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Quantified domains


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Quantified domains

  1. 1. - Preliminary Draft - The Qualified Self Domains The Amaté platform Prof. L. SCHLENKER December 1st 2014 How can you use enterprise technologies for self-improvement?
  2. 2. ©2013 L. SCHLENKER I. The Quantified Self II. The Qualified Self III. Managerial Perspective Intro Domains Technology Cases ©2014 L. SCHLENKER
  3. 3. •Data mediates the experience of reality. •Quantimetric self-tracking and wearable computers •Quantimetric self-sensing •Gary Wolf - the Quantified Self Early prototype of "Quantimetric Self-Sensing" apparatus, 1996 Intro Domains Technology Cases ©2014 L. SCHLENKER
  4. 4. • Pythagoras of Samos - number is the key to reality • Immanuel Kant - reality is comprehensible through categories of significance (schemata) • Michel Foucault: - technologies of the Self • Martin Heidegger - care of the self before care of others • Timothy Leary – «turn on, tune in, drop out” • Steve Mann: - Souveillance vs. Surveillanc QS as way of sharing meaning rather than quantifying the individual? Intro Domains Technology Cases ©2014 L. SCHLENKER
  5. 5. Frame Cloud Figure (s) Oracle Leon Battista Alberti Intro Domains Technology Cases ©2014 L. SCHLENKER
  6. 6. • Mobile devices and embedded sensors can track heart rate, blood sugar, caloric intake, sleep quality…. . • Capters can beam data to cloud databases, which send advice to consumers • There is a real need in health-care to cut down the number of unnecessary medical visits • Google has funded 23andMe Inc., Fitbit has drawn $43 million from investment firms Intro Domains Technology Cases ©2014 L. SCHLENKER
  7. 7. • People have been keeping checklists and to do’s for decades • Ask the right question and then find the right mix between curiosity and measurable data • RescueTime led writer Gina Trapani to switch to a standing desk and WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg do impose new email rules. •Mint for tracking where every Euro and cent goes. •MoodPanda for noting on a simple 1- 10 scale how you’re feeling •PlaceMe, for automated location tracking system Intro Domains Technology Cases ©2014 L. SCHLENKER
  8. 8. • Track what you read – when, what, where you stop, what you highlight, what you annotate • Track what you write - how many words, how many pages, what and when you write…. • Track how you learn - who you listen to , what you say, how you search…. • Technology can enable real-time feedback •Santa Monica College’s Glass Classroom, Stanford’s Multimodal Learning Analytics • Do something with what you discover big-data.html Intro Domains Technology Cases ©2014 L. SCHLENKER
  9. 9. ©2013 L. SCHLENKER • Using data for personal meaning challenge our ideas about human connection • Social networks like Facebook and Twitter transform our social interactions into quantifiable data streams • Social Graph - interactions between people in a social network • Is it possible to track emotions, passions and memories? • Could QS help us live together in a sustainable way? Will our communities be looking after us, taking care, encouraging us, as well as discipline us? Joerg Blumtritt Intro Domains Technology Cases ©2014 L. SCHLENKER