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Wine amore presentation_restaurants_eng


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Wine amore presentation_restaurants_eng

  1. 1. The New Way To Choose Wine Yesterday Today
  2. 2. The New Way To Choose Wine What WineAmore is It is an iPad application to create and manage a Digital Wine List
  3. 3. The New Way To Choose Wine Why WineAmore Complete of information and contents about wines Easy & fast to manage Completely customizable Multilanguage (15 languages avilable) Possibility to search wines by different criteria: • Region • Size • Colour • Grape or Dish-Pairing
  4. 4. The New Way To Choose Wine Value for the Final customers Easy and interactive choice of wines Awared choice of the wine thanks to rich information & content All information written in different languages
  5. 5. The New Way To Choose Wine Value for the Restaurant owner Saving of & as it is so easy to update the list, without printing anything Better service given to final customer Possibility to highlight specific to promote Better image for the Restaurants, thanks also to complete customization Better management of the stock and rotation
  6. 6. The New Way To Choose Wine So easy: 2 passwords The Restaurant owner receives 2 password One to install his customized list on how many iPads he wants The second to access to a private web-site to manage by himself the list
  7. 7. The New Way To Choose Wine Easy to install and use No informatic competence needed to have and manage the customized wine list WineAmore team will prepare the customization and the restaurant owner will only have to keep the list updated
  8. 8. The New Way To Choose Wine WineAmore seen on Media Newspapers, magazines, web-sites, blogs published informations & news about WineAmore, confirming great attention about this new marketing tool
  9. 9. The New Way To Choose Wine Awards WineAmore has been selected among the 6 Best New Company for Expo 2015, that will take place in Milan - Italy Our client De Lindeboom New Style Restaurant, has been awarded as BEST WINE- LIST in The Neteherland 2013; the jury mentioned the “superbe interface” of the list in the motivation of the award
  10. 10. The New Way To Choose Wine Multiple clients already WineAmore is partner of the event circuit Among our clients, noticeable: • Ristorante LORO di Trescore Balneario (Michelin Star) • Ristorante Tosco Romagnolo di Paolo Teverini (Michelin Star) • Ristorante dell’Hotel Bellariva di Gardone Riviera (5 stars Hotel) We have active clients in Italy, France, Luxembourg, Canada, Brazil, Netherland, USA.
  11. 11. The New Way To Choose Wine Free Demo Version on iTunes Contact us: @wineamore