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SCC2013 - Inclusive initiatives - Jenny Legg


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Presentation from "Inclusive initiatives" at the 2013 Science Communication Conference organised by the British Science Association - slides by Jenny Legg

Published in: Career, Health & Medicine
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SCC2013 - Inclusive initiatives - Jenny Legg

  1. 1. Talking to communitiesabout heart health andresearch
  2. 2. Why?South Asian communities•Higher risk of developing heart disease than generalpopulation.•Twice as likely to develop diabetes•40% of South Asians don’t realise their ethnicity increasestheir risk of diabetesAfrican Caribbean communities•Twice the risk of stroke as Europeans.•Highest risk of high blood pressure for ethnic minorities inthe UK•More than twice as likely to develop diabetes than thegeneral UK population•1 in 4 African Caribbean adults don’t realise their ethnicityincreases their risk of high blood pressure and diabetes
  3. 3. Relevant fact &figures UK Times
  4. 4. Relevant casestudies
  5. 5. Relevantspokespeople
  6. 6. Celebrities
  7. 7. Be culturally aware• Calendar events• Cultural beliefs
  8. 8. Links withadvertising
  9. 9. Stronger researchmessaging• Fight for Every Heartbeat(7 pieces of coverage)• Mending Broken Hearts…..
  10. 10. Questions