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Ministry teams minutes 10-09-13


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Ministry teams minutes 10-09-13

  1. 1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 9 October 2013 Ministry Team: Newcomer Members Present: Sue Young, Barbara Kamry, Cheryl Waechter Agenda Items Discussed: 1. “Mentoring” new members so they feel welcomed and get involved in the community. Ideas included recruiting members for a “shepherding” team, each of whom would be matched up with a newcomer/couple/family based on a commonality, provide them with a checklist of ways to help their assigned newcomers feel incorporated and get involved. This “official” role would not extend further than six months, possibly less. Also talked about “activities fair” as a way to showcase all that COTN has going on (that idea was not supported in Oct vestry mtg ). 2. Newcomer budget discussed for 2014 Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date Run idea of “shepherds” by SA. write up article for GT to recruit members Sue GT deadline Mentoring of newest members – ministry teams offered, etc team ongoing Survey newcomer breakfast attendees for feedback tbd after 9/22 Host newcomer check in/info tables at church events like church picnic, Fat Tuesday or high attendance Sundays. team ongoing Visitor pkts created team ongoing
  2. 2. Ministry Team: Pastoral Care Members Present: Jane Weyland, Charly Kerr, Caroline Kerr, Barbara Kamya, Janet Alford Vestry Liaison: David Lynch Agenda Items Discussed:, visitation for those in assisted living or others not able to attend services • Budget for 2014 • Visitation for those in assisted living, etc. Action Items Assigned Action Item Plan meeting with Stephanie Obtain 2013 budget detail Assigned To Janet Janet Due Date 10/16 11/13
  3. 3. Ministry Team: Buildings and Grounds Members Present: Ken Tessier, Randy Smith, Alfred Christensen Agenda Items: • Follow-up on last meeting’s action list (from the August meeting). Action Item Assigned To Alfred Due Date Comment Sep 11 Ken Tessier Sep 11 Will be added to the upcoming workday activity list. Ken is still trying to locate a vendor with the correct cages. Chris and Alfred Sep 11 Determine if audio reinforcement rack can be moved to the back of the Nave Alfred and Ken Tessier Sep 11 Research cost of amplifier and speakers for the Nave Alfred Sep 11 Finish user’s guide for audio reinforcement system Ken Tessier Sep 11 Check/clean gutters on back side of Estill House Install cages over downspouts in gutters on Estill House Research, select and install two programmable thermostats for the Nave. • This activity will be postponed to 2014 due to budget overrun in 2013. The thermostats we plan to use are Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat Model # RTH8580WF. The cost is $149.00 per thermostat at Home Depot and $128.43 + shipping at Further work on this postponed until budget approval for the amplifier has been secured. Probably yes, but there are no outlets, so we’ll need to install one. We will also need an enclosure of some sorts so the audio controls won’t be inadvertently adjusted by people passing by. We need to identify the best location and discuss with Stephanie before we make any final decisions. Estimate is 6,000. Had meeting with Randy. Waiting for his estimate – expected to be more expensive than predicted (roughly around $6,000 is what Randy indicated). Work in progress. Budget input for 2014 o We are requested to provide initial input for the 2014 budget by today. o Finance data as it relates to the Buildings and Grounds team: Account # 65110 65100 65310 65320 65330 65340 65400 65500 65600 ?? Account Name Cleaning Maintenance Power Telephone Trash collection Water Landscaping Insurance BB&T Loan Payment Long-term maintenance 2012 Budget Actual Budget $1,000 $6,500 $14,500 $6,000 2013 Actual to-date 9/30 $679 $6,857 $12,114 $5,141 Actual % of budget 67.90 105.49 83.54 85.68 $0 $12,000 $17,640 $5,220 $1,008 $10,120 $14,086 $5,956 $2,280 2014 Budget Proposal $362 $400 $181 45.25 $400 $1,959 $999 $15,000 $2,665 $3,811 $13,981 $2,500 $4,000 $15,000 $2,453 $4,374 $9,920 98.12 109.35 66.13 $3,000 $4,000 $15,000 $49,961 $49,961 $46,961 $35,220 75.00 $50,000 $1,000 $10,000 $15,000 $6,500 ??
