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China digital marketing & social media summit, oct 24, sydney 2013 Marketing wines in china, konrad markham presentation


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How to leverage the power of digital marketing and Chinese social media to market your wines in China.

from Case study based analyses of Digital Marketing campaigns.

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China digital marketing & social media summit, oct 24, sydney 2013 Marketing wines in china, konrad markham presentation

  1. 1. How to leverage the power of Digital Marketing and Chinese Social Media to market your wines in China
  2. 2. Agenda • Market Background • Case Studies - Digital Marketing & Social Media • Suggestions – How Incorporate Digital Marketing & Social Media • Other Wine Marketing Opportunities
  3. 3. Market Background • 80% of purchases are as gifts. • Local Chinese wines - 90% volume share • Red wines preferred • On premise channel dominates. Hypermarkets & online growing • Est 100k brands, from 80 countries on sale • Household income of 180k + RMB for Imported wine • Softy, fruity, sweet flavour profile most preferred
  4. 4. Market Background • No strong earthy aromas or dominant tannins • Food & Wine pairing • Perceived health benefits vs. Baijiu • 1st Tier cities highly developed for Imported wines • 1st Tier cities more expensive to advertise, cluttered & competitive • High appetite for wine education • Packaging, design colours and Chinese name also critical
  5. 5. Source & Type of Wine Information • For <45 yrs, Internet main channel for wine info • Sina Weibo - #1 social media platform for wine • Desktop #1, mobile/tablet also strong • Want short text in Mandarin + images/videos • Most interest in: • Less interest in: • Wine type/style & region • Producer Information • Food & Wine matching • How the wine is made Source: Wine Intelligence
  6. 6. Case Studies •New Zealand Trade & Enterprises •New Zealand Wine Growers Objective: Awareness & Recognition of NZ & NZ Wines Strategy: In 2012, 4 Sina Weibo bloggers chosen to visit NZ wine regions during grape harvest. Bloggers chosen based on topic interest & follower numbers. Posted their experiences on blog. Result: New Zealand Wine Weibo account reached 10k followers post campaign.
  7. 7. Case Studies Objective: Brand Recognition & Awareness Strategy: 5 Day Sina Weibo Campaign in lead up to Valentines Day 2013. Express their love to others via the Villa Maria account to win. Result: Campaign drove an additional +10,000 followers. •Villa Maria NZ
  8. 8. Case Studies Objectives: Engage female drinkers with Provencal rose. Promote Provence as a romantic holiday destination. Strategy: Sina Weibo campaign since 2012. Provide link content to reflect this. Result: Increase in Provencal rose sales. Increased # followers to 42,000 •Wines of Provence •CIVP
  9. 9. Case Studies Objective: Raise awareness of wine styles/regions & ASC brands. Strategy: Developed a series of educational style films. Host sommelier discusses regions with a panel & tastes ASC wines. Result: Rated Top Ten Original short series by CCTV online in 2012. 3rd series produced in 2013. •ASC Fine Wines
  10. 10. Recommendations • The right Digital Marketing & Social Media strategy will be dependent on your: • Business & Sales Objectives. • Marketing Objectives: • Customer Acquisition • Awareness/ Branding • Retention/ Engagement • Market Research • Customer Service • Target Audience. • Technology – Mobile, Video • Budget, Key Measures of Success, ROI Timeframe. • Resources available here and on the ground in China.
  11. 11. Recommendations • Design Marketing activities to have an inherently social motivation to spur broader engagement. • Types of Content • Rewards/Promotion. • Utility/ Education. • Gamification. • Celebrity Endorsement • TV shows/ movie • Yao Ming Family Wines
  12. 12. Celebrity Endorsement •Yao Ming Family Wines • Brand Launch in 2011. • Napa Crest added to range in 2013. • Range priced from 500 – 5000 RMB. • Distributed via Pernod Ricard SA to VIP customers. • Results: • Brand sold 9,250 9LE cases in total since launch. • Family Reserve sells out each year – Approx 800 cases.
  13. 13. Other Opportunities • Exclusivity & equity sharing arrangements. • Develop new specific brand/sub range. • Clear & differentiated channel strategies. • Online vs Offline Channels. • Utilise Wine Australia resources. • 11 focus cities. • Evaluate opportunities in 2nd/3rd Tier cities. • Australia category activity vs Brand activity. • Use of QR Codes. • Think outside the square.
  14. 14. Other Opportunities •South African Wine - Franschhoek •Leopard’s Leap/La Motte • Equity Sharing Arrangements • In 2011, developed distribution agreement with Aussino. • Exclusive South African wine brand. • JV with Yangzhou Perfect, • Perfect Wines South Africa. • New brand – L’Huguenot. Sweeter flavour profile and tailored varieties. Result Sold 400k bottles 10 days after launch. 30% of annual target. Direct Sales Channel – Prestige Wines Links with Tsinghua University Beijing Alumni. Hosts 4 groups of alumni each year at winery. 150k sales post first visit.
  15. 15. Other Opportunities • Packaging Innovation & Exclusivity • In 2012, released 12 bottles only of a 2004 Cab Sauv in a blown glass ampoule. $168,000 each. Results: The first ampoule was sold to a restaurateur in Hong Kong. •Treasury Wines
  16. 16. Thank you!
  17. 17. Some other Wine Labels Source:
  18. 18. Some other Wine Labels Source: