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What Is Salesforce CRM? | Salesforce CRM Tutorial For Beginners | Salesforce CRM Training | Edureka

This Salesforce CRM tutorial will take you through what is Salesforce CRM, benefits of Salesforce CRM, how CRM works, along with Salesforce CRM demo and use case. This Salesforce training slides is ideal for beginners to learn CRM.

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What Is Salesforce CRM? | Salesforce CRM Tutorial For Beginners | Salesforce CRM Training | Edureka

  1. 1.’s Salesforce Certification Training
  2. 2.’s Salesforce Certification Training What Will You Learn Today? What is a CRM?Why CRM? How CRM works? SFDC business objects Salesforce CRM features Use Case – Wells Fargo 1 2 3 4 65
  3. 3.’s Salesforce Certification Training Why CRM?
  4. 4.’s Salesforce Certification Training Why CRM?  CRM system is centralized which is available anytime on fingertips  Avoid paper and manual work  Build and maintain strong, loyal relationship with customers and prospects  Reduce process time and increase productivity  Data tracking - what is selling and who is buying  Consistent user experiences across all touch-points  Real-time access to all customer information to enable quick decisions
  5. 5.’s Salesforce Certification Training What Is A CRM?
  6. 6.’s Salesforce Certification Training What Is A CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a business tool that allows you to manage all your customer, partner and prospect information all in one place.  CRM uses technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes - principally sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.  Purpose : » Retain existing clients » Energize dormant accounts/clients » Acquire new clients GROWTH Shareholder Value Creation Marketing Orientation Information Technology Innovation CRM
  7. 7.’s Salesforce Certification Training Manages all data in one place High installation and maintenance cost No personalized service High client attrition In a cloud-based system, you don’t own anything Real-time customer data, personalized service High customer lifetime value Traditional Process - Siebel Unused data Cloud CRM - SFDC Traditional Vs Cloud CRM
  8. 8.’s Salesforce Certification Training How CRM Works?
  9. 9.’s Salesforce Certification Training Easy AccessMultitenant Architecture Easy Customization  All users share a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained.  Ability for each user to easily customize applications to fit their business processes.  Access to data from any device - making it easier for everyone to see the same information at the same time. How Do These CRM Systems Operate?
  10. 10.’s Salesforce Certification Training Salesforce CRM Fast Deployment Automatic software updates The ability to work from anywhere Scalability and cost reduction Increased collaboration
  11. 11.’s Salesforce Certification Training Benefits of Salesforce CRM  Connects 1:1 with customers  One place to store all your customer data  Reduces manual efforts  Increase customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction.  Accelerate sales productivity  Get more customer insights  Increase overall growth of your business
  12. 12.’s Salesforce Certification Training SFDC Has Highest Market Share In CRM Worldwide CRM Software Spending by vendor, 2015 Market Size: $26.2B, Up 12.3% From 2014 Worldwide CRM Software Spending by vendor, 2015 2014-2015 Growth (%)
  13. 13.’s Salesforce Certification Training SFDC Leader In CRM Gartner Magic Quadrant
  14. 14.’s Salesforce Certification Training SFDC Standard Objects A contact is any individual or influencer associated with an account A lead is any person, organization or company that may be interested in your products. Leads are not yet customers A case is a detailed description of a customer’s feedback, problem or question A solution is a detailed description of a customer issue and its resolution An opportunity is any potential revenue generating event Contacts Leads Case Solutions Opportunities
  15. 15.’s Salesforce Certification Training SFDC Standard Objects An account is an organization, individual or company involved with your business such as customer, competitor or partner A forecast is your best estimate of how much revenue you can generate in a quarter Written agreements with your customers It keep records of items, prices and descriptions of what you sell Accounts Forecasts Contracts Products
  16. 16.’s Salesforce Certification Training SFDC Standard Objects A campaign is any marketing project that you want to plan, manage and track in salesforce You can track your tasks and schedule calendar events. Centralized location for storing and sharing company files Reports are summaries and analysis of your data which you can display or print Campaign Calendar and Tasks Reports Documents
