Ministry Teams Meetings Minutes July 2013


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Ministry Teams Meetings Minutes July 2013

  1. 1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 12 June 2013 Ministry Team: Youth Members present: Mike, Chris, Jon, Sally, Jane, Fran Vestry Liaison: Fran Kenney Agenda Items Discussed: • Discussed preparations for upcoming school year. • Reviewed information re funding for Youth Position at COTN • Youth Leader positions almost full.
  2. 2. Ministry Team: Adult Formation Members Present: Carl Terry, Nancy Terry, Stephanie Allen, George Douglas Vestry Liaison: Agenda Items Discussed: Schedule for September 8 – December 22, 2013 September 8 Carl Sigel (promotion of fall environmental program) September 15 Nancy Titus’ 2012 Pilgrimage to Hildegard, Germany September 22 Nancy’s Pilgrimage to Hildegard, Part Two September 29 Pete Crow, Outreach (TBD) October 6 Angelo Maker, The Lost Boys October 13 Vestry Forum October 20 Conversation with the new Suffragan Bishop Anne Hodges-Copple October 27 “Women of the Fourth Gospel” presented by Carolyn Edge November 3 “Women of the Fourth Gospel” Part Two November 10 “Women of the Fourth Gospel” Part Three November 17 “Women of the Fourth Gospel” Part Four November 24 Report from the 2013 North Carolina Diocesan Convention December 1 Annual Meeting – Church of the Nativity December 8 “Day of Giving” – COTN Outreach Committee December 15 “The Birth of Jesus” the popular story in contrast to the Gospel and historical accounts – Rev. George Clifford and George Douglas December 22 Possible Part Two of the above session or a unique Advent program Action Items Assigned: • Stephanie will talk with Nancy Titus about her Sept. 15/22 program • George will talk with Carl Sigel about the environmental program (Sept 8) • George will also talk with George Clifford about the Advent program on December 15 • Carl T. will discuss the October 6 presentation of The Lost Boys with Angelo Maker • Carl will talk with Pete Crow about the Outreach program for September 29 Other Items Discussed: We also discussed the possibility of a longer form adult formation program to fill the gap of information that seems to exist between EFM and the Deaconate program. This would be a longer form program that would be presented in the future probably as an evening program. The purpose would be to develop a program for those who wish to go deeper into their faith.
  3. 3. Ministry Team: Buildings and Grounds Members Present: Kenneth, Alfred, David, Chris and Ken Tessier Vestry Liaison: Ken Tessier Agenda Items Discussed: • B&G did not meet in June. • Discuss note from the Newcomers team about suggested updates to the Narthex. o The budget is outlined / highlighted below and we'd like to move ahead on the work over the summer if possible so the entry to our church will be fresh and welcoming by the end of August. If need be, we could just go ahead with the painting ($100 for paint+$100 for supplies and scaffold rental for $200 total) and save the purchase of furnishings (we are scavenging for gently used/recycled items!) for later. Again, though, the budget for this project was included in the 2013 operating budget - with the caveat that Newcomers go through B&G for these funds, and I believe the thought that the funds would come out of the surplus from 2012. o B&G has no objections to the proposed improvements to the Narthex. Since this expense is to be viewed as a capital expense (improving the church facilities), it needs to be confirmed by the Vestry (which meets July 16, 2013). • The Building and Grounds budget vs. actual year-to-date (end of June) o Extract from our financial records (I hope to have transaction details for some of the accounts before our meeting Wednesday evening). o Please note that the budget amounts are the yearly budget amounts divided by 12 and multiplied by 6 for the first six months. Seasonal adjustments have not been made to the budget numbers. o John Oldham from the Finance team joined B&G for a brief discussion of budget vs. actual costs for the first 6 months of 2013. o Maintenance-Other: There are four payments to All-American for unscheduled AC equipment repairs during the first 6 months for a total of $4,597.80 (which covers 76% of the amount to this account). Please note that an additional AC repair for the amount of $5,260.03 was posted to the Long Term Maintenance designated funds (account 22100). So far in 2013, we have had AC repair costs for a total of $9,857.83 – a trend