  4. 4. Account # 64920 o o o o o Account Name Computer Hardware and Software 2012 Budget Actual $200 $907 Budget $1,000 2013 Actual to-date 9/30 Actual % of budget $2,836 283.60 2014 Budget Proposal $1,000 Maintenance: We have had an unusual amount of maintenance to our A/C systems. All the systems are getting old (some of the units are up to 22 years old), and maintenance is likely to also be needed in 2014. Landscaping: We have for the last two years used a landscaping company (Fetsko) to maintain our grounds. The cost of doing so is exceeding our budgeted amounts. To avoid budget increase for this account, B&G decided to reduce Fetsko involvement by performing more landscaping activities ourselves. BB&T Loan Payment: If we refinance, this budget item will be impacted. We will coordinate the amount on this budget item with the finance team. Computer Hardware and Software: In both 2012 and 2013, we upgraded our IT infrastructure and installed a new PC for our new business manager. In 2013 we had to purchase a new phone system for Nativity, which was posted to this account. We do not currently expect any major new activity in this area beyond potentially upgrading our CDM license to a multi-user license. New itemized budget items: New thermostats in the Nave, in Corlett Hall and in the Estill House hallway (4 thermostats $500). The objective is to better control electricity cost. This amount is included in the maintenance account budget number above. The Communications team has requested money for a sound system in the Nave (estimate is $6,000 for amplifier and speakers). This is likely not an operating fund item, but rather an investment (improvement?) item. We will let Finance team decide where this item should go. When we have a Memorial Garden design and implementation plan, the cost of implementing that design needs to be determined. Until the plan exists, it is impossible to estimate the cost of implementation. • We have had (at least) two occasions where the A/V system control module in Estill House was not working and had to be reset (powered off/powered on again). o Alfred has sent a note to Randy asking what the cause of the problem might be. o Randy has responded that it may happen during short power outages. o Alfred has placed a sheet near the control module explaining how to reset it if it happens again. • We need to schedule a Buildings and Grounds work event – some initial thoughts about activities: o Some of the shrubs around the campus, especially those in front of Estill House, need pruning and maybe moving to other locations. o One of the shrubs towards the right side of Estill House appears to have died and needs to be cut down or removed. o Some cleanup is needed around the oak tree and other areas. o The wooden benches and tables under the oak tree need to be power washed. o Planting of pansies for the winter in selected areas. o Power wash the brick walk ways in the Memorial garden. o Wash out and snake out all the gutter downspouts. o Install cages over downspouts in front of Estill House (if we manage to find some that can be used for the purpose). o Clean gutters on Estill House and the Education building. o Remove the old breaker panel on the side of Estill House towards the Education building. o Clean refrigerator coils for energy savings. o Inspect all outside doors and renew weather stripping if needed.
