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The History Of Flight


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The History Of Flight

  1. 1. The History of Flight: Soaring You Through the 1920s and 30s By Sam Weisser
  2. 2. Table of Contents
  3. 3. The People Charles Lindberg Amelia Earhart Howard Hughes Wiley Post
  4. 4. The Planes The Spirit of St. Louis The Hindenburg The Hughes Racer
  5. 5. Charles Lindberg The Golden Man of Flight
  6. 6. Amelia Earhart The Daughter of Flight Missing July 2nd 1937
  7. 7. Howard Hughes The Genius Engineer Innovator Actor Producer Director Billionaire Eccentric A Pilot
  8. 8. Wiley Post The Man Who Couldn’t Land Infamous for his many crash landings…
  9. 9. The Spirit of St. Louis The Hope of America
  10. 10. The Hughes Racer The Precursor to the Modern Aircraft
  11. 11. The Hindenburg The Tragedy 35 out of 97 people aboard died in the flames
  12. 12. Wings Field Our Rich History Now Then Started in 1929 and is one of the oldest airports in the U.S.