that hopefully is not a trend! o Landscaping: The Fetsko services have proven to be more expensive than anticipated. Their spring cleaning activity alone cost us $2,822.82 – we will next year see how much of that work we may be able to do ourselves. Since the summer has been very wet, the grass continues to grow. Normally we switch to a bi-weekly mowing schedule when July comes, but we have not been able to do so this summer. o Computer Hardware and Software: Equipping our new Business Manager with a workstation cost us $894.60 – mostly software since we “found” the PC itself for no cost. In addition, the new phone system that was installed in January was charged to this account for an amount of $1,584.00. Budget item Budget for those six month Actual for those six month % of budget Cleaning 500 420 84% Maintenance – other 3250 5620 173% Power (electricity) 7249 7319 101% Telephone 3000 3270 109% Trash collection 200 181 91% Water 1250 1119 90% Landscaping 2000 3216 161% Insurance 7500 5373 72% BB&T Loan payment 23481 23480 100% B&G Total 48430 49999 103% Computer hardware and software 500 2836 567%
  4. 4. Rain water in the Education building during heavy downpours. o The gutters have been cleaned. We need to set up a schedule to clean the gutters at least once a year, preferably twice a year. o Some repairs were done where the downspouts tie into the gutters to improve the water flow and reduce the likelihood of clogging. o One side of the “glass door” in room 203 is not really a door, but a fixed frame (the right frame as seen from the outside). Water seems to have come in at the bottom of this fixed frame. We may be able to caulk the underside of that frame from the outside to prevent water from coming in. This has not yet been done. o The cleaning of gutters and the repairs that were done to the downspouts appear to have worked. There have not been any reports of water coming into the building since that work was done, and we have had some very heavy downpours in the meantime. o We will caulk the bottom of the right glass “door” in room 203 to further reduce the likelihood of rain water coming in. • Rain water in Estill House during heavy downpours. o Rain water ran down the outside of the building and in through the upper door frame around the glass door in the lobby. o Ken Tessier has cleaned the front gutter and removed debris in the downspout that had clogged it – Thanks to Ken. o The work that was done to caulk the lower part of the glass doors in Jennie’s office and in the lobby does seem to have worked as intended. There have been no reports of rain water coming into Jennie’s office since we did that work. o The front gutters do not seem to have any debris in them, but we need to check the gutters on the backside to see if they need to be cleaned. Alfred will bring over the big ladder one day and check the gutters in the back. o Since the downspouts empty into drainage pipes, Ken Tessier will install cages over the downspouts in the gutters to prevent debris from clogging the downspouts • Doors into the two bathrooms at the rear of the Nave are too heavy for small children to open. o There seem to be no code that requires those door “closers”. o Alfred tried to adjust these, but wasn’t able to find any adjustment screws. According to David and Marc, it should be possible to remove the cover of the “closers” and then get access to adjustment screws to reduce the force by which they close. o Alfred will look into this as soon as possible. • Marc suggested that we install motion detector-timer switches in the bathrooms and storage areas to save on energy costs. o Ken Tessier installed those in the two bathrooms in Estill House and they work fine – Thanks to Ken. o The cost for a sensor is around $30.00 – which is a worthwhile investment since they will save electricity over time. o Such detectors were installed in the bath rooms in the Education building. I believe they operate both the ceiling fan and the lights. o We have five bathrooms left in the Worship (5 sensors). o We have one electrical / storage closet in the Worship building and one in Estill House (2 sensors needed). o Ken Tessier will install similar motion sensors in the five bath rooms in the Worship building. • We also need to look at thermostat replacement. o We have a variety of thermostat brands and models – the two thermostats in the Nave are different. Some of them are programmable and some are not. o We need to be able to program thermostats: hour of the day, day of the week.
