Mindful Eating Exploratory Study


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  • The purpose: Reversing the trend with mindful eating
    Theory of mindful eating
    Our findings
  • hand exercise
  • (a) paying attention to what is occurring (thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and environmental cues) in the present moment; (b) an awareness that arises by intentionally attending to whatever is arising in the present moment; (c) a non-reactive state that is open to exploring possibilities and; (d) making conscious choices that do not conform to habitual patterns of reactivity.
  • mental acts of which we are aware, that we intend, that require effort, and that we can control
  • Non conscious mind
  • affliction habit
  • Mindful habit
  • Non conscious mind
  • narrow
  • spacious
  • behavior
  • mindful behavior
  • stress
  • mindfulness
  • attentional
  • non reactive
  • Mindful Eating Exploratory Study

    1. 1. Use of Social Media for Mindful Eating Over the Holidays: Theory and Empirical Results Shalini Bahl – MindfulUniverse.com George R. Milne – Isenberg School of Management, UMass Amherst Spencer Ross -- Simmons School of Management
    2. 2. holiday eating In India
    3. 3. Weight Gain A Growing Threat in America
    4. 4. Obesity costs the U.S. $190.2 Billion Figures from APA 2012 http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/07/01/a-label-calls-attention-to-obesity/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0
    5. 5. Irreversible Gain up to 5 Pounds During Holidays
    6. 6. Purpose Weight Management With Mindful Eating • Theory of Mindful Eating • Method • Findings
    7. 7. What is Mindfulness
    8. 8. Mindfulness is awareness in the present moment on purpose with a gentle curiosity and non judgment
    9. 9. mindful Eating • Intentional • Attending to present moment experience • Non-reactive • Conscious choices
    10. 10. The Mindful Eating Model
    11. 11. The Methodology
    12. 12. The Methodology Photographs Journaling Online Community Thanksgiving to January 1st
    13. 13. Social Media Site: www.mindfuluniverse.com Six Participants
    14. 14. What did We Find
    15. 15. Internal Stimuli “When I am grading or doing other mundane work I like to eat chocolatey stuff.” External “They had the leftover marshmallows in a glass on the table. I ate most of them, and not very mindful.”
    16. 16. Non-Conscious Mind Affliction Habit Mindful Habit
    17. 17. affliction habit “I love frozen food. It's a completely irrational thing. I know it's bad for me. I know it's not organic. I know there are lots of additives. I know the nutritional content is marginal, at best. And yet, there's something about it that makes me continue eating it.”
    18. 18. mindful habit “Today was a very busy day, but I did manage to start my day with juice.  Even though I was in a hurry I managed to really enjoy the flavors of the different fruits and veggies.”
    19. 19. Conscious Mind Narrow Mindset Spacious Mindset
    20. 20. narrow mindset “This holiday (Thanksgiving) is great, its about Family, Food, and Football. Football and beer and snacks.  I thought about skipping this ritual, but why have a bad holiday?”
    21. 21. spacious mindset “At the end of the evening we drank wine by the tree and fire.   Katie brought out a tray of cookies.   In years past I would have tried one of each—there were six varieties, and maybe have a few repeats of my favorites.  This year however, I asked for a knife.  I cut the cookies in half.  I got the variety and half the calories.”
    22. 22. Behaviors
    23. 23. Mindless Behavior “I gotta admit today was a mindfulness fail because I was multitasking as I ate.... I guess I was too excited for the holidays.” #MindFail
    24. 24. Mindful Behavior “I now make it a point to actually sit down to enjoy the taste of it.”
    25. 25. stress “We had been out of chips in the house, so I bought a bag of Doritos. The Lean Pockets were my lunch and I decided that I was going to mindfully be mindless and eat as many of the Doritos as I wanted without documentation of all the chips I ate (the flavor was actually pretty horrible).”
    26. 26. mindfulness training “I am finding that this experiment is giving me more time to think about my relationship with food and get a better sense of what I am eating and how it is making me feel.   For example, by limiting myself to a relatively small lunch and only one beer, I felt much more energetic later in the afternoon.    I need to remember this feeling when I am making food choices in the future.”
    27. 27. Attentional Training “I noticed I started eating my food in a hurry, but then I tried to slow down and enjoy the ingredients of my omelet and the tasty flavor of avocado. I think it worked :)”
    28. 28. non reactive training “I indulged on several things I don't regularly eat so this weekend I decided I was not going to feel guilty about it. I can start my usual diet on Monday :) When we got home, I made myself some chamomile tea again :)”
    29. 29. Looking Forward Future Research: Neuroplasticity & Mindful Consumer Behavior Relationships In Mindful Eating Model Short Mindfulness Practices as An Intervention New Apps For Mindful Eating
    30. 30. See for yourself Eat Mindfully Today