February Ministry Teams' Minutes


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February Ministry Teams' Minutes

  1. 1. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012Ministry Team – Finance and StewardshipAttendees – Dave McKinnon, John Oldham, Lucy MaloneyAgenda Items Discussed - Church credit card/debit procedures and access discussed. Bldg loan terms touched on. Current BIF donations still paid against principal every 6 mos or so Planned giving webinar 1/31 viewed by Dave and he has the material: will distribute to Finance Team Quarterly review of 2012 operating budget to oversee revenue vs expensesAction Items – Re-communicate giving stock as contribution to church – John O, Spring 2012 Disseminating planned giving program and drafting presentation to congregation; seek advice of professionals, ie Dee Wallis – Dave McK, John O, Kevin B, July 2012 Restricted funds specifically Faith and Science funds for sounds system in parish hall. Will Communication and Technology take on? – John O to ask Communication team, 3/12 Vestry Liaison responsibilities given at next meeting; John will discuss with Kevin before 2/12 Vestry meeting. If Kevin unable to attend, Dave will talk to Vestry about this – Kevin B, Dave McK, John O, 2/21/12 Check with Stephanie about pledging thank you letters to congregation – Lucy M, 2/28
  2. 2. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012Ministry Team – Buildings and GroundsAttendees – Jack Spence, Jon Showalter, Alfred Christensen, and Susie HolmesAgenda Items Discussed – 1. Follow-up from last month’s action items: Sample plug to builder – Mark - Postpone till next meeting Pivot for door – Mark and Jack - Postpone till next meeting Confirm response to fire/police for an emergency case from land line so call goes to correct jurisdiction – Jack - Done and works OK - Fire and safety protection: The land line for fire detection is working and is connected to a monitoring company, Simplex Grinnell. If the fire alarm is activated the call first goes to Simplex Grinnell who in turn notify the Fire Department, Rev Allen, and the Wardens. In these circumstances the Police would not get called and for informations sake, we have no burglar alarm. In the event we need police response we are in the jurisdiction of the Wake County Sherriffs Department. Price clock for parish hall – Jon – A standard classic 14” round wall clock costs between $20 and $30. Jack has already purchased a clock from Office Depot [$20.00] and installed in the Parish Hall (THANKS). After the meeting Feb 8, a request was received from the Youth Formation and Children’s Formation teams about clocks in each of the class rooms in the Education Building. Digital clocks might be better for that purpose and they cost around $30. Clean carpet in nursery – Jack - Carpet has been cleaned Thanks Jack Status on queries around improved exterior light on Progress’ pole in the corner of the parking lot – Mark – Mark did meet with Progress Energy and got an estimate of an extra $10.50 per month for upgrading from 200 Watt to 400 Watt bulbs on the outside electric poles. We’re clarifying whether that price was for one light fixture (in which case it would be the one on the pole in the parking lot closest to Estill House), or if it was for three light fixtures on three different existing poles. Progress Energy did recommend we consider our neighbors when upgrading the exterior lighting (they may not appreciate the extra light). We will wait until the upgrade to 400 Watts is done before doing more research about more lights. There have been requests to also increase lighting on the outside of the Worship building. (Watson Electrical for more lights on the Worship building – if we need more lights there). Loose swing – Porch swing in the memorial garden – should it be taken down or repaired – Jack looked into it and decided that prior to discarding the Memorial Garden swing he is going to try to restore it. Jennie says it is often used in good weather. Jack will pressure wash and re-stain and see how it looks. Estill house doors – No one remembers what this was about – Postpone till next meeting. 2. Should the code on the lock box be replaced – There is no clear indication the code was compromised and changing it might generate a lot of inconvenience. Does Jennie have a list over those who are supposed to have the code – Alfred to follow up with Jennie about the list and if “too many” people know the code. 3. Request for additional input to the Nativity approved vendors’ list – Watson Electrical for electrician. Alfred has added to list of Nativity approved vendors. We still need to identify a locksmith. 4. Arrange for move of financial files from left storage room in Corlett hall to storage room in the Education Building – who and when – Alfred will do that.