  5. 5. o o o o o Inspect all water fountains for leaks and make appropriate repairs if needed. Install LED or CFL bulbs in all 5 EXIT signs in Estill House. The EXIT signs in the Worship and the Education buildings are of a newer type that appears to already use energy-efficient light sources. Clean and re-stain the wooden cross on the front of Estill House. Other grounds (including the Memorial garden) activities that need to be identified? Please send ideas for further activities to Alfred ( Alfred will organize the event – likely the first half of November? • Fetsko landscaping services. o We have told Fetsko not to aerate and over-seed the lawns this fall since we don’t feel it is necessary, and we are exceeding the budgeted amount for landscaping for 2013. o We have also told Fetsko to not prune any shrubs this fall – we are including those activities in our work day. • Walkway to the Memorial Garden. o The walkway discussion has been integrated into the works of a new memorial garden committee. Ken Tessier has become a member of that new committee. o We did have a meeting with the committee, but the committee is working on getting a landscape architect involved before we start working on a walkway. o The most likely walkway material is brick pavers and everyone seems to agree that the walkway should be between the parking lot and the memorial garden – maybe with a connector walkway to the concrete walkways behind Estill House. • Parking lot expansion – status of current planning activities o The Vestry decided to move ahead with the project. As soon as we get into some of the detailed planning, the team will be involved in the work. o We are still waiting for cheap dirt. Many projects in the area have been delayed due to the very wet summer we have had. o We just checked again with the project manager and there is no change in status as of early October 2013. Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Organize B&G work day Assigned To Alfred Due Date Nov 1 Nave audio reinforcement system user guide Provide 2014 budget input to the Finance team Ken Tessier Alfred Nov 13 Oct 11 Comment Likely first half of November.
  6. 6. Ministry Team: Youth Formation Members Present: Fran Kenney, Jane Weinberger, Sally Bloom, Beth Crow, Dave McKinnon Minutes: 1. Mission Statement We discussed proposed new mission statement for Youth Program at COTN. There is general agreement that the current statement, derived from a one-day retreat and edited by the YMT is too long and too wordy. Fran, Jane, Sally, and Beth offered text for discussion. We tried using the “6 words” method and listing words that speak to the program. They are below. We tweaked Fran’s sentence as we liked it. There will be further discussion next meeting. We also recognize that if/when a Youth Minister is hired, this topic likely would be revisited. Mission statements from Fran: • Our mission is to lead Nativity’s youth to the transforming power of following Christ-- through community, worship, prayer, and service. TWEAKED STATEMENT: • Nativity’s mission is to help teens encounter the transformative power of Jesus Christ, through community, worship, prayer, and service. • 6 word “essay”-- Faith, worship, and community for youth • Series of words (as suggested in Rite-13 curriculum)-- community, fun, guidance, life skills, service, worship, prayer, faith, social justice Six words from Sally: • Knowing and Living God’s Love, Together From Beth: • Five Marks of Mission • education, connection, formation, and transformation From Jane: • 6 words: Know God and Make Him Known • Series of Words: Respect, Honor, Community, Faith, Prayer, Leadership • COTN will strive to anchor our youth in the joy and traditions of the Christian faith energizing and equipping them to experience the love of Christ in their lives and the ability to express this to the world. or • COTN will respond to the social and spiritual needs of our youth building community and helping them express their faith through their own words and actions. Current: Nativity’s mission is to inspire, nurture and expand the spiritual development of its teens through faith, worship and community. The Church of the Nativity will provide for our teenagers an accepting, welcoming community in which to experience the love of God and the Good News of Jesus so they can express their faith through worship, prayer, and service.OR is it: The Church of the Nativity will provide for our teenagers an accepting, welcoming community in which to experience the love of God and the Good News of Jesus so they can express their faith through worship, prayer, and service. 2. Budget Discussion Fran reviewed the draft budget. Noted that it would be clearer if there was a “Youth Trips” line in the budget to separate these monies from regular class funds. Discussion of $700 companion diocesan donation. Beth stated we should not be expected to pay, but a donation is okay. Annette Hughes is checking on this. No donation was made for the last group in 2012; but payment was made in 2010. Fran also would like to clean up restricted funds so that fundraising for youth trips are in the same fund, instead of separate buckets. Finally it is noted that there is 10k set-aside for youth minister and Fran is requesting that these monies be applied to youth trips for 2014. Beth noted that the Diocese may purchase a diocesewide license for the J2A program which would reduce each parish’s costs to about $50.