  5. 5. o The most immediate need is to replace the two thermostats in the Nave. o There are three thermostats in the Education building (I am not sure if they are programmable or not). o There are two thermostats in Estill House (both of these are programmable). o I would prefer thermostats that are able to connect to our wireless network and be programmed and monitored from a PC/laptop connected to that same network, but after having looked at prices and functions, I think those are too expensive for our current budget. o I did talk with our HVAC vendor about new thermostats. They recommend Honeywell VisionPRO Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat (Model TH8320WF). All American would ask for about $300.00 per thermostat - installed. o The so-called Wi-Fi thermostats that are available mostly seem to work in a way we do not find convenient. Alfred will continue to search for some that work as we prefer, but if it isn’t possible to find such or they prove to be too expensive, we will move forward with standard programmable thermostats for the Nave. o Alfred will coordinate this and install them together with Chris. • Stephanie has requested that the lock in the aumbry in the Nave be replaced by a wooden latch. o David Johnston did do this and the lock has been replaced - Thanks to David. • The doors in Estill House seem to be left unlocked at times where they should have been locked. o Can we install a lock on the front door that will lock when the door is closed, so someone who leaves late and doesn’t have access to a key can lock the door by closing it? o The glass side doors have also been seen unlocked. o I don’t think we can install self-locking locks on them. o Any other suggestions apart from posting a small message on each door that they must be closed and locked again if ever opened? o Ken Tessier has looked at the lock in the front door. It seems to be difficult to find a solution that does not require a new key. Before we move forward we will meet with a locksmith to make sure we have explored all options before installing a lock that requires a new key. Alfred to set up appointment with our locksmith. o Alfred has put up small labels on the glass doors in Estill House. • Flapper in toilet cistern in men’s restroom in Estill House. o The flapper was replaced with a new flapper. It wasn’t possible to get the old one to work well enough. • Request from the Communications team to start looking at selecting and installing a sound (speaker) system in the Nave. o I assume it will be possible to hook into the existing system for hearing impaired by adding an amplifier and installing speakers in the back of the Nave. o Wiring for the speakers will likely be the most complex task. o It was suggested to investigate if we can use wireless speakers. Alfred will look into this option. Wireless speakers are really not wireless as such. The sound signal may be coming over a wireless signal, but the speakers need to be connected to 110 volt outlets, of which we have none along the backside of the Nave. It may be better to just bite the bullet and get those speaker wires installed up over the ceiling. o The Communications Team asked after our July 10 meeting if the rack with the audio equipment in the Vesting room could be moved to the back of the Nave. We will look into that, but if it is moved to the back of the Nave, installing wired speakers will be much easier. We still need to price an amplifier and two speakers. Alfred will look into this. • Ken Tessier has written a short user’s guide for the audio reinforcement system. o Ken will finish that and it will be posted over the audio reinforcement rack so those unfamiliar with the system will be able to do some basic operation of it.
  6. 6. • Walkway to the Memorial Garden. o The walkway discussion has been integrated into the works of a new memorial garden committee. Ken Tessier has become a member of that new committee. o No news on where a boardwalk can be installed. • Parking lot expansion – status of current planning activities o The Vestry decided to move ahead with the project. As soon as we get into some of the detailed planning, the team will be involved in the work. o Alfred will follow up early August. • Grounds sub team – so far no reaction to our article in Glad Tidings. o If we don’t get any volunteers, we may have to abandon the idea of a grounds improvement team. o The idea of a grounds sub team has for now been abandoned. Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date Caulk door in room 203 in Education building Alfred Aug 14 Check/clean gutters on back side of Estill House Alfred Aug 14 Install cages over downspouts in gutters on Estill House Ken Tessier Aug 14 Adjust “closers” on toilet doors in Worship building Alfred Aug 14 Install motion sensors in five bath rooms in Worship building Ken Tessier Aug 14 Research, select and install two programmable thermostats for the Nave. Chris and Alfred Aug 14 Set up meeting with locksmith to discuss better lock on front door to Estill House Alfred and Ken Tessier Aug 14 Determine if audio reinforcement rack can be moved to the back of the Nave Alfred and Ken Tessier Aug 14 Research cost of amplifier and speakers for the Nave Alfred Aug 14 Finish user’s guide for audio reinforcement system Ken Tessier Aug 14