  17. 17.’s Salesforce Certification Training Data Process Flow Activities A c t i v i t i e s Campaigns Lead Account Contact Opportunity Tasks Events Calls Emails Tasks Events Calls Emails
  18. 18.’s Salesforce Certification Training Salesforce CRM Features
  19. 19.’s Salesforce Certification Training Features Marketing and sales leads – Measures customer engagement by tracking email/activity history of a profile and convert them to customers. Contact management – You can pull in all your customer’s data which includes activity history, key contacts, customer communications etc. Real-time visibility – You can gain real-time visibility of your contact center. Opportunities and quotes - Create opportunity and quote where you can represent your customers the prices of the products and services that you offer.
  20. 20.’s Salesforce Certification Training Features Build and run innovative apps - You can get the flexibility and control to build, scale and manage all of your apps. Forecasting – You can have real-time access of your entire team’s forecast by creating the right pipeline and correlating them. Approvals and workflow – Workflow rules let you create email alerts, update fields or send outbound API messages. Approval processes automate the approval of articles. Social accounts and contacts - Leverage social media platforms to engage customers and get more customer details.
  21. 21.’s Salesforce Certification Training Features Chatter – Chatter helps to connect, engage and motivate customers. It collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaign etc. Analytics – It is a platform where you can easily access the data, create dashboards, perform analysis and get insights. Email integration – It provides integration which are devoted to customer service, support and customer experience. Communities for sales - Online community software that enables companies to connect customers, partners and employees with each other.
  22. 22.’s Salesforce Certification Training Pricing • Enterprise features • Service Cloud • & perform • Multiple sandboxes • Unlimited custom app development • Premier + success plan PERFORMANCE – $300 • Professional features • Workflow & approval automation • Integration via web service API • Profiles and page layouts • Custom app development • Salesforce Identity & AppExchange ENTERPRISE – $125 • Accounts & contacts • Task & event tracking • Outlook, email integration • Salesforce1 Mobile App • Content library • Customizable reports & Chatter CONTACT MANAGER – $5/user/month GROUP – $25/user/month • Contact Manager features • Opportunity tracking • Lead scoring, routing & assignment • Email templates & tracking • Group features • Mass email • Campaigns • Customizable dashboards PROFESSIONAL – $65/user/month
  23. 23.’s Salesforce Certification Training Use Case – Wells Fargo bank
  24. 24.’s Salesforce Certification Training Use Case Customers not connected No tools to cater customer needs Unsatisfactory user experience Improve Productivity Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud Service Cloud Chatter Challenges faced Products used WELLS FARGO
  25. 25.’s Salesforce Certification Training Solutions Social xyz Deepen customer relationships Social channels Key point in Economical Key point in Social Chatter • Wells Fargo wholesale banking has nearly 300 distinct products and services. • Using salesforce CRM, they found a way where customers communicate, connect and share their opinions. • Wells Fargo bank used social tools as a way to help people connect around customers. • Using social channels, they connect around building products and risk management practices. • Wells Fargo used Chatter which provides collaboration features and capabilities to allow a user to share information. • It connect every employee with the files, data and experts they need - anywhere, anytime.
  26. 26.’s Salesforce Certification Training Course Details Go to Get Edureka Certified in Salesforce Today! What our learners have to say about us! Zakiuddin says, “I am very thankful to the instructors and support team who are helping the students to achieve their goals in all the necessary and possible accepts. I, being an operations manager will recommend Edureka as an exceptional place to learn.” Jonathan Tribhuwan, Sr. Lead Associate says, “The instructors have deep knowledge and simple ways to educate us. I especially liked the way they take us through the SFDC platform instead of playing through the PPT.” Madhu Chetan, Siebel Consultant at Medtronic says, “Salesforce class was interactive and the instructor was knowledgeable. Customer support is really good and course content is well documented.”
  27. 27.’s Salesforce Certification Training