-term outcomes.
  9. 9. Dr. Janice ProchaskaCEO, Pro-Change Behavior Systems
  10. 10. More CEOs will demand thatwellness programs are based onscience and produce high impactoutcomes.
  11. 11. Dr. David HunnicuttCEO, Wellness Councils of America
  12. 12. Worksite wellness programs are goingto becomemuch, much, much, much, much, much, much, much more Draconian.
  13. 13. Dr. Lorna FriedmanPartner, Global Health Management, Mercer
  14. 14. More companies will lookto expand their wellnessprograms outside of the US.
  15. 15. Jennifer BenzBenz Communications
  16. 16. This will be the year that companies stophesitating to invest in the ongoingcommunication that is needed to createsuccess with wellness programs.
  17. 17. Dr. Michael RoizenChief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic
  18. 18. Americans will progressivelyembrace the wellness rebateprovision of the PPACA tobecome wealthier and healthier.
  19. 19. Susan WilletteSVP, National Healthcare Strategist, Aon Hewitt
  20. 20. For employers deciding to moveto a health exchange, the focus onemployee health will shift to its impacton productivity and overall businessperformance.
  21. 21. Sue LewisEVP, Payor Solutions Group, Krames StayWell
  22. 22. Wellness will rapidly become mission-critical for Health Plansas they reinvent themselves from ‘healthinsurance’ to ‘health management’companies.
  23. 23. Dr. David KatzDirector, Yale University Prevention Research Center
  24. 24. Our culture will start tosubstitute shoe leather forthe seat of our pants.
  25. 25. Dr. BJ FoggFounder & Director, Behavior Design Lab,Stanford University
  26. 26. Dancing will become amore popular way to behappy and healthy.
  27. 27. Michael SamuelsonExecutive Administrative Director, The Health &Wellness Alliance for Children
  28. 28. Understanding that economic development requiresa local and steady stream of educated and healthyworkers, organizations will expand beyond primaryprevention to focus on primordial prevention, childrenshealth, and functional medicine.
  29. 29. Alexandra DraneFounder, Eliza
  30. 30. Caregiving is recognized for the condition itis – as devastating and impactful as diabetesor asthma…and employers, feeling thebeginning onslaught of the silvertsunami, react accordingly.