  7. 7. Ministry Team: Newcomer Members Present: Sue Young, Heather Rook, Kari Marotta Vestry Liaison: Sue Young Agenda Items Discussed: • Will survey members of first two newcomer classes before September 2013 class. • Welcome newcomer board is being updated as we grab photos of new members and post them. Well received. • Waiting for confirmation of budget (working with B&G and finance committee) to upgrade narthex. Proceeding with plans to paint narthex this summer, most bang for the buck effect. Start to shop for benches and mirrors/lamps for furnishing narthex. • Visitor sign-in sheets (green sheet, narthex, pew card) are being re-design more unified look and more efficient collection of information. Do we need both a pew card and the visitor sign in sheet in the narthex (notebook on the podium)? Has created confusion with visitors as to which to fill out. • Discussed package to give first-timers. A COTN pencil, a couple of pages w/ info about Nativity, peppermint, post-its, all in a white lunch bag decorated by Sunday Schoolers, seasonally (Christmas/ Easter). • Time for another round of third contact letters to go out. Last batch was early May. Need to clarify that Jennie/office volunteer is inputting sign-in info to google spreadsheet for MT members to use to make 2 nd contact. Kari finishing up with July and Tivey to take August/September (newcomer team member) contact duty. • Streamline nametag ordering process. Work through Jennie and possibly have perm. Nametags ready for welcome liturgy Sundays. Once nametags are in, contact members for pick up in narthex. Encourage their use! • Check in with newest members from June welcome – are they getting to know us and becoming involved etc? Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date Newcomer classes - survey Athena? summer Email Duff re: narthex paint crew needs Sue ASAP Ask Mark M. about painting Kari ASAP Finish up draft of visitor forms Heather Summer 3 rd visitor contact sent out working with Jennie Sue August Finalize avail. of funds for narthex project Sue July Streamline nametag ordering process – check with Carl Terry Kari August Mentoring of newest members – ministry teams offered Follow up with new visitors in August and September Sue/team Tivey Ongoing Aug/Sept
  8. 8. Ministry Team: Worship Members Present: Susie Holmes, Carol Smith, Carolyn Kerr, Evelyn Judson, David Lynch, Dan Laird, Randy Smith, Stephanie Allen, Waltye Rasulala Vestry Liaison: Susie Holmes Agenda Items Discussed: • Review of the meeting between: Stephanie, Jason and Waltye re: music for the Sat. service. • 10 to 12 rotating musicians. (could strong students from surrounding schools) • Pianist/organist and singer to lead the service. • If it is an Evensong, the 12 or so musicians would work better for this service. Waltye and Jason will work out the music and coach the musicians for the service. Jason and Waltye will work out the budget for the musicians. Evensong: You have music, a sermon and Eucharist. Will be a 45-minute service Evenprayer- is the same service without music. QUESTION: Is there enough energy around creating this third service on Saturdays or should we think of ways to make the 1st service broader in form that would bring more people into this service? This brought a shift in discussion to the following: • Suggested adding in some elements of the 10:30 service like music to the first service, but not as much as is in the 10:30 service. See suggested schedule below. Stephanie will present this to first service attendees for explanation and feedback from them. Suggested changes to the first service: • 8:30-9:25 1st service • Issue: Need nursery if children are included in this service • Suggestion: Music used minimally, allow for the silence. • 9:30-10:15 - Sunday School • 10:30-11:45- 2nd service What would the 8:30 service look like? • Processing in silence • Sing the Gloria • Quiet sequence hymn Offertory : Instrumental Communion: Chants (Taize ) sung by congregation Post communion prayer Post communion Hymn Processing in silence With these changes Sunday School becomes more assessable to the early service attendees. There was great energy surrounding this discussion and formulation of the service as it would occur.