  3. 3. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012 5. Decide how to dispose of old empty file cabinets that currently sit in the storage room in the Education Building. The options seem to be: sell/donate/trash. What to do, who, and when – Freecycle.org (like Craig’s list but for free) – Jack will dispose of the oldest ones. 6. What do we do with the large quantity of A/V equipment in the left storage room in Corlett Hall? Carl Sigel, Jesse Lowe, and Ken Tessier plus Randy Richardson are the people who know the equipment in Corlett Hall the best and how to use it. Chuck Till has been working on an RFP for an A/V solution for Corlett Hall – the Communications Team is in contact with Chuck to continue work on that RFP. James Herrick and Jason Pace are both interested in helping with the A/V solutions in the Worship Building. Ken Tessier has made an inventory of all the A/V equipment at Nativity and all the equipment, except the old TV in the ―adult learning center‖ (which Ken will dispose of) is supposed to be in working condition. It all takes up quite a bit of space and we somehow doubt there is a need for all of it any longer. What is all that equipment being used for, is it indeed all in working condition, and could some of it be disposed of – Alfred to try and look into it. Is A/V equipment and the use of it a B&G responsibility or a Communications team responsibility? The practical aspects of A/V equipment are a B&G responsibility, but the visions about what is needed, where, and for what purpose should come out of other teams, such as the Communications Team and the Worship Team. The equipment in the Vesting room was meant for recording and for the hearing impaired (it has capability to wirelessly send the signals to ear-buds for the hearing impaired). It has both wired and wireless microphone support. It is not clear whether it also has amplification support for speakers in the Nave and/or the adjoining rooms in the Worship Building. Question to the Communications Team and the Worship Team and Stephanie: is recording of the service something we want to do (and for what purposes) and is that important enough for us to get equipment checked out, permanent microphones installed, and procedures set up for doing this every Sunday. Susie will ask Stephanie if she wants the service to be recorded. A final Worship Building solution should in addition to the ability to record the service also address: assistance to the hearing impaired, amplify the service so all can hear, and stream the service to other rooms. There is also a need for a permanent sound system in Corlett Hall. We do have a laptop/DVD/VHS projector, but we do not have a permanent sound system. Alfred will verify if the existing speakers can be installed permanently in Corlett Hall, if we have sufficient microphone and amplification capabilities, or if any new equipment is needed. 7. The Vestry would like to see the floor in Corlett Hall stripped and waxed/sealed. It is quite beaten up. We need to find someone (a contractor?) to do the stripping. An estimate was made in 2010 ($250), but it is unclear if that estimate remains valid (does anyone know who had that estimate done and who the contractor was?). Dave Metzger is willing to do the waxing and buffing that needs to be done after the floor has been stripped. It will require a 3-day period where Corlett Hall and the kitchen cannot be used for any activities. We already have the wax and a buffer, so the only additional cost would be for the stripping. Jack will look into a bid for the stripping. Also include the kitchen, but not the two storage rooms. 8. The Vestry wants us to remove some of the bulletin boards in the hall in Estill House (Alfred has already removed most of them and placed them in the left class room in the ―adult learning center‖). There are some paintings currently in that same room in the "adult learning center" - could they be moved into the space where the unused bulletin boards currently are hanging? There are at least 7 paintings available and they do no good in the trailer. We need to select which of the paintings to use, where to hang them, and then decide who and when to get it done. Alfred will put up paintings – at his discretion.