  7. 7. 3. Stewardship Discussion Fran is speaking at 8 am Service. Jon and others gave input into what we would like to share. “Today, we’re not talking about the youth in the program right now, although they are terrific. Really what we are talking about is the number of babies in the nursery at 10:30. We need a youth minister who helps us build for the future--will help the youth here now, but to maintain the momentum and to create a community where they want to stay and participate and someday bring their children here and grow the church. It’s time for a professional.” 4. Youth Program in Progress--What’s Up? Discussion Youth at Diocesan Events.We do have some kids going to Happening and the Christ Church. Important that Jane, Fran, and Sally make sure that adults are in place to drive and/or chaperon for each event BEFORE getting kids to go. YACS: Discussion re YACs; Mike noted how hard it is to make individual contact with kids because of the Safe Child restrictions. He misses personal one-on-one contact; worried about it being seen as inappropriate. Suggestions are to go to parents and ask them about their young person attending. Mike worries that kids attending because parents’ influence do not have the enthusiasm to make program successful. Mike says it is hard to make points of contact. There are regulations that make it very difficult to reach out. Talking to parents works, but not really. Beth noted that Safe Child is undergoing revision.Jane has reached out to parents and thinks it can be effective. Sally noted that this is a program in building mode; that outreach from YAC leaders to CURRENT Pilgrims in the spring might be good to help them realize that church continues even after they get back from Costa Rica. Perhaps something (Mentoring? Leadership roles? Outing? Service?) can be planned for next October timeframe that specifically calls for the new YACS to do, and to tell them about it in the spring so it is on their calendars and in their brains. Youth Group: Olivia only senior who came. But other high schoolers were there. Jon and Becky will do Bishops Ball again! Hurray! ACTION ITEMS: • MISSION STATEMENTS Due November • Brainstorm possible future YAC activities (for the rising YACS, for 2014-2015; they will be 11th and 12th graders). Due November Meeting. • Review Assessment To-Do list--portion reprinted below. How to proceed. Thoughts on these items. Due November meeting. October 2013 Focus: Manual, Parents Outcomes: · All parent surveys have been collected and ways to plug in parents for the youth ministry have been determined through registration. · A manual for each of the ministries has been completed, including Visioning Documents, Directories, Volunteer Directory, Volunteer Training, Attendance records, Annual Calendar, Results-Based Job Descriptions, Game Plans and New Initiatives, YMT meeting agendas and minutes, Christian Formation Plan and record of curriculum resources used for the current year, Budget and other financial documents, Recruiting Template, with a record of all the volunteer needs for the year, Compliance Documents, November 2013 Focus: Search, Integration, Missions Outcomes: · A strategic plan has been developed for helping the youth become an integral part of the whole church, weaving the youth ministry into the fabric of the entire church. This plan may include creative ways to plug youth in leadership roles throughout the church. · Build off the desire of youth and parents to make a difference in the world as well as their local community. The current outreach opportunities have been evaluated for effectiveness. Create a plan for promoting and exposing the youth to outreach throughout the year. A clear, focused calendar has been developed for involvement in diocesan outreach activities as well as local, regional, and possibly international missions. December 2013 Focus: Youth Leadership, Parent Support Outcomes: · Opportunities have been created for youth to use their leadership gifts throughout the church. A game plan for supporting parents in their role in raising their children has been created and support events have been scheduled.