  9. 9. Ministry Team: Pastoral Care Members Present: David Lynch, Tammy Jenkins, Randy Smith, Caroline Kerr, Janet Alford Vestry Liaison: Susie Holmes Agenda Items Discussed: • The vestry has formed a separate committee regarding the Memorial Garden. • Tammy Jenkins has contacted Stephanie, gotten a list of seniors who are either shut in or in senior living facilities or unable to get out or attend church here and potential volunteers. Tammy has and followed up by contacting everyone on the list of seniors as well as all of the volunteers. She will contact one volunteer for the person requesting visitation, and hold a larger team meeting for volunteers after the summer season. • Plans for organizing some type of social to provide an introduction to seniors at nearby senior care facilities was discussed. Action Items Assigned Action Item Assigned To Due Date Talk with representatives at Abbottswood about hosting a social to establish contact and rapport David Lynch Aug 1
  10. 10. Ministry Team: Communications Members Present: Gail Christensen, Ben Huckaby, Sarah Bernart, Jason Pace, Becky Christian, Emilie Sigel Vestry Liaison: Babs Freeman Agenda/Items Discussed: • Brand Manual Discussion o Sunday Bulletin for services Jason and Becky are experimenting with rearranging the Sunday bulletins to try and fit them on one folded page of paper instead of two. There are some pros and cons to this. • Pros: Less paper used, should reduce paper cost some, less things to flip through during the service, and easier for people to deal with • Cons: The folding machine will not fold the larger sheet of paper • Nicene Creed, Gloria, and possibly some other commonly used elements are removed because there is no space • May be able to have a laminated sheet that lives where the BCP and Hymnal are that can be reused Sunday to Sunday • Newcomers are more likely to get lost A new font was found for the Sunday bulletin that is free and can be used across Windows and Mac (Aller, a Danish font) Suggestion for the bulletin concepts: use legal size paper and fold it vertically Is there a way to just distribute one Sunday Tidings per family (instead of with each bulletin)? o Brochures Right now it would be hard to tell that all of the available brochures came from the same source Proposed solution: have a very prescriptive, ready-made brochure template that people can follow if they want to make their own in a hurry -or- they can consult with/go to the Communications team to design a custom brochure that is still within the brand guidelines. o Other templates We either have existing designs/approaches that can just become the template or they will be simple word document layouts with the type and logo set. • Social media update: When events are postponed or canceled, we need to do a much better job at announcing that. Right now events just suddenly drop off of the schedule and people need to be notified through every channel. At the very least, notify Sarah immediately so she can post the information to Facebook and Twitter • Website: Josh Booth has volunteered to record sermons and is working with Jason to post them to the website now. o Josh needs to be added to the WordPress authors so that he can post these directly. o We will also keep a lookout for anyone who is willing to help post these sermons as well. o Episcopal Street Sign Update: (Carried over from last meeting, from Gail) I contacted the City of Raleigh, Wake County government,t and the NC Department of Transportation. The NCDoT will not allow us to place the Episcopal street sign in the “right of way” along any road in NC, and even if we received permission of a property owner to place it on private land, the Wake County government will take it down. Our only choice would be to erect the sign on our property, staying within our easement. We would need a permit from the City of Raleigh. (St. Michael’s, St. Mark’s, St. Timothy’s, Christ Church, and St. John’s in Wake Forest all have these signs on their property about 30 feet from their formal signs. We don’t have the luxury of 30 feet away - the signs will need to be close together, to stay within our easement.) Senior Warden Susie Holmes agrees that, “it looks like we will not be able to erect a sign directing people to our property,” and will take the topic up with the Vestry. Action Items Discussed/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date Add Josh Booth to the website author list Ben 7/11/13 Jason write Glad Tidings articles Jason 7/25/13 Talk to Jennie about event cancellation notifications Gail 7/30/13
  11. 11. Ministry Team: Outreach Members Present: Carl Sigel, Rene Garces, Pete Crow, Pat Watson, Annette Hughes Vestry Liaison: Annette Hughes Agenda Items Discussed: • John Oldham—finance team wants to talk w teams before setting targets and building campaign; need more purpose and message around outreach in stewardship; want to be more aggressive in meeting needs of ministry team • Christine—ask if other church has a preference • communicating outreach—best ways: church bulletin; scroll slides during refreshment hour, maybe “please note” type format; five minutes during service • expanding outreach into sermons, other teams Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date 1. Approach Stephanie Pete Next meeting 2. Slide shows (will need pictures) Annette Progress report next meeting