  4. 4. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012 9. Report from the ―walk-through‖ of the new Education Building in which both Jon and Susie participated: Nothing much (sheet rock nail pops), fan in women’s bathroom runs all the time,maybe a water issue at one of the doors, Look into thermostat for heat during the week 10. What else … In addition to the above list, RJ wrote down the status of some of the projects he was involved with the last year. The B&G team needs to decide how to move forward with those: From RJ: 1. Finishing the playground and moving the existing equipment there, adding another new or donated piece, and purchasing a park style grill to be permanently installed (charcoal grill should be purchased soon to install for spring). Moving most park benches and picnic tables from under the Oak to the playground area, for seating and events. Eagle Scout project. Ian Hawkins is the current Eagle Scout currently involved with this project. Alfred will contact Ian to determine the current status and plans for this project. 2. Finishing phase 2 of the Stations of the Cross trail - Paul Hughes Eagle Scout project. He will install each of the stations (13 or 14, I believe) after coordinating with Stephanie on spiritual content and what she would like to see. Another Eagle Scout project. Paul Hughes and Daniel Mungal are the main persons. Alfred will contact Paul and Ian about the status and plans for this project. 3. Fetsco is doing quarterly grounds maintenance (fertilizing, pre-emergent are next), including cutting grass. If they miss something, call Fetco and ask Rod Civis for assistance. Fetsco is to prune all myrtles and cut back the one that is overgrown against Estill House. It is lying on the roof, which is not good for the roof. Alfred will investigate – how often are the services requested. We really only have Fetsco’s hourly rates, not how often the services are to be rendered. We need to clearly identify the responsibilities of Fetsco and those of the Church. Dave Metzger has been doing some of the outdoor activities, and it is not fully clear where the division between Dave and Fetsco currently is. 4. Roof painting of Estill House and replace or paint downspouts. This project was on hold until Baker Roofing viewed the roof to see if we had a major problem. We do not!! Therefore, we need to paint the roof. A special paint was recommended to Chuck Till in 2010, and it came from Sherwin Williams in a Dark Brown color to match our other buildings. We settled on that paint for its quality and to match the 3 buildings. Downspouts can be painted or replaced (if matching the paint color identically), whatever is easiest. The budget item was in the $4,000-$6,000 range, and the paint cost alone will be about $2,000.00. This will require a local small painting outfit as a large outfit will cost us over $15,000.00 for the entire project. There should be some good subs available to make side money doing this project on a weekend. Ask RJ about the anticipated values to painting the roof – does it extend the life of the roof. If this is purely cosmetic, is it worth doing? The B&G team recommends the new vestry revisit the decision to paint the roof – it may still be a good investment and the right thing to do in order to improve the overall look of the facilities. 5. Signage for the campus from the front to the rear, and on all buildings to provide a more welcoming experience for newcomers and to make the campus easy to navigate. Stephanie has handled much of the decision making on this. The B&G team will for now await the outcome of the “branding” activities.
  5. 5. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012 6. Extension of Memorial Garden and clean out beside the trailer - Chuck is involved with this as part of his ministry team work - you may wish to speak to him at a Wed. meeting. The B&G team will wait for input from the Ministry team before planning any activities in this area. 7. Adding parking where the current playground is. There is definitely more room to add parking if we create a ramped area where one of the current spaces are, in front of Estill House. Wed have to prune back trees and remove bushes along Estill House, but a nice space could be created. Fetsco could help if you choose this option and they can lay a "crush and run" area for this purpose. Has the Vestry approved this change?Jon thinks we have maxed out our impervious percentage of our property – which means we cannot build or pave more than what we have – we may be able to do gravel, but not paving. The deed should say how much impervious surface we can use, so we need to look at that. Alfred to look into this. 8. All room signs in the Ed Building and Estill House seem to fall off frequently. The builder is aware, and they are doing a walk through before the warranty runs out on Feb 2. Anyone who wishes to view the building and make comments or ask questions of the architect and builder should do so. They will schedule this with Susie sometime in the next 7 days. Has apparently been fixed – so we will mark this one as done. Additional questions: Do we have a yearly maintenance plan – such as cleaning gutters, etc.? We may need to create one. Let’s discuss this at our next meeting.Action Items – Determine how many clocks we would need for the rooms in the Education Building and estimate the total cost – Jack Order exterior lighting upgrade from 200 to 400 Watt bulbs – Mark Restore loose swing in Memorial Garden – Jack Determine if code on lock box should be changed – Alfred Finish the Nativity approved vendor list – Alfred Move financial files from Corlett Hall to storage room in Education Building – Alfred Dispose of old file cabinets in storage room in Education Building – Jack Determine how much of existing A/V equipment is being used to figure out if some of it can be disposed of (or archived) – Alfred Coordinate with the Communications Team and Worship Team what the vision for A/V equipment in the Worship Building is, and determine what additional equipment is needed to meet that vision – Alfred Coordinate with the Communications Team and Adult Formation Team what the needs for improved A/V facilities are in the Parish Hall, in order to determine what we already have and what additional equipment is needed to meet those needs – Alfred Obtain bid for stripping the floor in Corlett Hall and the kitchen – Jack Replace old un-used bulletin boards in Estill House with painting from the ―adult learning center‖ – Alfred Determine if the temperature in the Education Building needs to be adjusted based on day of the week and planned use of the building – Alfred Determine what the status and plans are for the playground move (Eagle Scouts project) – Alfred Determine what the plans are for finishing the Stations of the Cross Trail (Eagle Scouts project) – Alfred
  6. 6. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012 Clarify division of labor for outdoor areas between Fetsco and the Church itself (Primarily Dave) – Alfred Clarify what the benefits of painting the roof on Estill House are. Until we have those clearly identified, we recommend postponing any activities with respect to the roof – Alfred Clarify the vestry’s opinion on turning the old playground into more parking – Alfred/Susie Clarify what our impervious area coverage currently is and if we have any left to build on/pave – Alfred We ran out of time and did not manage to identify the top-three activities to focus on this year. We will attempt to do so at our next meeting.