  8. 8. Ministry Team: Outreach Members Present: Carl Sigel, Rene Garces, Pat Watson, Pete Crow, Annette Hughes (vestry) Agenda Items Discussed: 1. How to follow up with homeless ministry initiative 2. Nativity Garden—Carl Mary Kingsley will be heading up pre-K daycare , focusing on outdoors, working with garden in part, maybe put in hothouse 3. Outreach allocations for 2013 4. Day of Giving, Dec. 8, 2013 a. List of groups to be represented b. Coordinator—contact groups involved; coord. with fellowship, c & d below c. Publicity—announcements, posters, etc. d. Room arrangement and any decorations 5. Christmas Gifts for EHM (Angel Tree)--Pat Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item 1. Pat will take lead on looking into support parish role 2. 3. Annette will check on discrepancy between my figures and figures Alfred handed out; Pete will then request checks according to allocation handout 4. Rene—coordination; Carl—publicity; Pete—setup and video; Annette--collecting money 5. Pat will lead Angel Tree efforts Assigned To Pat Due Date Nov. 12 Annette Oct. 17 Dec. 8
  9. 9. Ministry Team: Communications Members Present: Ben Huckaby, Emilie Sigel, Gail Christensen Agenda/Items Discussed: 1. Communications Team Budget Discussion a. Reviewed the proposed Communications Team budget for 2014 b. Budget was unanimously approved by the team, it will be sent on to the Finance Ministry Team Website Update . Online Pledging page has been added to the site and to the navigation. Roadside Banner Scheduling . A suggestion has been brought to the Communications Team to create a schedule sheet in Google Documents for reserving times to display various roadside banners. This could also help with print scheduling. Brand Guidelines - Fonts . The team consensus was not to establish an “official” font for the time being, but rather to have general recommendations of what style of font to use for different media (ex: “Use a Sans-Serif font for digital media and a Serif for printed media”). a. If we were to have official fonts, we could use the two open-source fonts that are used on the website. Both are free to download, use, and distribute: i. Open Sans 1. ii. Shanti 1. b. The team will discuss a possible change of approach to the Brand Guidelines so that they can be released. Action Items Discussed/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date Clarifying budget issues Gail Team discussion to revisit Brand Guidelines and approach Team 10/31/13 11/13/13
  10. 10. Ministry Team: Adult Formation Members Present: Carl Terry, Nancy Terry, Stephanie Allen, George Douglas Agenda Items Discussed: 1. Reviewed budget for 2013 year. Cost of books for George Clifford’s class was $700. We only budgeted $750. Discussion of how we finance future book studies. We will look alternative ways of funding such as limiting the number of books and/or asking participants to pay some of the costs. Outreach has asked if we would pay for speakers. Should it be in their budget or ours? We have obligated to pay Carolyn Edge $200. Stephanie said that was approved. We will need to submit a budget in October. 2. Reviewed items from fall schedule: only two changes. December 15 - “The Birth of Jesus” the popular story in contrast to the Gospel and historical accounts – Rev. George Clifford and George Douglas December 22 Bible Study – Facilitator to be determined (Jane Vella?) 3. Adult formation for 2014. See attached list. • Discussion of inviting greater participation. Need to have participants break up in to small groups for discussion. Having more than one offering especially when there is a Book Study. That could be Bible Study or informal discussion • Looking ahead to Lent - Considering a Wednesday night program with dinner, Adult/Children/Youth program followed by Eucharist in Corlett Hall. Program would start at 5 p.m. • Stephanie reported that the Commission on Ministry is working on the development of a Laity Program that would fill the gap between EFM and the Deaconate for people who want to go deeper into their faith. • EFM did not seek out lst year members this year. Need report on how that is going • Carl and Nancy are looking at starting a Marriage Enrichment Group after the first of the year. This would be a group of couples, typically 4-6 who meet in each other’s homes once a month to continue to grow in their marriage. Could meet at church as well if babysitting or need for larger space. Will hold informational meetings in November. Action Items Assigned: 1. Nancy to ask Jane Vella about Bible Study for December 22. Done. She has agreed. 2. Nancy to confirm and ask Carolyn Edge if she has promotional materials for her presentation. If not, we will need to develop. Nancy has received and will get poser and flyer’s made. 3. Finalize budget. 4. George and Stephanie will get a group together to put the Books of Acts program together for Epiphany. 5. Carl will talk to Winston Charles about the Lenten program. 6. George will write up a description of the Adult Formation Team to put in Glad Tidings by October 21. Nancy and Carl will hold informational meeting for Marriage Enrichment Group in November. Write up for Glad Tidings.