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WineAmore Intro


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WineAmore Intro

  1. 1. The New Way To Choose WineYesterday Today
  2. 2. What WineAmore isIt is an iPad application to create and manage a Digital Wine List The New Way To Choose Wine
  3. 3. The whole chain is involvedFinal customers Restaurant owners Importers Producers The New Way To Choose Wine
  4. 4. Value for the Final customersEasy and interactive choice ofwinesAwared choice of the winethanks to rich information &contentAll information written indifferent languages The New Way To Choose Wine
  5. 5. Value for the Restaurant owner Saving of & as it is so easyto update the list, without printinganything Better service given to final customer Possibility to highlight specific to promote Better image for the Restaurants, thanks also to complete customization Better management of the stock and rotation The New Way To Choose Wine
  6. 6. Value for the Producers Possibility to be present exactlyduring the choice, with relevatinformation about each wine Maximization of all investments done in the label & design of the bottle Collecting important marketing analytics and data about wine distribution and wines-appeal Give to the sales force a strong and easy-to-update digital cathalog The New Way To Choose Wine
  7. 7. Value for the Importers WineAmore is a completly new toolof Trade Marketing for Importers:•Importers make an agreement withWineAmore to upload wines-details andinfo of all imported wines•Importers give the WineAmore-application to Best Clients(restuarants or wineries), and can see increasing wine sales•Best Clients receive a new and useful tool to better work Give to the sales force a strong and easy-to-updatedigital cathalog The New Way To Choose Wine
  8. 8. Easy to install and use No informatic competence needed to have and manage the customized wine listWineAmore team will prepare the customization and therestaurant owner will only have to keep the list updated The New Way To Choose Wine
  9. 9. Business Model Yearly Fee + Setup FeeRestaurant Data Service Reputation Yearly Fee WineAmore Wine Data Service Exposure Producer WineAmore App DataConsumer User Experience The New Way To Choose Wine
  10. 10. Actual Customers and Market sizeWe already have clients both in Italyand abroad (see map), and areplanning to expand worldwide The New Way To Choose Wine
  11. 11. WineAmore seen on MediaNewspapers, magazines, web-sites, blogs publishedinformations & news about WineAmore, confirming greatattention about this new marketing tool The New Way To Choose Wine
  12. 12. AwardsWineAmore has been selected Our client De Lindeboom among the 6 Best New New Style Restaurant, hasCompany for Expo 2015, that been awarded as BESTwill take place in Milan - Italy WINE-LIST in The Neteherland 2013; the jury mentioned the “superbe interface” of the list in the motivation of the award WineAmore won the Business Plan Competition Start Cup 2011 in Bergamo area The New Way To Choose Wine
  13. 13. «The change from atoms to bits is irrevocableand unstoppable»(N. Negroponte, “Bits and Atoms” - 1995)«When you will enter a restaurant in 2020, you’llhardly see any paper wine-list around!»(WineAmore Team - 2011) Free DEMO on iTunesCONTACTS:Sergio Cocco @wineamoreCEO & The New Way To Choose Wine