  7. 7. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012Communications Team Meeting2-8-12Team Members Present:Gail Christensen, Sarah Bernart, Ben Huckaby, Becky Christian, Karen RidoutVestry Liaison:Joel KamyaAgenda/Items Discussed:1) Communications Plan Review - Team discussed the current draft of the Communications Plan section by section, suggested and made revisions as we went along2) Church Directory Update - Gail spoke with Jennie about creating a church directory and, after some discussion, the directory got the green light - A spiral-bound printed one (that does not have the childrens names in it) can be done immediately. - Decision the group made: go ahead with the spiral-bound directory without the childrens names and with the information we currently have available, we can revise it over the following year with more information.3) Posters about Facebook/Twitter - Feedback was that it is an interesting idea for the youth to design these, but it is not something that can be initiated immediately. - Gail and Karen will look into alternative printing arrangements and get poster specs, Ben will design the poster. - Posters key message: "Join us online (website), on Facebook, and on Twitter" - Dimensions: 14 x 20? (whatever the standard size is)4) Facebook Update - The Nativity page is getting several likes a week, but theres very little activity from the community. How can we improve this? - Are notifications actually getting to users? Almost no response to the chili poll - Make sure people are going to the correct Facebook page (not the one in Bethlehem)! :)5) Twitter Update - Sarah trying to get at least 1 tweet a day, either something unique or re-tweeting
  8. 8. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012 relevant content. - Idea: when the youth groups go out on mission, retreat, or other event have them tweet @NativityOnline about the experience and the church will re-tweet that to all its followers.6) Church Event Calendar Update - How do we find out about upcoming events? This is still an unknown, or it is not planned far enough in advance for us to post details.7) Our 2-3 Goals for this Year 1) Communications Plan 2) Website Re-vamp 3) Implementation of new Nativity brandOpen Action Items:(Description, person assigned, due date)1) Research and decide upon a print service to handle the creation of our communications channelsposters. (Gail and Karen, Feb. 22nd)2) Design communications channels poster once specs are obtained. (Ben, Mar 4th)3) Further investigate the three webhosts FatCow, BlueHost, and Verio (current provider) as towhich providers meet our requirements and what the best recommendation would be. Call/emailVerio directly to see if they would price-match one of the competing hosting providers. (Ben, Feb. 22nd)4) Make a recommendation for which web hosting provider to move forward with prior to Verios March21st renewal date. (Communications Team, March 12th)5) Create a reusable Easter service banner to display on the side of Ray Road. (Gail, March 15th)6) At the Finance Ministry Teams request, our team has been asked in concert with other teams toreview and create a proposal for obtaining and installing an A/V system for Estill House.(Communications Team, unknown due date)7) Glad Tidings article requesting input for Facebook. (Becky, Feb. 16th)
  9. 9. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012Ministry Team – Adult FormationAttendees –David Stoller, ChairKarl TerryGeorge DouglasNancy TerryJesse LoweAgenda Items Discussed: Forums so far are going well Classes so far are going well EFM progress – mentors identified EFM presentation on 2/19, David will lead and invite others to share Budget discussed, waiting to hear from Vestry ($750) Anglican Bible Study 2/26 to 3/04 Rector Forum 7 weeks Next meeting o Summer plans and full timetable o Summer resources for outside opportunity for classes of interest Eastertide discussion 6 weeks – online book study (Rector Forum) Kanuga article by Nancy for Glad Tidings on summer formation resource Midlife/ long life directions seminar discussed (Fall?)Action Items: 2/19 presentation format/content – David S, 2/19 2/19 presentation set-up – Jesse, 2/19 Anglican Bible Study; George will lead and table leaders will be identified – George, 2/26 to 3/04 TS Elliot – Kara, 2/26 Mid week program – Rector Come up with summer ideas – everyone, next meeting
