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Salon and Spa Management Software | Salon and Spa Management System-Odoo Apps


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This Salon and Spa management system developed by Serpent Consulting Services Pvt LTD helps your customers to do booking by phone call or by check in to your salon.

Easy Booking and Service Allocation to Customers POS makes easy to select right Staff / Beautician for right work and for right customer.

Maintain client relationships with detailed appointments history, preferences,future bookings and contact details.

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Salon and Spa Management Software | Salon and Spa Management System-Odoo Apps

  1. 1. Salon & Spa Management A Complete ERP Solution...
  2. 2. System At A Glance ❏ Comprehensive Salon and Spa Management Solution ❏ Easy Booking and Service Allocation to Customers ❏ Floor & Chair Management and its Allocation ❏ Service Progress Status ❏ Commission Allocation to Staff / Beautician ❏ Booking and Payment Receipt Generation with Barcode ❏ Transparent Billing System
  3. 3. System Workflow
  4. 4. Main Highlights Easy Booking and Scheduling Chair Management and Allocation Staff / Beautician Management Staff / Beautician Commission Management Customer Management Analysis of Revenue Staff / Beautician Configuration Membership Enrollment
  5. 5. ❏ Phone Call Booking with addition of Multiple Services ❏ Easy Calendar view to Manage Appointments ❏ Queue Management Feature Easy Booking & Scheduling
  6. 6. Booking & Scheduling
  7. 7. ❏ Configuration is done against respective Specialized Services ❏ Staff / Beautician is allocated to the Customer according to selected Service ❏ Booking Number, Check In Date & Time and Commission are also configured Staff / Beautician Configuration
  8. 8. Staff / Beautician Configuration
  9. 9. Product Booking for Customer
  10. 10. ❏ Allocation of chair to Staff / Beautician to work on it ❏ Easy viewing of allocated chairs and empty chairs ❏ Helps in providing quick service Chair Management
  11. 11. Chair Allocation in System
  12. 12. ❏ POS makes easy to select right Staff / Beautician for right work and for right customer ❏ Manager can allocate the task to the Staff / Beautician on customer’s preference also ❏ Manager select the Beauticians based on their skills Staff Management
  13. 13. Staff / Beautician Allocation in System
  14. 14. ❏ Customer proceeds with Booking id to take their services ❏ On entering booking id, the list of your requested services will be displayed on GUI screen ❏ List of services will be updated as the service is progressed Order Execution
  15. 15. Order Execution
  16. 16. Order Execution
  17. 17. Order Execution
  18. 18. This feature provide two types of methods to give Staff / Beautician commission; By Section Method: ❏ Commission is given on the basis of how much revenue is generated by the Staff / Beautician Fixed Percentage Method: ❏ Commission percentage remain fixed ❏ Manager has to enter that % in system and commission is included in salary of Staff / Beautician Manage Commission of Staff / Beautician
  19. 19. Staff / Beautician Commission
  20. 20. Staff / Beautician Commission
  21. 21. Staff / Beautician Commission
  22. 22. Section-based Commission
  23. 23. Fixed commission
  24. 24. ❏ Maintain customer database personal information, sale history, preferred services and stylist ❏ Maintain client relationships with detailed appointments history, preferences, future bookings and contact details Manage Your Customers
  25. 25. Customer Allocation Dashboard
  26. 26. ❏ Finally customers pay for their hired services ❏ Receipt is generated under the Booking id / Order id of the customer Service Payments
  27. 27. Service Payment
  28. 28. Service Payment
  29. 29. Service Payment
  30. 30. Service Payment
  31. 31. Service Payment
  32. 32. Service Payment (Print Receipt)
  33. 33. Service Payment
  34. 34. ❏ Calendar view is for the advance booking of services by customer ❏ Advance booking is done through phone call Calendar View (For Advance Bookings)
  35. 35. Calendar View
  36. 36. Calendar View
  37. 37. ❏ Company Analysis: Analysis of Company Performance ❏ Ex. Target Performance Vs. Actual Performance ❏ Revenue Analysis: Analysis of Revenue Generated by Company ❏ Analysis of Staff / Beautician: Based on Staff / Beautician Performance ❏ Customer Analysis: Manage Customer Database ❏ Analysis on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis Analysis
  38. 38. Sale Details
  39. 39. Daily Sales Report of Salon
  40. 40. ❏ Customers can enroll themselves as the member of Salon ❏ Customers can choose to be a member of particular scheme from the list of available schemes ❏ This can help members to enjoy special perks for their selected services Membership Enrollment
  41. 41. Membership Scheme Configuration
  42. 42. Membership Scheme
  43. 43. Creating Membership Scheme
  44. 44. Buy Membership Scheme
  45. 45. Membership Invoice
  46. 46. Membership Duration
  47. 47. Paid Member
  48. 48. Perks ❏ Full ERP for Spa and Saloon Business ❏ Replace your Daily Admin Tasks with Automation and Tools ❏ Dashboard Displays up to date Bookings, Actions and Notifications ❏ Manage Available Service area/chairs for Optimum Utilization ❏ Fits any Size Business ❏ POS Results in Increased Revenue ❏ Print or Email Receipts ❏ Supports Barcode Scanner ❏ One Click Commission Calculation Reports ❏ Comprehensive Membership Management ❏ Easy to Launch Schemes and Packages on Festivals
  49. 49. Thank You