  10. 10. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012Ministry Team –Childrens’ FormationAttendees – KellamGaddy, Becky Showalter, Lisa Avery, Megan Douglas, Judy Garces (Vestry Rep)Agenda Items Discussed – Carpet cleaning done. Building and Grounds will review need Palm Sunday – no 9:15 SS but yet for 10:30 for the 3-5 yr olds. Info sent to Beth Bodette Cleaning nursery – rotating Possible playpen for nursery Babysitter – tabled unless there is a need During Lent/Good Friday – babysitting, offer 1 time on Good Friday, ask Stephanie Aware that 3-5 yr old class is large Low tables with short chairs for Fellowship Discussion of curriculum – change or stay as is? Poll teachers re: feelingsAction Items: Send email to COTN group, ask for feedback, mention sign up list (take toys home) – Megan Ask Nina and Kristen if pack and play would be useful – Becky Babysitting for Good Friday service 7pm. Easter (come earlier than 9, stay later), Maundy Thursday childcare – Becky Clocks needed in nursery, SS rooms, Lower coat hooks in children’s SS rooms, Check A/C in Preschool classroom – Alfred C, Megan Poll SS teachers re: like/dislike program – Becky Contact other churches re: SS program – Kellam Painting Nursery - Megan
  11. 11. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012Ministry Team: Youth EducationDate: 2-8-12Members Present:Jane WeinbergerOlivia HerrickSally BloomHeather RookStephen HollisGail TillAgenda Items discussed: List of confirmands Communication among youth Long-term goal #1: Set expectations for participation in service projects, attending church and attending Sunday School so that youth know what is expected of them and can act accordingly in order to participate in trips and ceremonies. Long-term goal #2: Teacher training and “Professional Development.” Teacher team building strategies. YACs-involvementAction Items:1. Pilgrim communication cells: Organize Pilgrims into phone groups for communication with 4-5 cellleaders-Gail/ Jane 2/12/122. Chaperones for Rocky Mount trip—Jane3. Contact YACS to help in developing expectation parameters for all classes. Gail- before the nextmeeting.4. Begin brainstorming survey for teacher development Gail/Heather.
  12. 12. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012Ministry Team: Parish LifeDate: 2/8/2012Members Present:Fran KenneySandy EntrupCarolyn KerrBrenda JohnstonAgenda Items Discussed:Pancake Supper--all areas of planning reviewedFellowship--create firm list of teams, appoint coordinator, issue procedures listParish Picnic--confirm planning for October, discuss venueSpaghetti Dinner--brainstorm on planning one or two, discuss when to host a first oneParish Life Groups at Nativity--id small parish life groups within the congregationAction Items:Pancake Supper--meet to assess kitchen Fran and Sandy 2/12shop for groceries All members 2/18set up parish hall All members 2/19communicate w/volunteers Fran 2/12 and 2/19Fellowship--continue to recruit help All ongoingestablish framework for teams Fran 2/29Parish PIcnic--set date Fran 2/29call Falls Lake/Beaver Dam Fran 2/29begin recruiting team ALL ongoingSpaghetti Dinner--set date in April Fran 2/29establish planning team ALL 2/29Parish Life Groups at Nativity--reach out to identify Ministry Team and Vestry liasion Fran 2/29
  13. 13. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012Ministry Team – Newcomers Ministry TeamAttendees - Geyer Longenecker, Ed Entrup, Sue Young, Babs Freeman (vestry rep), Tivey Clark, KariMarottaAgenda Items Discussed – Newcomer reception 2/26 as ‘special reception’ right after service. Quick blessing, intro of committees, upcoming events, have ‘fun’ nametags. Menu – mini muffins, fruit/veggies/cheese, desserts (Babs, Kari and Tivey will make). Will have activity for teens and kids in room off of Corlett Hall. Newcomers Communications – Guest Register, form letter. Stephanie will write personal notes each week.Action Items – 1. Prepare for Newcomer Reception 2. Make posters for reception – ask kids to do 3. Do make and send out mailer-part invitation – Sue/Kari ASAP (next week) 4. Get food – Geyer 2/25 5. Check nametag supplier 6. Contact MT leaders and Vestry – Geyer, ASAP 7. Email – Sue, week before 8. Prepare activity for kids – Kari 2/26 9. Round up teens – Sure 2/26 10. Ask Stephanie to announce – Geyer, ASAP
  14. 14. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012OUTREACH TEAM, Feb. 8, 2012Members present: Harlan Hagge, Liz Chi, Pete and Beth Crow, Charles Malone (vestry), Jane HeywardAgenda:1. Narrow choices for this year’s outreach theme to four:hunger and poverty eliminationnatural stewardshipsocial justicelifelong human development2. Other considerations for implementing voting procedure:a. Consider ways of alerting parish of four options and voting procedure: Glad Tidings article and bulletin;perhaps coffee hour or discussion in adult hour before Palm Sundayb. Put opportunity for suggestions for implementation on back of Outreach Dollarsc. Last and Sunday of March and Palm Sunday for voting with Outreach DollarsAction items: 1. Pete will write March Glad Tidings article (perhaps use Millenium Dev. Goals, scripture, covenant to help explain)—due Feb. 15 Other sugg:covenant 1 evil 2 social justice good news3 lifelong human dev. love neighbor as self 4 hunger/poverty justice and peace 5 social justice 4 and 5 natural resources 2. Harlan will send Pete scripture passages—due Feb. 10 3. Beth will send Pete five marks of mission—due Feb. 9 4. Jane will consult with Stephanie on other promotion efforts—due Feb. 12
  15. 15. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012 Ministry Team: Worship Date: 2/8/12 Members Present: Alicia Lester-Bodford Nancy Stoller Stephanie Allen Evelyn Judson Agenda Items Discussed: *Pottery has been ordered by Alicia Bodford will be here by Ash Wed. Hopefully *Rite 13 service music and band planning is in progress. Evelyn Judson is working with the children and will be presenting the music to Waltye and Stephanie. Music chosen: for Rite 13 service Prelude: Be Thou My Vision Processional 473: Lift High the Cross Sequence: to be decided Offertory: On Eagles Wings Sarah Gordon- Soprano Communion: Psalm 139 to the tune of Cone Thou Fount Take My Hand Precious Lord ( LEVAS) 106 Recessional: Siyahamba (WLP) 787 Postlude: tBD * Tuesday evening Lenten services plans are underway. Services will begin Feb. 28. Questions raised for committee discussion: How do we want to do the committee leadership? * Rotating leaders or one leader for the committee meetings Committee decided that we would rotate leadership for the meetings for period of time, then evaluate the process and make changes according. Evelyn will take on the March meeting Alicia will take on the April meeting What is the focus of the committee: Two specific question were raised. How can we make each Sunday Service special? How do we handle special worship programs? As the church grows how do we deal with the growth? Do we add services? What kind of support do we need for additional services.?
  16. 16. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012 Do we think of alternative services and what would those be like? What would success look like in any new services we choose? Would numbers of people attending services be a measure of success or would the experience of the service be the measure of success. What would make people feel closer to God? How do we vision where God is calling us? What are the passions and interest within the committee What are other people out there doing that is interesting? Action item : research interesting services and report back to committee. Assigned: All Action: what are the three things that feed you in a service. Assigned: All Action: visit church (St. Elizabeth ) in Apex for their special services - Assigned : Waltye /Evelyn Evelyn will get the schedule of services
  17. 17. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012Ministry team – Pastoral CareAttending: Gail McNally, Annette Hughes, George Douglas (for part of meeting), Annette Hughes.Annette introduced herself as the newly-appointed Vestry liaison for pastoral care, replacing JudyGarces who was shifted to another assignment.George Douglas made a presentation on Stephen Ministry and expressed hope that Stephen Ministrycould resume at Nativity as early as in the fall. The team took this under advisement.The team familiarized Annette with the background on pastoral care and the teams work to date,particularly the drafting of the parish survey. More recently Chuck has obtained contacts at NorthRaleigh Presbyterian, St Pauls Episcopal, and St Michaels Episcopal who can describe the pastoral careprograms at these churches. Chuck will arrange interviews of contacts by the team, two at a time.With respect to the survey, it was noted that several surveys could be issued to the congregationsimultaneously by segmenting the congregation into equal-sized groups, each of which would receive adifferent survey.Results would still be valid quantitatively and qualitatively. Annette will explore this at an opportunetime.